2004 Bill Action

Updated April 1, 2004

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House Bills

1322 Relating to exempting from taxation certain property belonging to any federally recognized Indian tribe located in the state. Signed 03/31/04
1328 Relating to the tax treatment of boarding homes. Signed 03/26/04
1433 Relating to designation of highways of statewide significance. Signed 03/31/04
1572 Relating to failure to pay small claims judgments. Signed 03/22/04
1580 Relating to personality rights. Signed 03/22/04
1589 Relating to tow truck permit fees. Signed 03/24/04
1645 Relating to protection of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking in the rental of housing. Signed 03/15/04
1677 Relating to authorizing a county to exempt certain property used in agriculture from taxation. Vetoed 03/31/04
1691 Relating to authorizing advanced registered nurse practitioners to examine, diagnose, and treat injured workers covered by industrial insurance. Signed 03/22/04
1777 Relating to implementing the collective bargaining agreement between the home care quality authority and individual home care providers. Signed 04/01/04
1867 Relating to replevin. Signed 03/22/04
1995 Relating to school districts’ property. Signed 03/22/04
2014 Relating to insurance coverage for injuries sustained because of alcohol or narcotic use. Signed 03/24/04
2055 Relating to bundled telecommunications services. Signed 03/22/04
2195 Relating to state academic standards. Signed 03/18/04
2295 Relating to charter schools. Signed 03/18/04
2299 Relating to animal identification systems. Signed 03/31/04
2300 Relating to applying pesticides. Signed 03/24/04
2301 Relating to severability clauses in commodity commission statutes. Signed 03/24/04
2307 Relating to eligibility to serve as a commissioner of a water conservancy board. Signed 03/24/04
2308 Relating to requiring the department of ecology to develop specific criteria for the types of solid wastes that are allowed to be received by inert waste landfills. Signed 03/24/04
2313 Relating to bail bond recovery agents. Signed 03/26/04
2318 Relating to the verification of small forest landowner status for a forest riparian easement program application. Signed 03/24/04
2321 Relating to the clarification of certain definitions in Title 79 RCW and related public land statutes. Signed 03/29/04
2354 Relating to rates for a medicare supplement insurance policy. Signed 03/22/04
2364 Relating to homeowner’s insurance. Signed 03/22/04
2366 Relating to the from the heart of Washington program. Signed 03/19/04
2367 Relating to the Washington apple commission. Signed 03/26/04
2381 Relating to degree-granting institutions of higher education. Signed 03/24/04
2382 Relating to improving articulation and transfer between institutions of higher education. Signed 03/22/04
2383 Relating to payment of part-time faculty at institutions of higher education. Signed 03/22/04
2387 Relating to the release of patient records for the purpose of restoring state mental health hospital cemeteries. Signed 03/22/04
2400 Relating to sentence enhancement for sex crimes against minors. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
2418 Relating to providing benefits to certain disabled members of the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system plan 2. Signed 03/11/04
2419 Relating to calculating the retirement allowance of a member of the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system plan 2 who is killed in the course of employment. Signed 03/11/04
2431 Relating to Dungeness crab endorsement. Signed 03/24/04
2452 Relating to sites for construction and operation of unstaffed public or private electric utility facilities. Signed 03/31/04
2453 Relating to business and occupation tax for wholesale sales of new motor vehicles. Signed 03/22/04
2454 Relating to voluntary contributions to the park land trust revolving fund. Signed 03/24/04
2455 Relating to financial literacy. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/04
2459 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01/04
2460 Relating to access to health insurance for small employers and their employees. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/04
2462 Relating to teacher cottages in nonhigh school districts totally surrounded by water, serving fewer than forty students. Signed 03/11/04
2473 Relating to possession of weapons in courthouse buildings. Signed 03/15/04
2474 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/04
2475 Relating to toll evasion. Signed 03/31/04
2476 Relating to toll collection. Signed 03/31/04
2483 Relating to the disposition of title fees. Signed 03/29/04
