Protecting Families


Safety Coordinator Every child deserves to grow up in safety and health, in a loving family, in a community that nurtures its children, respects its elders, and protects its vulnerable members. Our streets and schools must be safe, our people healthy, and all our citizens able to realize their fullest potential. There is no room in the Washington we want for violence, poverty, injustice, intolerance, or drug abuse.


Washington is a national leader in public health, services for the elderly, welfare reform, child care, health care, and corrections. We have new laws to make schools safer, expand drug treatment, protect vulnerable children and adults, and reform health insurance. We are using new technologies to improve public safety and health, while streamlining delivery of human services. » Read more about Governor Locke’s Major Public Safety Accomplishments

“So today, all of you are looking at safety and security in a new way, from a new perspective. You are committing time to gather in the pursuit of improving workplace safety and health. You are examining with fresh eyes how to make Washington workplaces the safest and healthiest in the nation.” Governor Gary Locke


As budget pressures increase, we must preserve the vital services that protect children and vulnerable adults, keep our communities safe, and help people achieve independence. We must maintain and strengthen our systems of justice, health care, and social services. These investments will pay off in a better future for our children and a more just and civil society.

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