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Dino's Plan for Washington

Forward Washington REFORM ONE:
Make it easier for businesses to grow and hire workers in Washington state by creating an administration that seeks to serve, that eliminates duplicative regulations, that reduces its costs and frees monies to invest in areas of need without making matters worse by raising taxes.

Forward Washington REFORM TWO:
Help create jobs and make health care more available for families and communities by inviting health care providers to come back to Washington state with health care plans that are flexible, affordable and tailored to the desires of consumers.

Forward Washington REFORM THREE:
Stop driving health care providers out of the state by protecting them from bad lawsuits.

Forward Washington REFORM FOUR:
Reform education by sticking to standards, rewarding our best teachers, and fostering an environment for learning by giving teachers the ability to control their classrooms.

Forward Washington REFORM FIVE:
End the game-playing with programs that reach and protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Forward Washington REFORM SIX:
Restore our parks system and bring back one of the most special parts of living in Washington state.

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