2485 Relating to postjudgment interest on tort judgments. Signed 03/26/04
2488 Relating to electronic product management. Signed 03/29/04
2489 Relating to off-road and nonhighway vehicles. Signed 03/24/04
2504 Relating to water policy in regions with regulated reductions in aquifer levels. Signed 03/29/04
2507 Relating to the recoupment of county and city employee salary and wage overpayments. Signed 03/11/04
2509 Relating to correcting references to the domestic violence provision in RCW 50.20.050. Signed 03/24/04
2510 Relating to tax delinquency assessments for successor employers. Signed 03/24/04
2518 Relating to exempting from the state public utility tax the sales of electricity to an electrolytic processing business. Signed 03/31/04
2519 Relating to county property tax levies for criminal justice purposes. Signed 03/22/04
2532 Relating to commercial driver’s licenses. Signed 03/26/04
2534 Relating to death benefits for members of the Washington state patrol retirement system plan 2. Signed 03/26/04
2535 Relating to permitting members of the public employees’ retirement system plan 2 and plan 3 and the school employees’ retirement system plan 2 and plan 3 who qualify for early retirement or alternate early retirement to make a one-time purchase of additional service credit. Signed 03/26/04
2537 Relating to establishing a public safety employees’ retirement system plan 2. Signed 03/31/04
2538 Relating to stablishing a one thousand dollar minimum monthly benefit for public employees’ retirement system plan 1 members and teachers’ retirement system plan 1 members who have at least twenty-five years of service and who have been retired at least twenty years.
Signed 03/22/04
2546 Relating to high technology and research and development tax incentives. Signed 02/19/04
2554 Relating to requiring support payments for a child with a developmental disability in out-of-home care. Signed 03/26/04
2556 Relating to studying criminal background check processes. Signed / Partial Veto 03/22/04
2573 Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01/04
2575 Relating to the management of moneys by the Washington horse racing commission. Signed 03/31/04
2577 Relating to nonprofit corporations. Signed / Partial Veto 03/24/04
2583 Relating to issuance of infractions and citations. Signed 03/22/04
2598 Relating to providing venue for administrative rule challenges in Spokane, Yakima, and Bellingham for residents of those appellate districts. Signed 03/22/04
2601 Relating to unlawful discharge or discipline of reserve officers. Signed 03/22/04
2612 Relating to the Hanford area economic investment fund. Signed 03/22/04
2615 Relating to modifying the interlocal cooperation act regarding notice requirements for contracting. Signed 03/26/04
2618 Relating to commodity commissions. Signed 03/26/04
2621 Relating to personal use licenses for shellfish harvest. Signed 03/31/04
2635 Relating to port districts. Signed 03/22/04
2647 Relating to the Washington quality award council. Signed 03/31/04
2650 Relating to important bird areas. Signed 03/26/04
2657 Relating to security guards. Signed 03/22/04
2660 Relating to alcohol-related offenses. Signed 03/24/04
2663 Relating to use of respectful language in the Revised Code of Washington and the Washington Administrative Code. Signed 03/26/04
2675 Relating to electric utility tax credits. Signed 03/31/04
2683 Relating to providing notice of potential administrative rule actions. Signed 03/22/04
2685 Relating to acceptable forms of identification for liquor sales. Signed 03/22/04
2693 Relating to the taxation of timber on publicly owned land. Signed 03/26/04
2703 Relating to increasing the minimum amount for bid requirements for materials or work for joint operating agencies. Signed 03/26/04
2707 Relating to higher education branch campuses. Signed 03/22/04
2708 Relating to conditional scholarships and loan repayments for prospective teachers. Signed 03/22/04
2727 Relating to requiring all insurers to file credit based rating plans. Signed 03/22/04
2765 Relating to information and services for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Signed 03/22/04
2771 Relating to the prevention of cyberstalking. Signed 03/24/04
2781 Relating to state agency review of development regulations. Signed 03/29/04
2784 Relating to the small business incubator program. Signed 03/31/04
2787 Relating to immunity from liability for licensed health care providers volunteering at community health care settings. Signed 03/22/04
2788 Relating to the liability insurance program for retired primary care providers volunteering to serve low-income patients. Signed 03/26/04
