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NEWExecutive Order #04-06 Establishing Sustainability and Efficiency Goals for State Operations

Executive Orders

Number Title Status
04-06 Establishing Sustainability and Efficiency Goals for State Operations Active
04-05 Establishing the State Independent Living Council Active
04-04 Establishing the State Rehabilitation Council Active
04-03 Monitoring Salmon Recovery and Watersheds Active
04-02 Establishing The Washington Biodiversity Council Active
04-01 Persistent Toxic Chemicals Active
03-01 Service Delivery Active
02-04 Washington State Economic Development Commission Active
02-03 Sustainable Practices by State Agencies Active
02-02 Creating the Washington Territorial Sesquicentennial Commission Active
02-01 Organ Donation and Other Life-Giving Procedures Active
01-05 State Agency Risk Management Active
01-04 Establishing the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and their Families Active
01-03 Establishing a Strong Telework and Flexible Work Hours Program to Help Reduce Traffic Congestion and Improve Quality of Life Active
01-02 Creating the Governor—s Health Care Subcabinet Active
01-01 Charitable Contributions  
00-05 Change of Percentages to the Federally Mandated Private Activity Bond State Volume Cap Active
00-04 Establishing a Washington State Alliance to Reduce Prescription Drug Spending “AWARDS” Program Active
00-03 Public Records Privacy Protections
Public Records Privacy - Final Report, November 2000
00-02 Computer Software Piracy Active
00-01 Promoting the Use of Apprentices in Public Works Projects Active
99-02 Workforce Development Active
99-01 Re-Establishing the Governor—s Council of Economic Advisors Active
98-03 Rescission of Executive Orders Active
98-02 Training and Protocols for State Investigators Active
98-01 Extending the Land Use Study Commission  
97-04 Rescission of Executive Orders Active
97-03 Quality Improvement Active
97-02 Regulatory Improvement Active


Number Title Status
04-01 Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs Active
03-01 Planning for Homeland Security Alerts Active
02-04 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Reductions for FY 2003 Active
02-03 Hiring, Travel and Equipment Purchase Freeze Active
02-02 Extension of the Master Business License Program Active
02-01 Freeze Hiring, Travel and Equipment Purchases Superseded by Directive 02-03
01-02 Foster Parents— Rights Active
01-01 Energy Conservation Active
00-04 Coordination of Child Care and Early Learning programs Active
00-03 Establishing the Office of Trade and Economic Development and the Office of Community Development within the Department of Community, Trade & Economic Development Active
00-02 Recent Superior Court Ruling on Initiative 695 Active
00-01 Telephone Customer Service Goals Active
99-02 Contracting Out of New State Services Active
99-01 Exchange Time Policy Active
98-01 Implementation of Initiative Measure 200 Active


Issued Title Status
09/30/04 Adopting and Integrating the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Active
08/17/04 Terminating State of Emergency Active
06/25/04 Activiation of the Washington National Guard for Fire Fighting Training Active
06/17/04 Activiation of the Washington National Guard — Authorization for State Active Duty in Support of the Seattle National Governors Assocation (NGA) 2004 Annual Meeting Active
03/11/04 Native Plant Appreciation Week Proclamation Active
10/29/03 Amending Storm Damage/State of Emergency Proclamation Active
10/22/03 Amending Storm Damage/State of Emergency Proclamation Active
10/17/03 Storm Damage/State of Emergency Active
10/10/03 Terminating State of Emergency Active
08/11/03 Tanker Accident/State of Emergency Terminated
06/11/03 Second Special Session Exipred
04/28/03 Special Session Expired
02/12/03 Storm Damage/State of Emergency Terminated
01/08/02 Storm Damage/State of Emergency Expired
09/27/01 Authorizing National Guard Deployment to Washington Airports Terminated
08/17/01 Energy (Third Extension) Expired
08/15/01 Fire Emergency Terminated
06/22/01 Third Special Session Expired
06/22/01 Energy (Second Extension) Expired
05/24/01 Second Special Session Expired
04/26/01 Energy (Extension) Expired
04/22/01 Special Session Expired
01/26/01 Energy Expired

Energy Supply Alert Orders

Number Title Status
01-07 Terminating Order No. 01-01 Expired
01-06 Third Extension of Energy Supply Alert Order No.—s 01-01 and 01-02 (Revised) Expired
01-05 Second Extension of Energy Supply Alert Order No.—s 01-01 and 01-02 Expired
01-04 First Extension and Amendment of Energy Supply Alert Order No.—s 01-01 and 01-02 Expired
01-03 Energy Conservation Expired
01-02 Temporary Electric Generators- Revised 9/20/01 Expired
01-01 Tacoma Steam Plant Expired
  Energy Supply Alert Proclamation Expired
00-01 Energy Supply Alert Order No. 1 Expired

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