2005 Bill Action

Updated May 17, 2005. All legislation has been acted upon.

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House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1000 Relating to allowing special meetings to be called through electronic mail notice. Signed 05/04/05
1002 Relating to motor vehicle compression brakes. Signed 05/09/05
1003 Relating to the operation of off-road vehicles on roadways. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/28/05
1007 Relating to establishing a commemorative works account for the department of general administration. Signed 04/12/05
1008 Relating to the motor pool within the department of general administration. Signed 04/28/05
1012 Relating to computer spyware. Signed 05/17/05
1014 Relating to DNA testing. Signed 03/09/05
1019 Relating to property tax exemptions for persons with disabilities related to the performance of military duties. Signed 05/03/05
1024 Relating to requirements for issuing salary warrants for judges. Signed 04/26/05
1031 Relating to problem gambling. Signed 05/10/05
1032 Relating to adopting the interstate insurance product regulation compact. Signed 04/20/05
1034 Relating to the administrative supervision of financially distressed insurers. Signed 05/13/05
1044 Relating to pension funding methodology. Signed 05/10/05
1048 Relating to the submittal of local government tax estimates to counties. Signed 04/14/05
1049 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/28/05
1050 Relating to the creation of a foster care endowed scholarship program. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/28/05
1054 Relating to the revised uniform arbitration act. Signed 05/13/05
1058 Relating to mental health treatment for minors. Signed 05/10/05
1062 Relating to energy efficiency. Signed 05/06/05
1064 Relating to improving government performance and accountability. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/05
1065 Relating to the armed forces license plate collection. Signed 04/28/05
1066 Relating to learning assistance program distribution formula. Signed 05/16/05
1068 Relating to elimination of mandatory norm-referenced student assessments. Signed 04/28/05
1072 Relating to controlled substances. Signed 04/28/05
1074 Relating to increasing the administrative cap on the housing assistance program and the affordable housing program. Signed 04/28/05
1075 Relating to the nursing care quality assurance commission. Signed 04/12/05
1079 Relating to postsecondary education and training support for former foster youth. Signed 04/20/05
1081 Relating to requiring prehire screening for law enforcement applicants. Signed 05/13/05
1086 Relating to commercial feed. Signed 04/12/05
1090 Relating to transportation system signage using icons and pictograms. Signed 04/12/05
1092 Relating to the rural Washington loan fund. Signed 04/20/05
1097 Relating to the "Keep Kids Safe" license plate series. Signed 04/14/05
1100 Relating to creating a state financial aid account to ensure that all statewide financial aid is made available. Signed 04/22/05
1108 Relating to limitations for vehicles passing pedestrians or bicyclists. Signed 05/11/05
1110 Relating to recertification standards for private applicators of pesticides. Signed 05/11/05
1112 Relating to superior court judges. Signed 04/20/05
1113 Relating to traffic control signal preemption devices. Signed 04/26/05
1116 Relating to the "Ski & Ride Washington" special license plate. Signed 04/28/05
1117 Relating to the highway weight limit for farm implements. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/20/05
1124 Relating to authorizing the use of signs, banners, or decorations over highways under limited circumstances. Signed 05/11/05
1125 Relating to trust and estate management. Signed 04/20/05
1128 Relating to the definition of the term "conviction" in chapter 77.15 RCW. Signed 05/09/05
1130 Relating to inspection of political candidates' contributions and expenditures. Signed 04/26/05
1132 Relating to filing declarations of candidacy. Signed 04/28/05
1133 Relating to creating the public records act by recodifying and making technical changes to existing law. Signed 05/04/05
1136 Relating to studying electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/13/05
1137 Relating to physical therapy. Signed 05/17/05
1138 Relating to the imposition of fees related to the use of automated teller machines. Signed 04/20/05
1140 Relating to fees for performing independent reviews of health care disputes. Signed 04/14/05
1141 Relating to the Washington real estate research account. Signed 04/26/05
1146 Relating to funding group life insurance. Signed 04/28/05
1147 Relating to protecting communities from sex offenders through the establishment of community protection zones. Signed 05/13/05
1152 Relating to early learning. Signed 05/16/05
1154 Relating to mental health parity. Signed 03/09/05
1158 Relating to county treasurer administrative changes. Signed 05/17/05
1160 Relating to reducing workplace violence in state hospitals. Signed 04/26/05
1161 Relating to adding entities entitled to notification about sex offenders and kidnapping offenders. Signed 04/20/05
1168 Relating to reimportation of prescription drugs. Signed 05/04/05
1170 Relating to basic health plan eligibility of persons studying in the United States under temporary visas. Signed 04/26/05