2794 Relating to allowing licensees to pay for liquor using debit and credit cards. Signed 03/22/04
2797 Relating to providing access to the basic health plan for individuals eligible for the health coverage tax credit under the Trade Act of 2002 (P.L. 107-210). Signed 03/26/04
2802 Relating to penalties for trading in nonambulatory livestock. Signed 03/31/04
2811 Relating to establishing permit processing timelines and reporting requirements for certain local governments subject to the requirements of RCW 36.70A.215. Signed 03/26/04
2817 Relating to insurance investments in limited liability companies formed to develop real property. Signed 03/22/04
2830 Relating to authorizing a fee for the limited purpose of reviewing driving records or existing policyholders for changes. Signed 03/22/04
2838 Relating to capital calls by domestic mutual insurers. Signed 03/22/04
2849 Relating to eliminating credentialing barriers for sex offender treatment providers. Signed 03/22/04
2859 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/22/04
2878 Relating to making changes to county treasurer statutes. Signed 03/22/04
2891 Relating to revising boundaries of a public utility district in incorporated territory. Signed 03/24/04
2904 Relating to estate adjudication for the department of social and health services. Signed 03/26/04
2905 Relating to modifying provisions for limited areas of more intensive rural development. Signed 03/29/04
2908 Relating to salvage vehicles. Signed 03/26/04
2910 Relating to special license plates for professional fire fighters and paramedics. Signed 03/22/04
2919 Relating to off-road vehicle use permits. Signed 03/24/04
2929 Relating to suspending business and occupation taxation on certain business impacted by the ban on American beef products. Signed 03/31/04
2933 Relating to clarifying collective bargaining processes for individual providers. Signed 03/09/04
2934 Relating to ensuring that members of homeowners’ associations may display the flag of the United States on their properties. Signed 03/26/04
2968 Relating to excise tax deductions for governmental payments to nonprofit organizations for salmon restoration. Signed 03/31/04
2984 Relating to child fatality reviews for children involved in the child welfare system. Signed 03/22/04
2985 Relating to health insurance for retired and disabled public employees. Signed 03/26/04
2987 Relating to underinsured motorist coverage. Signed 03/22/04
2988 Relating to foster parents’ rights. Signed 03/26/04
3036 Relating to gift certificates. Signed 03/26/04
3045 Relating to public lands. Signed 03/29/04
3051 Relating to notice provisions for proceedings involving the Indian child welfare act. Signed 03/22/04
3055 Relating to admissibility of DUI tests. Signed 03/22/04
3057 Relating to conforming the social security offset provisions of Title 51 RCW to the modified federal social security retirement age. Signed 03/22/04
3078 Relating to sealing juvenile records. Signed 03/22/04
3081 Relating to medical and dental care and testing for children in the care of the department of social and health services. Signed 03/22/04
3083 Relating to immunity for any person who cooperates with an investigation of child abuse or neglect. Signed 03/22/04
3085 Relating to family decision meetings. Signed 03/26/04
3092 Relating to the uniform parentage act. Signed 03/24/04
3103 Relating to higher education. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01/04
3116 Relating to modifying tax exemptions for blood banks, bone or tissue banks, and comprehensive cancer centers. Signed 03/22/04
3141 Relating to mitigating carbon dioxide emissions resulting from fossil-fueled electrical generation. Signed 03/31/04
3158 Relating to exempting from sales and use tax computer equipment used primarily in printing or publishing. Signed 03/11/04
3172 Relating to payment agreements. Signed 03/24/04
3188 Relating to liability to the department of labor and industries for premiums, overpayments, and penalties. Signed 03/31/04

Senate Bills

5034 Relating to property tax relief for senior citizens and persons retired because of physical disability. Signed 03/31/04
5083 Relating to recognizing concealed weapon licenses issued by other states. Signed 03/26/04
5139 Relating to remedial postsecondary education. Signed 03/22/04
5168 Relating to interest on legal financial obligations. Signed 03/24/04
5216 Relating to forensic competency and sanity examinations. Signed 03/11/04
5326 Relating to creating regional fire protection service authorities. Signed 03/24/04
5376 Relating to the alignment of state route number 99. Signed 03/29/04
