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Governor Gregoire Signs Bill to Reduce Meth Use

For Immediate Release: March 30, 2006

Additional measures passed change date of primary elections,
extend limits on campaign contributions

OLYMPIA – Governor Chris Gregoire today signed into law a measure that will take the next steps to reduce meth use in Washington (SB 6239).

“Washington has witnessed a dramatic decline in the number of clandestine meth labs over the last several years. We can thank community activists, prevention specialists, treatment providers and law enforcement. Our success has also come from tough laws we have passed to regulate the chemicals used to produce drugs,” said Governor Gregoire. “This bill represents the next steps to curb the devastation in our communities resulting from substance abuse.”

The federal government has failed local law enforcement by continuing to defund drug task forces. This bill recognizes the important contribution that task forces play in protecting Washington communities from meth by allocating $1.6 million to replace federal cuts.

The measure creates three regional task forces in the southwest, southeast and northwest corners of Washington to prevent meth trafficking. Local health departments will be given the tools necessary to protect the public and to cleanup contaminated production sites by allowing for administrative search warrants. The measure improves background checks on decontamination contractors and establishes third-party sampling of decontamination sites. The bill also provides funds for an additional 100 substance abuse treatment beds within the Department of Corrections.

Primary Date Moved
Governor Gregoire also signed into law a measure that moves the primary date to the third Tuesday in August, providing county auditors with additional time to send ballots to Washington voters living overseas or serving in the military (SB 6236).

Campaign Finance Reform
The Governor today signed House Bill 1226, which extends Washington’s campaign contribution limits to certain candidates for county office and port district office and to all judicial offices.

For information on all bill action, please visit Governor Gregoire's website or the Washington Legislature website.

Legislation signed by Governor Gregoire today in Olympia:

House Bills:
•1226, 2384, 2418, 2426, 2688, 2754, 2933, 3115 and 3159.
•The Governor issued a partial veto on HB 2418, Sections 9, 10 and 14; HB 2688, Section 2; HB 3115, Section 5 and HB 3159, Sections 14 and 15.

Senate Bills:
•5179, 5654, 6059, 6175, 6236, 6239, 6287, 6365, 6473, 6540, 6597, 6618, 6686, 6723 and 6794.