1171 Relating to dissolution. Signed 04/14/05
1174 Relating to tuition waivers at institutions of higher education. Signed 05/03/05
1179 Relating to high-occupancy toll lanes. Signed 05/09/05
1180 Relating to vehicle length and width measurement exclusive devices and specialized equipment. Signed 04/26/05
1181 Relating to transferring overweight sealed ocean-going containers between ocean marine terminals and railheads Signed 05/09/05
1183 Relating to renaming the commission on supreme court reports. Signed 04/26/05
1185 Relating to use and disclosure of personal wireless numbers. Signed 05/09/05
1187 Relating to elimination of mandatory minimum sentences for youthful offenders tried as adults. Signed 05/13/05
1188 Relating to negotiating state patrol officer wages and wage-related matters. Signed 05/13/05
1189 Relating to veterans' relief. Signed 05/03/05
1196 Relating to the United States longshore and harbor workers' compensation account in the Washington insurance guaranty association. Signed 04/20/05
1197 Relating to insurance. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/28/05
1202 Relating to district court judges. Signed 04/20/05
1208 Relating to forfeited property. Signed 04/26/05
1210 Relating to short-term fishing licenses. Signed 04/26/05
1211 Relating to deer and elk hunting. Signed 04/22/05
1214 Relating to food fish and shellfish commercial licenses. Signed 04/12/05
1216 Relating to Wild on Washington license plates. Signed 04/28/05
1218 Relating to endangered wildlife license plates. Signed 04/28/05
1220 Relating to establishing a task force on long-term care financing and chronic care management. Signed 05/04/05
1222 Relating to ballot measure petitions. Signed 05/03/05
1232 Relating to clarifying the ability of Washington state patrol officers to engage in private law enforcement off-duty employment in plainclothes for private benefit. Vetoed 04/22/05
1236 Relating to failing to summon assistance. Signed 04/28/05
1237 Relating to specialized commercial vehicles used for patient transportation. Signed 04/26/05
1240 Relating to real estate excise tax fees and electronic processing of affidavits. Signed 05/16/05
1241 Relating to vehicle licensing and registration. Signed 05/09/05
1242 Relating to focusing the state budgeting process on outcomes and priorities. Signed 05/11/05
1246 Relating to vehicle sound system equipment. Signed 04/14/05
1247 Relating to charging manufactured housing communities for water and sewer connections. Signed 05/09/05
1252 Relating to family and consumer science education. Signed 05/16/05
1254 Relating to the "share the road" special license plate to commemorate Cooper Jones. Signed 05/13/05
1259 Relating to technical corrections to chapter 46.87 RCW. Signed 04/26/05
1260 Relating to driver's license examinations. Signed 04/15/05
1261 Relating to the joint committee on veterans' and military affairs. Signed 04/22/05
1262 Relating to judicial compensation. Signed 04/22/05
1266 Relating to positive drug or alcohol test results of commercial motor vehicle operators. Signed 05/09/05
1269 Relating to permitting members of the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system plan 2 to make a one-time purchase of additional service credit. Signed 04/12/05
1270 Relating to suspending a retirement allowance upon reemployment. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/10/05
1280 Relating to the kinship care oversight committee. Signed 05/13/05
1281 Relating to adding to the list of persons who may give informed consent to medical care for minors providing immunity to health care providers and facilities for reliance on the representation of a person claiming responsibility for the care of the minor. Signed 05/13/05
1286 Relating to creating the medical flexible spending account. Signed 04/22/05
1287 Relating to authorizing the health care authority to receive a federal employer subsidy for continuing to provide a pharmacy benefit for retirees. Signed 04/26/05
1290 Relating to community mental health services. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
1294 Relating to hearings for antiharassment protection orders. Signed 04/22/05
1296 Relating to jurisdiction for antiharassment protection orders. Signed 04/26/05
1299 Relating to repealing outdated and unused tax preferences. Signed 05/13/05
1302 Relating to burn ban triggers. Signed 04/26/05
1303 Relating to metropolitan park districts. Signed 04/28/05
1304 Relating to animal cruelty. Signed 05/16/05
1307 Relating to defining veteran for certain purposes. Signed 05/03/05
1310 Relating to mandatory electronic data reporting under Title 51 RCW for workers' compensation self-insurers. Signed 04/22/05
1312 Relating to the boilers and unfired pressure vessels law. Signed 04/12/05
1313 Relating to record check of the parks and recreation commission's job applicants, volunteers, and independent contractors. Signed 05/10/05
1314 Relating to filing fees to fund the domestic violence prevention account. Signed 05/10/05
1315 Relating to disclosure of information related to real estate excise taxes. Signed 05/09/05
1319 Relating to survivor benefits for ex spouses in the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, plan 1. Signed 04/15/05
1321 Pertaining to teachers' retirement to annualize their average final compensation. Signed 04/12/05
