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When Alice in Wonderland Met Captain America

Halloween Party at the Governor's Mansion, 2012

For her final Halloween at the Governor’s Mansion in 2012, Governor Christine Gregoire dressed as Alice of Wonderland, her husband Mike was the White Rabbit, and various staff were characters from Lewis Carroll's books like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and the Queen of Hearts. During her two terms in office, Governor Gregoire handed out chocolate bars to children visiting the Governor’s Mansion in a new Olympia Halloween tradition. Over the years her costumes included Dora the Explorer, Charlotte A. Cavatica from Charlotte’s Web, Willy Wonka, Morticia Addams, and Jessie the Cowgirl from “Toy Story.”

You can see this image and many others in the Washington State Patrol, Digital Photographs of Governor Gregoire’s Administration, 2005-2012

Written by Ben Helle