5412 Relating to identity theft penalties and prevention. Signed 04/01/04
5428 Relating to renewal of driver’s licenses and identicards by alternative means. Signed 03/31/04
5436 Relating to the sales of competitive foods and beverages sold and served on public school campuses. Signed 03/26/04
5533 Relating to providing increased access to information on disciplinary actions taken against school employees. Signed 03/22/04
5536 Relating to condominiums. Signed 03/29/04
5590 Relating to determining the appeals period for certain environmental appeals. Signed 03/29/04
5665 Relating to administration of irrigation districts. Signed 03/29/04
5677 Relating to cooperation among education policy boards. Vetoed 03/31/04
5732 Relating to in-home long-term care services liability. Signed 03/26/04
5733 Relating to fairness and protection in boarding homes and adult family homes. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
5793 Relating to minimum nonforfeiture amounts applicable to certain contracts of life insurance and annuities. Signed 03/22/04
5797 Relating to the timing of the inspection of adult family homes. Signed 03/26/04
5861 Relating to criminal impersonation of a veteran of the armed forces. Signed 03/24/04
5869 Relating to authorizing nonprofit corporations to participate in self-insurance risk pools. Signed 03/31/04
5877 Relating to the learning assistance program. Signed 03/18/04
5957 Relating to the collection and use of water quality data. Signed 03/31/04
6091 Relating to assuring that the rights of way of state highways accommodate the deployment of personal wireless service facilities. Signed 03/24/04
6103 Relating to making certain types of extreme fighting illegal. Signed 03/26/04
6105 Relating to juvenile penalties for animal cruelty. Signed 03/24/04
6107 Relating to diseased and quarantined animals. Signed 03/31/04
6112 Relating to self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements. Signed 03/31/04
6113 Relating to the use of rural county sales and use tax proceeds. Signed 03/24/04
6115 Relating to a use tax exemption for amusement and recreation services donated to or by nonprofit organizations or state or local governmental entities. Signed 03/26/04
6118 Relating to a pilot program for cougar control. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/04
6121 Relating to filing a will under seal before the testator’s death. Signed 03/22/04
6123 Relating to modifying the public accountancy act but only with respect to: Expanding board member term limits, extending the experience look-back period for certificate holders, allowing out-of-state CPAs to qualify for a license with three years of public practice experience during the immediate past five years, expanding sanctioning authority over imposters and exam cheaters, and establishing a penalty for imposters whose license or certificate has been suspended or revoked. Signed 03/26/04
6125 Relating to alternate members of a water conservancy board. Signed 03/11/04
6141 Relating to the property taxation of vehicles carrying exempt licenses. Signed 03/26/04
6143 Relating to determining eligibility for veteran’s regular or special license plates. Signed 03/24/04
6144 Relating to opportunities and strategies for improving forest health in Washington Signed 03/29/04
6146 Relating to encouraging renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses in Washington. Signed 03/26/04
6148 Relating to special license plates to honor law enforcement officers in Washington killed in the line of duty. Signed 03/29/04
6153 Relating to notifying home buyers of where information regarding registered sex offenders may be obtained. Signed 03/24/04
6155 Relating to the prevention of horticultural pests and diseases. Signed 03/29/04
6158 Relating to the Washington insurance guarantee association act. Signed 03/26/04
6160 Relating to fairness and accuracy in the distribution of risk. Signed 03/26/04
6161 Relating to general authority Washington law enforcement agencies adopting policies addressing domestic violence committed or allegedly committed by general authority Washington peace officers. Signed 03/15/04
6164 Relating to allowing a student who is a military dependent to maintain residency status if the person on active military duty is reassigned out-of-state. Signed 03/24/04
6171 Relating to misconduct investigations conducted by the superintendent of public instruction. Signed 03/26/04
6177 Relating to criminal impersonation. Signed 03/11/04
6180 Relating to genetic testing as a condition of employment. Signed 03/11/04
6188 Relating to the Washington nonprofit corporation act. Signed 03/31/04