1323 Relating to the membership of the executive committee of the select committee on pension policy. Signed 04/12/05
1325 Relating to authorizing interruptive military service credit. Signed 04/15/05
1327 Relating to permitting members of the teachers' retirement system plan 2 and plan 3 who qualify for early retirement or alternate early retirement to make a one-time purchase of additional service credit. Signed 04/15/05
1328 Relating to city and county disability boards. Signed 04/15/05
1329 Relating to choosing a reduced retirement allowance under the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, plan 1. Signed 04/15/05
1330 Relating to technical corrections in the general retirement system, public safety employees' retirement system, the school employees' retirement system, the public employees' retirement system, and the actuarial funding chapter. Signed 05/09/05
1337 Relating to storage of sex offender records. Signed 04/28/05
1338 Relating to adding kidnapping to the statewide registered sex offender web site. Signed 04/28/05
1345 Relating to eligibility for state financial aid for part-time students. Signed 04/28/05
1346 Relating to regulatory reform of the hydraulic project approval program. Signed 04/22/05
1347 Relating to dishonored checks. Signed 05/04/05
1356 Relating to local government insurance transactions. Signed 04/22/05
1364 Relating to indemnifying and defending department of social and health services appointed temporary managers in nursing homes. Signed 05/10/05
1366 Relating to video games. Signed 04/28/05
1379 Relating to the liquor control board fully implementing a retail business plan. Signed 04/28/05
1381 Relating to allowing vehicles with hydraulics to operate on public roadways. Vetoed 05/13/05
1385 Relating to recorded instruments. Signed 04/22/05
1386 Relating to the surcharge for preservation of historical documents. Signed 05/13/05
1387 Relating to Washington state patrol vehicle accident investigations and corrective action procedures. Signed 04/13/05
1393 Relating to movement of mobile homes. Signed 05/11/05
1394 Relating to the department of licensing. Signed 04/12/05
1396 Relating to continuing education for land surveyors. Signed 04/13/05
1397 Relating to vehicle emission standards. Signed 05/06/05
1401 Relating to fire safety. Signed 04/22/05
1402 Relating to supervision of offenders who travel or transfer to or from another state. Signed 05/11/05
1405 Relating to the advisory committee to the fish and wildlife commission composed of disabled individuals. Signed 04/22/05
1406 Relating to specialized forest products. Signed 05/11/05
1407 Relating to providing an expiration date for the tax deduction for certain businesses impacted by the ban on American beef products. Signed 04/22/05
1408 Relating to individual development accounts. Signed 05/11/05
1409 Relating to updating references to contract liquor stores. Signed 04/22/05
1418 Relating to regulating insurance overpayment recovery practices. Signed 05/04/05
1426 Relating to children of incarcerated parents. Signed 05/11/05
1431 Relating to courses of instruction on beer, wine, and spiritous liquor. Signed 04/22/05
1432 Relating to avoiding fragmentation in bargaining units for classified school employees. Signed 04/28/05
1441 Relating to health insurance coverage for children. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/05
1447 Relating to establishing a pilot project to examine the use of instant runoff voting for nonpartisan offices. Signed 04/22/05
1457 Relating to military department accounts. Signed 05/03/05
1460 Relating to county contracts for construction, maintenance, or repair of a marine vessel. Signed 04/20/05
1461 Relating to the conservation assistance revolving account. Signed 04/13/05
1462 Relating to funding conservation districts. Signed 04/13/05
1463 Relating to meningococcal immunization. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/05
1469 Relating to proceedings for violations of commercial motor vehicle laws, rules, and orders. Signed 05/13/05
1475 Relating to child passenger restraint. Signed 04/22/05
1478 Relating to securing vehicle loads on public highways. Signed 05/13/05
1479 Relating to independent prescriptive authority for advanced registered nurse practitioners. Signed 04/13/05
1485 Relating to the school bus bid process. Signed 05/16/05
1486 Relating to health care services. Vetoed 05/13/05
1487 Relating to payment agreements. Signed 04/22/05
1491 Relating to recodification of aquatic lands statutes. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/22/05
1495 Relating to teaching Washington's tribal history, culture, and government in the common schools. Signed 04/28/05
1496 Relating to enrollment cards issued by federally recognized Indian tribes. Signed 04/28/05
1502 Relating to tax abatements for property damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. Signed 04/14/05
1509 Relating to a property tax exemption for widows or widowers of honorably discharged veterans. Signed 05/03/05
1512 Relating to incentives to improve quality of care in state purchased health care programs. Signed 05/13/05
1533 Relating to inspection of hospitals. Signed 05/13/05
1534 Relating to identifying health care providers covered by the retired health care provider liability malpractice insurance program. Signed 04/22/05
