Diversity Milestone Timeline

Diversity is a community value in Washington state that has been reflected in a number of actions taken by Governor Gregoire during her administration.

Year Initiative Short Summary Resources
2005 Gov. Christine Gregoire marks passing of Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was an agent, and an angel, of change. Her single act of courage - refusing to sit in the back of the bus - galvanized the nation, setting us on the right and just road toward equality. Rosa Parks led by example, showing the world that separate is not equal, that justice is colorblind, that we are all children of the divine, and each endowed with gifts that enable us to do whatever we choose to do and to become whomever we choose to become so long as the society we are a part of assures that opportunities are equally afforded to us all. In all things we do, let us remember the courage of Rosa Parks, allowing her spirit to continuously move us to strive for greatness. News release
2006 Governor urges passage of civil rights legislation Gov. Gregoire urges the Legislature to pass a bill adding sexual orientation to the state law prohibiting discrimination. She signs the bill Jan. 31. News release
2006 Civil rights legislation becomes law Governor Gregoire announces that civil rights legislation enacted in January will become law tomorrow. "Tomorrow will be a proud day for Washington," said Gregoire. News release
2006 Diversity in contracting Gov. Gregoire calls on Washington agencies to improve access to contacts and procurement opportunities for women and minority-owned enterprises. News release
2006 Supreme court gay marriage ruling Gregoire reacts to the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling by urging all WA residents to respect their fellow citizens. She stated her support for equal marriage benefits before concluding, "the sacrament of marriage is between two people and their faith; it is not the business of the state." News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire signs legislation extending legal rights to domestic partners Gov. Gregoire signs into law a measure to treat domestic partners with dignity and respect by clarifying that they have some of the same rights and responsibilities as married couples on issues relating to the health care, incapacity and death of their loved one. News release
2007 Governor signs legislation to protect veterans, military members from discrimination Governor Gregoire today signed into law a measure that will amend the Washington Law Against Discrimination to prohibit discrimination based on veteran or military status. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire creates Washington's New Americans Policy Council Gov. Gregoire announces creation of Washington's New Americans Policy Council and asked it for recommendations on how the state can help legal permanent residents become naturalized citizens so they can contribute to the state's economic vitality. News release
2008 Establishing the Washington's New Americans Policy Council Council makes recommendations to Gov. on issues regarding path to citizenship. Executive order
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs bill extending domestic partnership rights Gov. Gregoire signs HB 3104 at a ceremony in Olympia to expand the rights and obligations of domestic partners. News release
2008 HB 3104 Bill Signing Strengthens Domestic Partnership rights. Speech
2008 Seeds of Compassion The Governor welcomes the Dalai Lama to Washington. Speech
2008 Gov. Gregoire honored for advancing civil rights for immigrants Gov. Gregoire is recognized by Hate Free Zone, an immigrant rights advocacy group, for her work supporting and advancing the rights of Washington immigrants. News release
2009 Governor's statement on the domestic partnership bill Gov. Gregoire thanks legislators for tireless work to get bill passed in the House. Legislation will expand basic benefits, provide better financial security and ensure equal treatment for domestic partners. News release
2009 Governor signs legislation to expand rights to domestic partners Gov. Gregoire signs SB 5688, which ensures state-registered domestic partners have the rights as married spouses. News release
2009 Gov. Gregoire's statement on extending federal benefits to domestic partners Gov. Gregoire commends President Obama for recognizing the need to extend federal benefits to all families and calls the state a leader in advancing basic rights to registered domestic partners. News release
2009 Gov Statement on Referendum 71 Gov expresses disappointment in Referendum 71, putting Senate Bill 5688 (law extending rights of domestic partnership in WA) up for public vote. Referendum 71
2009 Gov. Gregoire's statement on passage of Referendum 71 The Governor is pleased that voters passed Referendum 71, extending rights to domestic partnerships and ensuring everyone enjoys equal rights in Washington. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire's statement on President's call for immigration reform With Washington's $35 billion agriculture industry at stake, Washington growers need a federal guest-worker program that is responsive, efficient and affordable. I am pleased that President Obama is open to new ideas, and hope our lawmakers in Congress intensify efforts to lead a civil debate and move forward with a legislative action to fix our broken immigration system. News release
2012 Governor announces historic legislation for marriage equality in Washington Gov. Gregoire announces she will introduce historic legislation that would ensure marriage equality in the state. Current domestic partnership law without allowing marriage is a version of discriminatory separate but equal argument. News release
2012 Gov statement on support for marriage equality legislation Gov thanks several Northwest companies announcing support of SB6239 ad HB2516, including Microsoft, Nike, Vulcan, RealNetworks, Group Health, and Concur. News release
2012 Gov. Gregoire's statement on Senate approval of marriage equality legislation Gov. Chris Gregoire tonight issued the following statement after the state Senate approved legislation to allow marriage equality in Washington state: "Tonight the Washington State Senate stood up for what is right and told all families in our state that they are equal and that the state cannot be in the business of discrimination. I believe that this decision should be made by our state Legislature, and I'm proud our elected leaders recognized that responsibility." News release
2012 Gov. Gregoire's statement on House approval of marriage equality legislation This is truly a historic day in Washington state, and one where I couldn't be more proud. With today's vote, we tell the nation that Washington state will no longer deny our citizens the opportunity to marry the person they love. We tell every child of same-sex couples that their family is every bit as equal and important as all other families in our state. And we take a major step toward completing a long and important journey to end discrimination based on sexual orientation. News release
2012 Gov. Gregoire signs historic legislation on marriage equality in Washington Gov. Gregoire signs historic legislation that makes Washington the 7th state in the nation to allow same-sex couples to marry. News release