Enhancing Natural Resources


A bald eagle

Washington's first people lived in an Eden of pristine rivers and forests, mountains and grasslands. They breathed crystal clear air and enjoyed the plentiful bounty of salmon and other fish and game. Today, we are working together - government, citizens and business - to restore and protect this precious environment, using our laws and our love of Washington's breathtaking beauty to protect against pollution and degradation of salmon, water, land and air.


Washington is a national leader in environmental protection. We have taken huge steps to restore salmon habitat and to maintain the health of Puget Sound and other waterways. We have forged a landmark agreement with the forest industry to both use and protect the state's important timber resources. We have employed laws, regulations and education to clean up polluted land, air and water - and to keep them clean. We are using new technologies and ideas to continually improve the health of our environment for the benefit of everyone. » Read more about Governor Locke's Major Environment Accomplishments


As Washington's population grows and pressures on the environment increase, we must find new, innovative ways to protect and improve our precious natural resources. Work will continue to protect and restore our wild salmon runs, and to ensure there is enough clean water for fish and wildlife, and for our growing population. We will continue to promote renewable energy and take other steps to keep our air clean. We will find new ways to use the wealth of our forests, farmlands and waters and still protect them for generations to come.

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