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Skamania and Whatcom County Marriage Records

The Office of the Secretary of State is pleased to announce the availability of Skamania and Whatcom County Marriage records at the Digital Archives. This collection contains marriage records from 1890 through 1995 (Whatcom County) and 1905 through 2007 (Skamania County). As the imaging and indexing is completed new records will be added to the collection, with completion estimated to be by the middle of April 2008. The images of the marriage certificates include the names of the bride and groom, date of marriage, county of marriage, witnesses and the officiate; while the marriage return lists the names of parents and county/state of birth, along with additional information. To find additional marriage records not included in this database, please contact the State Archives Northwest Regional Branch at for Whatcom County records or the State Archives Southwest Regional Branch at for Skamania County records. You can search Skamania and Whatcom County Marriage Records using the simple search or detailed search.