Economic Recovery Milestone Timeline

Educating our workforce, investing in infrastructure and creating jobs are key to improving Washington's economic well being. Learn more about the actions Governor Gregoire has taken to encourage economic recovery.

Year Initiative Short Summary Resources
2005 Order for Boeing’s 7E7s Gov. Gregoire says Boeing’s huge order for 7E7 jetliners from 6 Chinese airlines is welcome news for Washington’s economy. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to promote minority businesses Law doubles the Linked Deposit Program’s lending authority to $100 million. This program encourages banks to make loans to certified minority- and women-owned businesses at below-market rates. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire signs bill creating Life Sciences Discovery Fund Bill creates the Life Sciences Discovery Fund to award research grants. The fund will create new jobs and put Washington at the forefront of leading-edge research to cure debilitating diseases and improve the quality and yield of agricultural crops. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire statement on BRAC proposals The state spells out 3 goals in the Defense Base Closure and Realignment, or BRAC process: 1. avoid base closures; 2. avoid realignments of base missions with major economic impacts; and 3. position ourselves to allow new missions to come to Washington. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire signs law to create jobs, build for education $3.3 billion construction budget provides 24,400 jobs for Washington workers and builds school and college facilities. News release
2005 Global Competitive Council The Global Competitiveness Council set up by the Governor will identify ways to enhance Washington’s competitiveness in the world marketplace. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire departs on European trade mission Her first trade mission will promote Washington products, services and investment opportunities and to raise the state’s visibility as a premier tourism destination. The governor will join business and community leaders at the Paris Air Show, then visit Germany and the United Kingdom. Aircraft, machinery, computer and medical equipment, and seafood are among Washington’s top exports to these countries. News release
2005 State investment in Walla Walla County will create jobs and open more markets for Washington produce Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board conditionally approved an $800,000 loan and $200,000 grant for the Port of Walla Walla to make improvements to port-owned property so a new Washington business can open a state-of-the-art produce packing and distribution facility. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire hosts Life Sciences Summit; appoints Life Sciences Discovery Fund trustees Governor leads a summit of more than 200 CEOs, education leaders, world-class researchers and foundation executives to strategize about the state’s role in the life sciences. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire to depart for Japan and China trade mission Governor departs to Asia to promote Washington goods and services to new markets. News release
2005 Governor reports success from trade mission Gov. Gregoire says Washington businesses signed contracts amounting to tens of millions of dollars in new sales during the state’s trade mission to Japan and China. The new sales will enhance the $8 billion in existing business Washington currently does with these countries. News release
2005 Emergency funds to help low-income Washingtonians pay heating bills In response to spiking natural gas and home energy prices, Gov. Gregoire seeks a $7.6 million to help low-income families pay heating bills. She also calls on Congress to appropriate $1.3 billion for emergency heating needs. News release
2005 Agreement on 2010 Winter Olympic Games, tourism opportunities for Washington Gov. Gregoire and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell pledge to build cooperative opportunities for business, cultural and educational exchange, tourism, transportation and environment protections associated with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. News release
2005 Federal drought relief Governor Gregoire asks U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to designate an additional 14 Washington counties as farm disaster areas due to damages caused by this year’s drought. If approved, the declaration will provide low-interest loans to cover production and farm property losses to farmers in the affected counties. News release
2005 Industry skill panel grant awards Gov. Gregoire announces a grant to ensure that Washington’s workforce remains competitive in 10 major industry sectors. Public/private partnerships in manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences, medical devices, maritime industries, food processing, wood products, energy, health care and electronic gaming will share $670,000 from the Workforce Training and Education Board to establish skill panels to fill needs in these sectors. News release
2005 Korea-Pacific U.S. States Joint Trade Conference Gov. Gregoire co-chairs the Korea-Pacific U.S. States 3rd Annual Joint Trade Conference on interactive media and wireless technologies. News release
2005 Washington job growth surpasses national rate Washington has added 85,000 new jobs in the past year, an increase of 3.1%, a rate that far surpasses national job growth of 1.7%. News release
