Community Safety Milestone Timeline

Protecting communities and ensuring public health is one of Governor Gregoire's top responsibilities. See the timeline below to learn more about the actions the Governor took to keep our communities safe.

Year Initiative Short Summary Resources
2005 Campaign to save Washington military bases from closure "I am proposing $10 million in next biennium’s budget for possible infrastructure improvements and expansions around our bases such as roads, sewers and utilities." News release
2005 New division created for State Patrol to increase coordination, security for ferries Gov. Gregoire announces the creation of Vessel and Terminal Security to increase coordination and security efforts for the state’s ferries system. News release
2005 Washington's response to Hurricane Katrina Gov. Gregoire announces Washington’s significant contribution to relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. News release
2005 Washington joins nationwide effort to host Katrina evacuees Gov. Gregoire announces Operation Evergreen, a Washington state effort to host up to 2,000 people from the Gulf Coast disaster area. Washington is joining several other states in what has become a national humanitarian effort to care for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire joins state employees and retirees in 21st annual Combined Fund Drive Gov. Gregoire will help kickoff the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, one of the nation’s most successful state-run charitable giving programs. State employees and public agency retirees donated more than $5.5 million to local, national and international charities during the 2004 campaign. In CFD’s 20 years of existence, more than $67 million has been raised during the annual campaigns. News release
2005 Gov. Gregoire asks President Bush to reconsider deadline Washington requests FEMA to extend housing programs Governor asked President Bush to reconsider the deadline announced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to end hotel/motel housing assistance for Katrina and Rita evacuees on Dec. 1. News release
2006 Governor announces intention to improve workplace safety Following a mine explosion in West Virginia and deaths in Washington, Gov. Gregoire challenges Dept. of Labor and Industries to reduce the rate of workplace injuries and illness. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs legislation to take drunk driving repeat offenders off the roads Law makes a DUI conviction a felony if the offender has more than 4 offenses in the previous 10 years. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs child safety bill Law boosts penalties for criminals who victimize children. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs hospital patient and worker safety measure Law requires hospitals to establish safe patient handling committees to reduce injuries to patients and workers. News release
2006 Gov. Gregoire signs bill to reduce meth use Law authorizes $1.6 million to replace federal cuts to drug task forces across the state. News release
2006 Agreement for pandemic flu preparedness Governor signs agreement with the federal government to promote proactive collaboration, preparedness and planning of pandemic flu response. News release
2006 Savings accrue from workers' compensation changes Gov. Gregoire announces that Washington employers and workers will save an estimated $315 million in workers' compensation premiums thanks to a 6-month rate suspension prompted by success in reducing workplace injuries and higher-than-expected investment returns. News release
2006 Border safety with British Columbia Governor requests federal support for a pilot project to improve technology at the border to increase security and ease of travel between Washington and British Columbia. News release
2006 Federal disaster relief Gov. Gregoire asks President Bush to declare a federal disaster in 11 Washington counties hit hard by flooding, where 104 homes were destroyed and 206 sustained major damage. News release
2006 Federal disaster funding coming Gov. Gregoire announces Washington to receive $1 million in federal funding to repair infrastructure damaged by flooding. News release
2006 Crane safety for workers Following a crane accident in Bellevue, Gov. Gregoire calls on the construction industry to verify crane safety and announces the Dept. of Labor and Industries will conduct a thorough investigation. News release
2006 Windstorm response review Governor Gregoire orders a review of the state's windstorm response and asks for recommendations to improve future responses. News release
2006 Aid for storm damaged counties Governor announces federal aid for parts of Washington that were hit hard by winter storms. Funds will pay for emergency work and damage to public facilities. News release
2007 Preventing identity theft Gov. Gregoire issues Executive Order 00-03 to remind state agencies to work against identity theft. News release
2007 State to partner with FEMA Washington will partner with FEMA to administer federal disaster aid and repair public facilities damaged by windstorm in December 2006. News release
2007 Federal funds to repair flood damage Governor announces that $23 million from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation will help repair roads, bridges and tunnels damaged in November 2006 floods. News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire signs legislation to make communities safer Law makes communities safer by requiring that offenders have a plan for employment and treatment prior to their release from Washington prisons and will be held accountable if they violate the terms of their community supervision. News release
2007 Statewide wildfire emergency proclaimed Gov. Gregoire proclaims a state of emergency for all 39 Washington counties due to wildfires. News release
2007 Expansion of electronic monitoring of sex offenders The Governor announces that the most dangerous sex offenders will be tracked via a GPS device to help law enforcement effectively monitor their movements to keep communities safer. News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire announces resolution to BRAC lawsuit Fairchild Air Force Base will keep aircraft flown in emergencies following unprecedented agreement with the U.S. Air Force. News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire requests federal disaster assistance for farmers in 10 counties Governor asks the acting secretary of Agriculture to designate 10 counties as farm disaster areas due to weather-related losses. News release