6189 Relating to receiverships. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
6208 Relating to temporary water-sewer connections. Signed 03/29/04
6210 Relating to peer review committees and coordinated quality improvement programs. Signed 03/26/04
6211 Relating to school district levy base calculations. Signed 03/18/04
6213 Relating to making technical, clarifying, and nonsubstantive changes to mental health advance directive provisions. Signed 03/22/04
6216 Relating to defining timber land to include certain incidental uses. Signed 03/29/04
6220 Relating to school employee duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Signed 03/26/04
6225 Relating to boarding homes. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
6237 Relating to providing nonagricultural commercial and retail uses that support and sustain agricultural operations on designated agricultural lands of long-term significance. Signed 03/29/04
6240 Relating to tax incentives in rural counties. Signed 03/19/04
6242 Relating to establishing a statewide strategy for land acquisitions and disposal. Signed 03/31/04
6245 Relating to residency teacher certification partnership programs. Signed 03/18/04
6249 Relating to establishing an asset smoothing corridor for actuarial valuations used in the funding of the state retirement systems. Signed 03/22/04
6254 Relating to death benefits for members of the Washington state patrol retirement system plan 2. Signed 03/26/04
6259 Relating to the taxation of internet services. Signed 03/26/04
6261 Relating to payments to jurors. Signed 03/24/04
6265 Relating to permit timelines. Signed 03/22/04
6269 Relating to harbor lines in Blaine, Edmonds, Ilwaco, Kennewick, and Pasco. Signed 03/29/04
6270 Relating to attorneys’ liens. Signed 03/22/04
6274 Relating to competency restoration. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
6286 Relating to heating oil tank liability protection. Signed 03/29/04
6302 Relating to persons ordered to active military service. Signed 03/26/04
6304 Relating to tax relief for aluminum smelters. Signed 03/19/04
6314 Relating to the community economic revitalization board. Signed 03/31/04
6325 Relating to special license plates. Signed 03/29/04
6326 Relating to unlawful bus conduct. Signed 03/24/04
6329 Relating to extending the date for ballast water discharge implementation. Signed 03/31/04
6337 Relating to the fee for birth certificates suitable for display. Signed 03/22/04
6338 Relating to stolen merchandise pallets. Signed 03/24/04
6339 Relating to seed-related business practices. Signed 03/29/04
6341 Relating to cosmetology, barbering, manicuring, and esthetics. Signed 03/22/04
6352 Relating to selection of telephone calling systems for offenders in state correctional facilities. Signed 03/11/04
6356 Relating to physician assistants executing a certain certificate for labor and industries. Signed 03/26/04
6357 Relating to enhancements to criminal trespass law. Signed 03/22/04
6358 Relating to improved collaboration regarding offenders with treatment orders. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26/04
6367 Relating to protecting the integrity of national historical reserves in the urban growth area planning process. Signed 03/29/04
6372 Relating to the Washington state parks centennial. Signed 03/12/04
6377 Relating to renewal of transient accommodation licenses. Signed 03/26/04
6378 Relating to prohibiting unauthorized operation of a recording device in a motion picture exhibition facility. Signed 03/24/04
6384 Relating to penalties against convicted domestic violence offenders to pay for domestic violence programs. Signed 03/15/04
6389 Relating to weapons in commercial service airports. Signed 03/24/04
6401 Relating to encroachment of incompatible land uses around military installations. Signed 03/22/04
6402 Relating to giving landlords the flexibility to deposit landlord trust account funds in any financial institution. Signed 03/26/04
6407 Relating to school district superintendent credential preparation programs. Signed 03/22/04
6411 Relating to reducing hunger. Signed 03/22/04
6415 Relating to conditioning industrial and construction storm water general discharge permits. Signed 03/31/04
6417 Relating to reorganization of statutes on elections. Signed 03/31/04
6419 Relating Relating to implementing the requirements of the Help America Vote Act. Signed 03/31/04
6428 Relating to the role of the department of labor and industries in regards to health care providers. Signed 03/31/04
6439 Relating to motorcycle safety training curriculum. Signed 03/24/04