2005 WorkFirst program Governor says she is taking steps to strengthen the state’s welfare-to-work program WorkFirst, including a renewed commitment to provide subsidized childcare and other employment supports. News release
2006 Targeted investments and saving for the future Gov. Gregoire lauds Washington’s strong economy yet cautions that state spending needs to be fiscally responsible, include targeted investments and prepare for any economic downturn. She plans to save a portion of new revenue – a result of the current economy – to keep state government on a steady course in good times and bad. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs unemployment insurance legislation Law fixes provision of 2003 law that reduced benefits for women, people of color, low-income workers, and burdened employers. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs customized workforce training program legislation Law creates the Washington Customized Workforce Training Program to provide assistance to employers located or expanding in the state. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs bill providing excise tax relief for aerospace industry Law offers tax relief to the aerospace industry to keep it competitive and save jobs. News release
2006 Global Competitiveness Council recommendations Gov. Gregoire releases recommendations of her Global Competitiveness Council. News release
2006 Workforce development council funding Gov. Gregoire awards $300,000 to Washington workforce development councils for exceeding standards of the federal Workforce Development Act. News release
2006 Promoting products abroad on trade mission Gov. Gregoire visits Australia and New Zealand with state business, education and life sciences leaders to promote Washington products. News release
2006 Local economic development investments Gov. Gregoire announces $4.1 million in grants and loans for infrastructure improvements and job creation. News release
2006 Community development awards Gov. Gregoire announces $2.4 million in awards to develop community resources and promote economic growth in rural counties. News release
2006 "Next Washington" plan Gov. Gregoire unveils her Next Washington plan to prepare the state for global economic competitiveness by investing in education and making Washington a good place to do business. News release
2006 Trade mission to South Korea On a 7-day mission to South Korea to promote Washington products and tourism, the Governor urges the South Korean president to remove barriers to trade and open up new markets for Washington businesses. News release
2006 Economic growth grants Gov. Gregoire announces $1.7 million in grants to 4 counties for critical infrastructure improvements. News release
2006 Tax cuts for workers and employers Gov. Gregoire, along with House and Senate leaders, announces a proposal to save businesses $89 million in the next year by reducing premiums for unemployment and workers' compensation insurance. News release
2007 "Next Washington" economic strategy Governor unveils report outlining 10-year economic strategy for encouraging workforce development, investing in research and development, and making it easier for the telecommunications and energy industries to do business in the state. News release
2007 Plan for container ports Gov. Gregoire launches plan as part of Next Washington to boost cooperation between ports in Seattle and Tacoma by increasing rail capacity and truck freight movement. News release
2007 Legislation signed to improve collection of sales tax from out-of-state sellers Law makes it easier for remote and online sellers to remit sales tax on items sold to Washington residents. News release
2007 New policies to support veteran-owned businesses Law creates a public list of veteran-owned business and a decal to help identify those businesses to customers. News release
2007 Uniformed services shared leave pool Law Governor requested created a uniformed service shared leave pool, which allows state employees to donate their leave time to colleagues in the armed forces, the National Guard and the Reserves. News release
2007 Protecting family farmers measure signed Law supports farmers by protecting their right to farm and helps keep their working lands profitable. News release
2007 Local community development organizations law signed Law Governor requested delivers assistance through associate development organizations to companies that need support to survive, expand or relocate. News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire to promote Washington products in Mexico Governor departs July 9 on a 5-day mission to promote Washington products and services. News release
2007 First innovation partnership zones Gov. Gregoire announces the designation of 11 innovation partnership zones that will develop and promote the state’s regional economies. News release
2007 Investments to boost jobs and economic vitality Gov. Gregoire announces $2.8 million in public investments to spur jobs and economic growth. News release
2007 Local economic development Gov. Gregoire announces $100 million in public investments to support local governments. Investments are the first to be made by the new Local Infrastructure Financing Tool, or LIFT program. News release
2008 State investment will boost jobs, economic growth in Benton, Chelan, Cowlitz, Kitsap, Skagit counties Gov. Gregoire announces $2 million in public investments to create new jobs and boost business growth. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire named 2007 economic development champion Enterprise Seattle today named Gov. Gregoire winner of its 2007 Public Sector Economic Development Champion award. News release
