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Grant Project Adds 300,000 Pages to Local Government Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions Collections

Vancouver School District No. 47 Minutes, May 5, 1877

Vancouver School District No. 47 Minutes, May 5, 1877, Vancouver Public Schools, School Board Minutes, 1877-1999, Washington State Archives Southwest Region Branch. This document can be viewed online here.

The cities we live in, the fire districts that protect us, the school districts that educate us, the health districts who heal us when we’re sick. They all have something in common: Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions passed by their governing bodies. Washington State Archives has awarded over $3.1 million to 266 local government agencies over the past ten years to preserve these types of public records and share them with our constituents, the public. This year, our staff scanned, indexed, and uploaded Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions from 37 different local government entities to our Digital Archives website. We added over 300,000 new pages—from as early as 1877, to as recent as 2010—to these collections. Take some time and see if your local government has records on our website, and while you’re searching, see if your name shows up in our collections. Washington State Archives has over 28 million searchable records online.