Facilities and Resources

  • Classrooms

    Photo of a classroom

    The Digital Archives has two classrooms that are available to use for a nominal fee. Each classroom is configured to easily hold 48 people at tables or over sixty in a open seating, lecture format. Each classroom is also configured with an overhead LCD projector, computer interface, sound, VCR and DVD capabilities. Additionally, each room has in floor power and internet connectivity and can accommodate up to 48 computers.

  • Multi-media Presentation Classroom

    Photo of the media room

    The Digital Archives has a multi-media presentation classroom available in configurations of up to 48 people with tables or 60 in open seating. The classroom features a 10-foot rear projection screen, multiple ceiling mount monitors, overhead speakers, digital document and artifact projector, VCR and DVD capability, in-floor power and internet connectivity and can also accommodate up to 48 computers.

  • Legacy Museum and Lab

    Photo of the lab

    The Digital Archives is accumulating a large collection of 'antique' computer hardware and software. The Legacy Museum will display a collection of historically significant or unique computer items that have played a role in shaping the computer industry as it is today. Many of these machines are still operational and help bring focus to how far computer power and graphical capabilities have come over the past twenty years.

    The legacy lab will be devoted to migrating data from older technologies, both hardware and software, to newer more usable formats. Data conversion services are available to outside agencies for a fee.

    For more information, please contact the Digital Archives