2008 Governor signs legislation to protect Washington homebuyers and owners Law Governor requested directs $1.5 million to help Washingtonians purchase a home or keep their home. News release
2008 Washington exports climb to record high in 2007 Led by aerospace industry sales, Washington state exports climbed to a record $66.3 billion last year, growing 25% over 2006 and nearly doubling in size over the past 3 years. News release
2008 Statement on loss of tanker contract Gov. Gregoire expresses disappointment that the Department of Defense chose not to award Boeing with the contract to build the next generation of Air Force tankers. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to drive economic development Law creates incentives for businesses to build or lease corporate headquarters in community empowerment zones throughout the state. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to promote aerospace industries Law strengthens Washington's aerospace industry and encourages expansion of aerospace-related industries. News release
2008 Call for second stimulus package in economic address Gov. Gregoire renews her call to the federal government for a second economic stimulus package to put people back to work. News release
2008 Governor, state and local leaders urge NBA to postpone relocation vote Gov. Gregoire, joined by state and local officials, sends letter to National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern and NBA owners urging them to postpone this week’s vote on relocating the Super Sonics until legal and financial issues can be resolved. News release
2008 Economic assistance for impacted fishing communities Gov. Gregoire issues a statement on the West Coast governors’ request for economic assistance for impacted fishing communities. News release
2008 State invests more than $1 million to boost jobs, economic growth Gov. Gregoire announces an investment of $1 million to create new jobs and boost business growth in 2 counties. News release
2008 Governor discusses “Next Washington” small business plan “Next Washington” lays out initiatives to improve workers’ skills, connect research universities more directly with private sector and economic development enterprises, boost telecommunications and energy infrastructure, and make it easier to do business with government. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire and B.C. premier approve plan to improve cross-border travel Gov. Gregoire and B.C. Premier Campbell will lead missions to Ottawa and Washington, D.C., to present both federal governments with a joint Border Action Plan. News release
2008 State board invests more than $2 million to spark job creation State Community Economic Revitalization Board announces $2 million in public investments to create jobs and boost business growth in Columbia, Spokane and Whitman counties. News release
2008 Forbes: Washington jumps to 3rd best state to do business In a national study released today, Forbes ranked Washington as the 3rd “best state for business.” Washington moved up from its 5th place ranking in Forbes’ 50-state survey last year, and up from 12th place in 2006. News release
2008 State agencies to experiment with 4-day workweek, use additional energy savings measures Gov. Gregoire directs selected state agencies to pilot a 4-day workweek and use additional measures for saving energy. News release
2008 Federal funds to address foreclosures Gov. Gregoire announces the state’s receipt of $28 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help neighborhoods hard hit by credit instability. News release
2008 Salmon emergency federal aid distribution Gov. Gregoire is pleased with distribution of federal funding for distressed salmon fishers. News release
2008 Washington’s New Economy & Competitiveness rankings Gov. Gregoire released a statement on the 2008 State New Economy Index, as well as the Beacon Hill Institute’s 8th Annual Competitiveness Report, both of which acknowledged Washington’s ability to compete in the new economy. News release
2008 Plans to save $260 million Gov. Gregoire announces spending reductions that will save $260 million in the current budget, putting the budget in the black for the biennium that ends June 30, 2009. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire meets with President-elect Obama on an economic stimulus package Gov. Gregoire meets with President-elect Obama and fellow governors on the need for bolstering the economy before traveling to D.C. for additional meetings with her colleagues. News release
2009 Gov. Gregoire unveils Washington "Jobs Now" initiative Plan will spur job creation with targeted investments. News release
2009 Investments in workforce and economic development initiatives Highlighting the value of public-private partnerships in building a healthy economy, Gov. Gregoire announces funding for 6 projects that will help local industries and increase jobs. News release
2009 Governor's statement on passage of Senate belt- tightening bill Governor praises Senate leadership's quick action to pass additional saving for 2007-09 biennium. News release
2009 Governor's statement on federal Economic Recovery Act Package Gov. Gregoire lauds passage of stimulus plan, saying it will benefit citizens and businesses. News release
