PHOTO: Gov. Gregoire and Family

Michelle, Gov. Gregoire, First Mike and Courtney at the Mansion.”

About Chris

Chris O’Grady was raised in Auburn, Washington, by her mother, who worked as a short-order cook to support the family. After graduating from Auburn High School, Chris entered the University of Washington, where she earned a teaching certificate and Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and sociology. She met her husband, Mike, in September 1971 when they both worked for the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Chris received her law degree in 1977 from Gonzaga University. Chris and Mike have two daughters, Courtney and Michelle. Courtney is married to Scott Lindsay; both are attorneys. Their daughter, Audrey Christine, is the Governor’s first grandchild. Michelle expects her law degree in 2013.

Chris was appointed director of the Washington State Department of Ecology from 1988 to 1992 by Governor Booth Gardner. She then ran for the office of Attorney General in 1992 and served three terms before she entered the Governor’s race in 2004.

In retirement, the Governor and Mike look forward to spending time with family — and especially their granddaughter — and friends, traveling and maintaining a number of charitable interests.

From balancing the state budget through the roughest economic period since the Great Depression to transforming our education and health care systems to streamlining government, Governor Gregoire worked hard over two terms in office to make Washington a great place to raise a family and work.

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Governor Gregoire served in the following capacities:

National Governors Association


Vice Chair, Early Childhood and Workforce Committee


Chair, Education, Early Childhood and Workforce Committee


Member, Task Force on TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)


No Child Left Behind Co-Lead Governor


Member, Task Force on Securing a Clean Energy Future


Member, Task Force on Strengthening our Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future


Member, Task Force on Health Reform




Marketplace Fairness Act Co-Lead Governor

Western Governors Association


Vice Chair




Member, Executive Committee



Appointed by Secretary Napolitano to the Homeland Security Advisory Committee to review the Homeland Security Advisory System


Appointed by President Obama as Co-Chair, Council of Governors


Appointed to the Export Import Bank's Advisory Committee