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Thank You for Your Participation

Washington State Archivist Jerry Handfield, 2012.

Thanks to all who responded to our 1-minute survey. There was an overwhelming response and thanks to you we have learned several important points.

First, 95% of you supported an increase of $1.00 to the filing fee collected by county recorders, with the biggest group supporting an increase to $5.00.

Second, nearly 40% have used the Digital Archives at least 26 times a month. Amazing.

Third, more than one-third of you had visited or used other branches of the Archives, some more than 10 times a month.

Fourth, the ability to use the Digital Archives saved you money. Nearly 14% of you placed a value of more than $1,000 and yes, some even claimed the search was “priceless.”

And finally, 181 volunteered to follow up with the State Archivist to answer additional questions and provide us with more comments on what you would like to see. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and use this information to ensure we continue to meet your research need.

Thanks again for your help, and for describing our services as “invaluable”, “great”, “wonderful”, and “awesome.”

The State Archivist will be in touch with those who indicated a willingness to provide more details about their use of the Digital Archives.