2009 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to Increase unemployment Insurance benefits Law will give Washingtonians receiving unemployment insurance an additional $45 a week. News release
2009 Governor's statement on signing of federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Gov. Gregoire thanks Congress and President Obama for quick passage of the Recovery Act to put people back to work and help communities across the country. News release
2009 Governor signs transportation stimulus bill Bill authorizes immediate spending of federal stimulus funds for state projects and approval of 2009 supplemental transportation budget. News release
2009 Local projects to receive federal stimulus funding Gov. Gregoire announces list of city and country transportation projects designated for federal Recovery Act funding. News release
2009 Governor, Employment Security Department announce economic recovery grants $23 million in federal stimulus grants will be distributed throughout Washington to pay for summer employment and training programs for at-risk youths and young adults. News release
2009 Governor, Employment Security Department announce stimulus grants $27 million in federal stimulus grants will be used for training, financial assistance and employment services to low-income and dislocated workers. News release
2009 Aerospace Council established Gov. Gregoire creates the Washington Council on Aerospace to oversee state efforts to ensure that Washington remains the world's leading location for designing and building airplanes. News release
Executive order
2009 Governor signs construction budget Budget funds key construction projects statewide and will support more than 13,000 jobs at its peak. News release
2009 Local economies benefit from state, federal unemployment stimulus funds State and federal stimulus packages have pumped $130 million into the state's economy since January through higher unemployment benefits for jobless workers. News release
2009 Funds for crime victims treatment The Crime Victims Compensation Program receives $938,000 from the Recovery Act to aid 1,000 crime victims and reimburse 570 health-care providers who treat crime victims. News release
2009 Funds to weatherize low-income homes Washington will distribute $30 million in stimulus funds to weatherize low-income homes, which will create hundreds of jobs. Money will also be used for worker training. News release
2009 Funds for community action agencies Department of Commerce will distribute $11.7 million in stimulus grants to nonprofit community action agencies for emergency shelter, food and other services. More than 100 new jobs with community agencies and 700 new jobs for their clients are expected to be created in the next year. News release
2009 Funds for Washington cultural organizations Washington State Arts Commission receives $1.2 million in stimulus funds to offer arts participation opportunities, arts education programs and cultural employment throughout state. The money will help to preserve arts-related jobs. News release
2009 Update on state's Recovery Act efforts In less than 6 months, Washington has made tremendous progress in using Recovery Act funds to put citizens to work. Estimates are that we will receive $7 billion, with $4.5 billion flowing through state government. Funds are estimated to support the equivalent of 72,000 full-time jobs between now and mid-2011. News release
2009 12 communities to receive revitalization funds Governor announces the state will provide 12 communities with $4.35 million annually for up to 25 years to help finance public infrastructure improvements. News release
2009 Aerospace training programs $1.5 million in Workforce Investment Act funds will support state's aerospace training programs: $600,000 to develop Aerospace Centers in Snohomish County and Spokane, $500,000 to purchase equipment for training students, $200,000 to develop career paths, $100,000 to coordinate programs at state's training facilities and $100,000 to develop linkages between research findings and training curricula. News release
2009 Broadband priority list to receive federal stimulus funding Gov. Gregoire releases the state's prioritized list of Broadband Technology Opportunities Program stimulus applicants. News release
2009 Governor's statement on Boeing 787 second line to be located in South Carolina Gov. Gregoire expresses disappointment, especially for the more than 73,000 Boeing workers in Washington. News release
2009 Gov. Gregoire highlights Recovery Act projects Washington has saved or created 30,000 jobs since the Recovery Act was signed into law. State agencies are estimated to receive $4.2 billion in federal grants. So far state agencies have been awarded $2 billion , with $565 million already put to use for repaving roads, upgrading wastewater treatment systems and hiring law enforcement officers. News release
2009 Funds for clean water projects Governor approves 5 new clean-water construction projects for a total of $11.4 million in Recovery Act funding for improvements and efficiencies at wastewater treatment plants, expansions of wastewater collection systems and projects to re-use or "reclaim" wastewater. News release
2009 Funds for broadband services Funds will cover broadband mapping and planning activities under the State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program, which collects data to show areas in most need of broadband infrastructure. News release
2009 Funds for rural communities Department of Commerce awarded nearly $4 million in recovery grants to 6 rural communities to fund construction projects to promote energy efficiency in essential public and community facilities. Projects will create or support 75 jobs. News release
