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January 11, 2005

Message from the Governor

Its been an honor and privilege to serve as governor these past eight years. I am very proud of the progress weve made during my two terms. From raising academic achievement to increasing family wage jobs; from restoring wild salmon runs to increasing sales of Washington agricultural harvests to foreign markets; from streamlining regulations to improving services to Washington citizens.

Im especially proud because weve faced some formidable challenges. Challenges that seemed to come from every direction. A major earthquake. An energy crisis. Droughts. September 11th, and the constant challenge of improving our security. We survived, we rebounded, and were charging ahead.

Just a couple of years ago, we were in the depths of some very tough economic times. We faced serious state budget shortfalls, like 47 other states in America. Significant decisions had to be made, and we made them, using our Priorities of Government budgeting approach, an approach that should still be used regardless of the amount of resources available.

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