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Treasures of the Digital Archives: Collections Search

We have a new search feature on the Digital Archives. This new feature is under the Collections Tab. Click on the word Collections in yellow from our webpage and the current list of collections available to search on the Digital Archives will appear.

Collection Search

The search feature allows you to keyword search the titles and title level descriptions of our collections. For example, you can search Okanogan and any record series title or title level description that contains the word Okanogan will appear. Searches may also include the words and and or. For example, search “Spokane and County” and anything in our collections with Spokane County will appear.

This type of search is especially helpful for quickly finding the different county records we hold. We are in the process of updating and enhancing our descriptions of titles to give you a better idea of what is contained in each collection.

We hope you enjoy using our website and the many search functions that we provide. We are constantly looking for ways to make records more accessible to you through the website. If you have any questions please contact us at or 509-235-7500 x200.