2009 Funds for tribes to expand transit 5 state tribes will receive funding for transit programs from the Recovery Act. Majority of funds will purchase new buses and improve tribal transit service in urban and rural areas. News release
2010 Funds for affordable housing projects State to award $22 million from the Housing Trust Fund to 11 multifamily affordable housing projects in 7 counties. A total of 706 units will be built or rehabilitated. News release
2010 Grants to train workers for clean energy economy More than $13 million in Recovery Act grants will help Washington prepare workers to enter the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. News release
2010 Gov. Gregoire announces plan to create as many as 40,000 jobs over next 3 years Governor releases 10-point plan to accelerate recovery and give businesses confidence to create jobs. Plan includes a combination of capital investments and financial incentives. News release
2010 State announces job creation numbers through Recovery Act funds 14,500 jobs were created or sustained in Washington during the last quarter of 2009. News release
2010 Recovery Act grants available for worker training programs More than $16 million in Recovery Act grants will help health care providers advance the use of health information technology. News release
2010 Gov. Gregoire outlines revenue proposal to address revenue shortfall Governor's proposal would raise $605 million to support health, education and community programs across the state. News release
2010 U.S. Tanker 2010 Coalition Governors from across the country launch U.S. Tanker 2010 Coalition and call for the Pentagon to award the refueling tanker contract to Boeing. News release
2010 Recent job growth Gov. Gregoire issues statement on the report that Washington state added an estimated 12,400 jobs – the first monthly gain since November 2008. News release
2010 Washington state economy is getting “greener” Gov. Gregoire unveils results of a new report by the state’s Employment Security Department showing Washington increased the number of private-sector green jobs by nearly one-third over the last year. News release
2010 Moses Lake selected for new manufacturing plant Governor issues statement thanking SGL Group and BMW for choosing Moses Lake to build a state-of-the-art carbon fiber manufacturing plant. During the initial phase, $100 million will be invested and 80 local jobs will be created. News release
2010 Funds for workforce training programs Gov. Gregoire announces that Washington received more than $11 million in federal funding to help support 3 smart grid worker training programs. News release
2010 More funds to weatherize low-income homes Gov. Gregoire announces that Washington met federal Recovery Act weatherization requirements, clearing the way for the Department of Commerce to receive an additional $30 million for low-income weatherization projects. News release
2010 11,000 jobs would come with NewGen tanker Gov. Gregoire and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray announce that Washington would benefit from an estimated 11,000 jobs and $693 million in annual economic benefits if the company’s NewGen Tanker is selected as the U.S. Air Force’s next aerial refueling aircraft. News release
2010 Use tax credits to put Washingtonians back to work Gov. Gregoire urges Washington employers to take advantage of new federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars for hiring unemployed workers. News release
2010 New state export initiative Gov. Gregoire announces a new state export initiative to open additional export opportunities for Washington businesses and to create jobs. The initiative complements the National Export Initiative, President Obama’s ambitious plan to double the nation’s exports by 2015. News release
2010 Programs to help Washington business owners Gov. Gregoire and director of Department of Labor and Industries announce stepped-up efforts and new programs that deliver a double boost to employers by getting tough on workers’ compensation fraud while helping businesses with paying their premiums. News release
2010 State Jobs Act awards $17 million for energy cost savings in public schools Gov. Gregoire and the Department of Commerce announce the 29 public education institutions that will receive almost $17 million in grants to create jobs and save energy costs. Total cost for all the projects is more than $44 million, including more than $26 million of non-state funding. An estimated 660 jobs will be created. News release
2010 Gov. Gregoire to lead nearly 80 on September trade mission to Asia Governor will lead a delegation of nearly 80 business, agriculture and education leaders to China and Vietnam to help expand our state’s export markets and promote Washington’s higher education system. News release
2010 Agreement reached with U.S. Commerce Dept., $3 million in grants to increase exports Nearly $3 million in grants will help businesses start or expand exporting activities. The awards from the newly created Washington Export Assistance Program coincide with the signing of a memorandum of agreement to strengthen the partnership between Washington state and the U.S. Department of Commerce, which will help exporters reach new markets and increase sales. News release