6448 Relating to transferring responsibility for collecting certain telephone program excise taxes from the department of of social and health services to the department of revenue. Signed 03/31/04
6453 Relating to a qualifying primary. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01/04
6465 Relating to extending the expiration date of the dairy inspection program assessment. Signed 03/24/04
6466 Relating to the admission of residents to nursing facilities. Signed 03/22/04
6472 Relating to victims of crime. Signed 03/24/04
6476 Relating to designating manufactured housing communities as nonconforming uses. Signed 03/29/04
6478 Relating to further regulation of the sale of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine. Signed 03/22/04
6480 Relating to the special occasion liquor license. Signed 03/24/04
6481 Relating to governing class 1 racing associations’ authority to participate in parimutuel wagering. Signed 04/01/04
6485 Relating to improving the regulatory environment for hospitals. Signed 03/31/04
6488 Relating to a study of the designation of agricultural lands. Signed 03/29/04
6489 Relating to fair competition in correctional industries. Signed 03/26/04
6490 Relating to exempting fuel cells from sales and use taxes. Signed 03/26/04
6493 Relating to costs of elections. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/04
6494 Relating to prohibiting the use of social security numbers by health carriers and state health care programs. Signed 03/24/04
6501 Relating to instructional materials for students with disabilities. Signed 03/22/04
6515 Relating to correcting errors, omissions, and inconsistencies within Title 82 RCW from chapter 168, Laws of 2003, which implemented portions of the streamlined sales and use tax agreement. Signed 03/26/04
6518 Relating to the general election ballot for the office of judge of the district court. Signed 03/22/04
6527 Relating to attorney fees. Signed 03/24/04
6534 Relating to the siting and designating processes of industrial land banks. Signed 03/29/04
6554 Relating to eliminating credentialing barriers for health professions. Signed 03/31/04
6560 Relating to animal cruelty. Signed 03/29/04
6561 Relating to strengthening linkage between K-12 and higher education systems. Vetoed 03/31/04
6568 Relating to directing the institute for public policy to develop a proposal for establishing a Washington state women’s history center or information network. Signed 03/26/04
6575 Relating to classifications for irrigation district conveyance and drainage facilities. Signed 03/29/04
6581 Relating to funding for forest fire protection. Signed 03/29/04
6584 Relating to liquor licensees holding a caterer’s endorsement. Signed 03/22/04
6586 Relating to requirements for electrical work on boilers. Signed 03/22/04
6593 Relating to prohibiting discrimination against consumers’ choices in housing. Signed 03/31/04
6598 Relating to accounting for the provision of wholesale telecommunications services by public utility districts. Signed 03/26/04
6599 Relating to required elements of cholinesterase monitoring programs for certain pesticide handlers. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01/04
6600 Relating to construction liability. Signed 03/31/04
6601 Relating to obesity lawsuits. Signed 03/26/04
6614 Relating to damages for unauthorized impounds. Signed 03/31/04
6615 Relating to employment of workers with developmental disabilities. Signed 03/31/04
6636 Relating to the disposal of animals. Vetoed 03/29/04
6641 Relating to oil spill management. Signed 03/31/04
6642 Relating to case conferences following shelter care hearings. Signed 03/26/04
6643 Relating to family visitation for dependent children. Signed 03/26/04
6649 Relating to retaining fees for mobile/manufactured homes and factory built housing and commercial structures. Signed 03/26/04
6650 Relating to providing the department of labor and industries with the rule-making authority to address recommendations of the elevator safety advisory committee relating to the licensing of private residence conveyance work. Signed 03/22/04
6655 Relating to certificates of approval for authorized representatives of beer and wine manufacturers and distributors. Signed 03/26/04
6663 Relating to promoters duties with respect to vendor tax registration. Signed 03/31/04
6676 Relating to transfer of vehicle license plates and ownership. Signed 03/29/04
6688 Relating to a special “Helping Kids Speak” license plate. Signed 03/22/04
6731 Relating to standards and grades for fruits and vegetables. Signed 03/29/04
6737 Relating to distribution of liquor. Signed 03/31/04

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