2007 Gov. Gregoire to hold sex offenders accountable Governor proposes investing $8.2 million to help ensure community safety for Washington families through in-person verification of the whereabouts of sex offenders. News release
2008 Extension of Real ID Governor asks for extension from federal Dept. of Homeland Security to implement Real ID. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs bills to aid recovery and prevent flooding in the Chehalis River basin Laws address flood control in the Chehalis River basin and the long-term recovery of Southwest Washington communities affected by the brutal winter storm. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs comprehensive gang legislation Governor signs the criminal street gang measure, HB 2712. In addition, she and the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs announce requirement that community involvement in gang prevention and intervention program planning be included in all applications for enforcement funds. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire signs legislation improving toy safety HB 2647 is landmark legislation to protect children from unsafe toys. News release
2008 Gov. Gregoire notes statewide drop in crime rate Governor commends the work of law enforcement and peace officers in reducing Washington’s crime rates in 2007. News release
2008 Washington State Patrol named best U.S. police agency Gov. Gregoire announces the International Association of Chiefs of Police has named the Washington State Patrol the best law enforcement agency in the nation for 2007. News release
2008 Operation Crackdown successful Gov. Gregoire compliments Washington’s law enforcement community for the success of the second Operation Crackdown, a month-long operation that led to more than 150 arrests, including those of 56 sex offenders who had failed to register, as required by law. News release
2009 Request for federal disaster declaration for flooding Gov. Gregoire asks President Obama to declare federal disaster area in 9 counties affected by flooding, mudslides and avalanches caused by severe weather. News release
2009 Request for disaster aid for businesses affected by heavy December snowfall Gov. Gregoire requests the U.S. Small Business Administration to declare economic injury disaster for businesses in all 39 countries due to December snowstorms. News release
2009 Governor's statement on federal emergency disaster aid Gov. Gregoire responds to approved aid from FEMA for 8 of 9 counties that funds due to winter storms. News release
2009 Request for federal disaster declaration for winter storm, snow Gov. Gregoire asks President Obama to declare a federal disaster area in most of the state due to public facility damage and emergency response costs from winter storms and snowfall. News release
2009 $22.4 million to bolster criminal justice programs Dept. of Community, Trade and Economic Development is awarded $22.4 million in Recovery Act funds to administer grants to retain prosecutors, fight gang-related crime and invest in community-based crime prevention programs. Will restore 16 state trooper positions, retain and restore 56 local law enforcement and related jobs across state. News release
2009 Governor to serve on homeland security task force Gov. Gregoire to serve on task force to review the effectiveness of the Homeland Security Advisory System. News release
2009 Farm disaster assistance requested Gov. Gregoire asks U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to designate 6 counties as farm disaster areas due to weather-related losses to agricultural producers. Funds will allow growers who experienced the heaviest damage to take advantage of low-interest loans and other federal assistance. News release
2010 Plan to improve community protection, safety of officers Gov. Gregoire advances new option for state's justice system to find criminals guilty and mentally ill. She also asks the Legislature to amend the constitution to provide judges the discretion to deny bail where public safety is at risk. News release
2010 Gov. Gregoire signs legislation to enhance safety for communities, law enforcement officers Laws will enhance protection for communities and the law enforcement officers who serve them. News release
2010 Ban on alcoholic energy drinks Gov. Gregoire and the chair of the Washington State Liquor Control Board announce an emergency rule that bans the sale of alcoholic energy drinks in the state. News release
2010 Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice Gov. Gregoire establishes the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice to form a coordinated and effective juvenile justice system to protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, provide treatment and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of juveniles. News release
2011 Washington State-Japan relief effort Since the tsunami, Washington’s businesses and residents have donated $7 million in support and assistance to disaster relief in Japan. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire, DOC announce prison safety initiative following national review Governor unveils a comprehensive prison safety initiative to enhance safety in Washington’s prisons. The initiative spells out proposed safety improvements, including staffing level changes, new body alarms and more training for staff members. News release
2011 Gov. Gregoire urges legislators to act on prison safety enhancements Governor encourages lawmakers to act on executive request legislation that will provide the Department of Corrections the support needed to implement a series of safety improvements recommended by the National Institute of Corrections. Proclamation
2011 Agreement to improve emergency response Gov. Gregoire signs a memorandum of agreement to expedite the appointment of a dual status commander for the state’s National Guard and federal military forces during complex state emergencies in the state. Executive order