2010 State Jobs Act awards $31 million 45 public school facilities will receive more than $31 million in grants to create jobs and energy cost savings. An estimated 870 jobs will be created by this construction spending. News release
2010 Gov. Gregoire signs executive order helping small businesses Executive order will aid in the state’s economic recovery by helping small businesses succeed and expand. News release
Executive order
2011 Gov. Gregoire suspends state rule-making process Executive order will limit the state rule-making process to ease administrative burdens for small businesses and local governments. News release
Executive order
2011 Unemployment tax cuts for businesses unveiled Gov. Gregoire announces proposals to reduce and cap the shared-cost portion of unemployment taxes in 2011. This will cut businesses’ unemployment taxes by $300 million and qualify the state for $98 million in federal incentive funds. News release
Policy brief
2011 Workers' compensation reforms unveiled Gov. Gregoire explains that creation of a network of credentialed health providers for state and self-insured employers will save taxpayers $160 million over 4 years. Programs to help workers return to their jobs and modernize benefits structures will save $560 million. News release
Policy brief
2011 Local bonds for economic development authorized Governor and the Department of Commerce authorize $100 million in bonds to fund local economic development, energy conservation and infrastructure projects to create or retain more than 700 jobs with a payroll of $50 million per year. News release
Recovery Zone and Exempt Facilities Bonds authorized by Commerce, Nov-Dec. 2010
2011 State board invests $2 million in local economies Governor and the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board announce more than $1.8 million in public investments to help business growth and support more than 130 jobs in Benton and Chelan counties. News release
2011 Governor responds to U.S. House of Representatives budget resolution "The implications of the cuts passed ... present dramatic consequences for our state, put the nation’s economic recovery into jeopardy and put thousands of jobs at risk. At a time when we need to be putting people to work, not adding to the unemployment rolls, these cuts are short-sighted." News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire’s statement on U.S. Air Force decision to award tanker contract to Boeing "What a great day for The Boeing Company, and for the 11,000 aerospace workers in Washington state alone who will play a role in assembling the NewGen tanker. Following an open, transparent process, the Department of Defense realized what I’ve been saying all along – and that is that Boeing has designed the safest, most cost-effective tanker to serve both our military and our taxpayers well." News release
2011 Agreements secure $590 million in federal passenger rail funding An agreement signed between the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration directs funds to Washington’s passenger rail projects. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to improve workers' compensation system Law directs the Department of Labor and Industries to create a statewide provider network for injured workers, as well as expand access to the state’s Centers for Occupational Health Education. The legislation is expected to save $218 million over the next 4 years. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire urges Legislature to develop long-term budget solutions “Short-term solutions may cause less pain now, but we need a budget that is both sustainable and long-term.” News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire’s statement on World Trade Organization report “We’re home to more than 82,000 highly skilled aerospace workers, employed by 650 aerospace companies – creating one of the most dynamic aerospace centers in the world. We stand behind our companies – they are important to our economy and to our local communities. I pledge continued work to keep our state a vital player in cutting edge industries like the aerospace sector.” News release
2011 Aerospace training programs Gov. Gregoire announces $3 million in Workforce Investment Act funds to help nearly 500 workers learn the skills necessary for our aerospace industry to thrive and expand. News release
2011 B.C. premier, Gov. Gregoire discuss actions to support jobs, commerce Gov. Gregoire and B.C. Premier Christy Clark discuss how the state and province could work together to support job growth and forge even closer cross-border ties. News release
2011 Early strategy to ensure Boeing 737 is built in Washington state Gov. Gregoire announces she will assemble a statewide team to take Washington's aerospace competitiveness to a new level and ensure the next Boeing 737 is manufactured in Washington. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire to lead delegation on trade mission to Europe Gov. Gregoire will lead a delegation of aerospace, automotive, life-science and education leaders to Paris, France, and Hamburg, Germany, to increase state exports, encourage foreign investment and promote Washington’s higher education system and training programs. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire enhances Council on Aerospace “I have made it very clear – I intend to do all I can to ensure our aerospace industry succeeds and expands. I listened to the suggestions of our aerospace leaders, and have made the necessary changes to ensure the Council on Aerospace continues to make Washington state the global leader in aerospace.” News release
2011 Business tax simplification Gov. Gregoire will develop a proposal to simplify state and local business tax administration, registration and licensing. She expects to unveil the proposal later in the year. News release
Small Business Tax Simplification
2011 Gov. Gregoire’s statement on 787 delivery "Today's delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company's history, and continues to tell the world -- Washington state is the home for the most innovative, fuel-efficient airplanes around the globe." News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire’s statement on federal investments to spur innovation and job creation in Washington “I’d like to thank Secretary Vilsack for visiting Seattle today, where he announced that research teams at both Washington State University and the University of Washington will each receive $40 million in federal grants aimed at developing regional, renewable energy markets, generating rural jobs and decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. ...We also learned today that Washington state is the recipient of $1.6 million in federal dollars through the State Trade and Export Promotion grant program." News release
USDA news release
State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Pilot Grant Initiative, CFDA# 59.061
2011 Gov. Gregoire to lead state, territorial governors on China trade mission Gov. Gregoire will lead state and territorial governors on a trade mission to China to strengthen business relationships, encourage economic trade and ultimately create jobs. News release
2011 State investment in Paris Air Show, European trade mission nets more than $4 million in new contracts, new jobs Just 4 months following the Governor’s 8-day trade mission to France, Germany and Spain, returns are seen. News release
2011 Strategy to ensure 737 MAX is built in Washington Gov. Gregoire announces a series of action items to ensure the Boeing 737 MAX, expected to support up to 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, is built and manufactured in Washington. News release
Policy brief
Aerospace Competitiveness Study
2011 Plan for "Building a Better Future" Gov. Gregoire presents a supplemental budget that calls for more than $2 billion in spending cuts, local government revenue-sharing reductions and fund transfers to leave a $600 million reserve. News release
Supplemental budget
2012 Governor's reforms cause unemployment tax rate to drop, 2012 workers’ compensation rates to stay flat About 88% of Washington’s businesses will pay a lower unemployment tax rate in 2012 than they currently pay. This decrease will save businesses an estimated $207 million in 2012 – in addition to $300 million in 2011 savings. Overall workers’ compensation insurance rates will not increase. This will save businesses an estimated $150 million in 2012. News release
2012 Washington Small Business Credit Initiative to spur $300 million in new lending Gov. Gregoire and the Department of Commerce announce that funding from the U.S. Department of Treasury will help the state’s small businesses seeking new sources of financing to grow and create jobs. News release
2012 Governor announces strategy to spur small business growth Series of proposals will accelerate the state's recovery, including new reforms to free up cash for small businesses and training to land a job for those hardest hit by the recession. News release
Executive order
2007 Governor's statement on Washington state job growth "Our employment picture continues to improve, and today is further proof of that. We are seeing real and consistent signs of recovery. In 2011, Washington gained an estimated 53,500 jobs. From the low point of the recession, the state has regained about 98,000 jobs." News release
2007 Boeing WTO appellate body report "I’m pleased with today’s appellate ruling from the World Trade Organization. The WTO Appellate Body, for the most part, agreed with the dispute settlement panel report that came out last year and rejected nearly all of the European claims against Washington state." News release
2007 Pacific Coast Collaborative agreement Gov. Gregoire joins with leaders from California, Oregon and British Columbia to launch a plan to create 1 million jobs in the region over 10 years. News release
2007 Governor signs legislation to change unemployment insurance contributions Law modifies the average unemployment insurance contribution rates. This will save Washington businesses about $10 million annually. News release
2007 Governor signs legislation for pilot program for vocational rehabilitation Law she requested establishes a pilot program to retrain injured workers to help them get back to work. News release
2005 Governor signs legislation to help Washington farmers Law removes the expiration date for a program that helps farms be more successful by offering regulatory assistance and direct marketing opportunities, such as farmers markets. News release
2009 Task force to protect Washingtonians from unstable mortgage market Gov. Gregoire announces that she has formed the Task Force for Homeowner Security to evaluate instability in the national subprime mortgage market and ensure that its impact is minimized in Washington. News release
2012 Strong demand overseas lifts Washington exports to an all-time high In a welcome boost to the state’s economy and job outlook, exports of Washington-made goods jumped to a record $64.6 billion in 2011, an increase of 21%, according to the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research. News release