1536 Relating to providing the secretary of health with authority to administer grants on behalf of the department of health. Signed 04/13/05
1539 Relating to failure to notify the one-number locator service when excavating near a transmission pipeline. Signed 05/13/05
1541 Relating to transportation innovative partnerships. Signed 05/09/05
1542 Relating to indigent defense services. Signed 04/22/05
1546 Relating to naturopathic physicians. Signed 04/22/05
1554 Relating to the definition of "farm and agricultural land" for purposes of current use property taxation. Signed 04/14/05
1555 Relating to monetary assessments by drainage, diking, flood control, and mosquito control districts. Signed 04/26/05
1557 Relating to expanding membership of the electrical board by appointment of one outside line worker. Signed 05/04/05
1560 Relating to tuition waivers for community college apprenticeship programs. Signed 04/22/05
1561 Relating to prohibiting discrimination in life insurance based on lawful travel destinations. Signed 05/13/05
1565 Relating to multimodal concurrency strategies. Signed 05/09/05
1569 Relating to quality assurance in boarding homes, nursing homes, hospitals, peer review organizations, and coordinated quality improvement plans. Signed 04/13/05
1577 Relating to capital projects for local nonprofit art, cultural, heritage, youth, and social service organizations. Signed 04/22/05
1591 Relating to care facilities. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
1598 Relating to the population thresholds for membership of the county road administration board. Signed 04/28/05
1599 Relating to the definition of "county engineer". Signed 04/22/05
1600 Relating to county road construction projects reporting requirements. Signed 04/22/05
1605 Relating to protecting children from area-wide soil contamination. Signed 05/06/05
1606 Relating to fairness in the informal dispute resolution process. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
1607 Relating to resident tuition rates for American Indian students. Signed 04/22/05
1612 Relating to University of Washington dental school faculty. Signed 04/22/05
1621 Relating to acceptable forms of identification for liquor purchases. Signed 04/21/05
1625 Relating to employer disclosure of employee information. Signed 04/21/05
1631 Relating to using revenues under the county conservation futures levy. Signed 05/13/05
1635 Relating to ambulance and emergency medical service funding. Signed 05/16/05
1636 Relating to child care workers. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
1640 Relating to resolving manufactured/mobile home landlord and tenant disputes. Signed 05/13/05
1652 Relating to authorizing fire protection districts to establish or participate in health clinic services. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/05
1657 Relating to construction of bridges and trestles. Signed 04/14/05
1661 Relating to transfer of juvenile proceedings. Signed 04/22/05
1668 Relating to the administrative office of the courts. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/05
1681 Relating to the joint task force on criminal background check processes. Signed 05/13/05
1687 Relating to firearms. Signed 05/13/05
1688 Relating to creating a task force to review health care facilities and services supply issues. Signed 05/04/05
1689 Relating to dental health services. Signed 05/13/05
1690 Relating to the applicability of certain taxes and assessments to state funded health care services. Signed 05/11/05
1694 Relating to the release of personal information. Signed 05/04/05
1695 Relating to the treatment of the nonresident children of state residents for the purposes of hunting and fishing licenses. Signed 04/21/05
1696 Relating to enhanced fish and wildlife penalties. Signed 05/11/05
1699 Relating to agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate. Signed 04/26/05
1703 Relating to fare cards for transportation facilities and services. Signed 05/04/05
1708 Relating to dropout prevention. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/28/05
1711 Relating to parking places for persons with disabilities. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/05
1719 Relating to school district bidding requirements. Signed 05/04/05
1722 Relating to standards and grades for fruits and vegetables. Signed 04/28/05
1732 Relating to allowing additional industrial insurance benefits when social security benefits are reduced. Signed 04/26/05
1739 Relating to registration of vintage snowmobiles. Signed 04/28/05
1747 Relating to state-funded civil representation of indigent persons. Signed 04/21/05
1749 Relating to review of county election procedures. Signed 05/03/05
1754 Relating to mail ballot elections. Signed 05/03/05
1756 Relating to the occupational safety and health of fire department employees. Signed 05/10/05
1758 Relating to public disclosure. Signed 05/16/05
1759 Relating to designating the orca as the state marine mammal. Signed 04/14/05
1769 Relating to jury source lists in counties with more than one superior court facility. Signed 04/26/05
1771 Relating to school meal programs. Signed 05/04/05
1791 Relating to the developmental disabilities community trust account. Signed 05/10/05
1794 Relating to expanding access to baccalaureate degree programs. Signed 05/04/05
1798 Relating to motorist information sign panels. Signed 05/11/05
1799 Relating to park rangers employed by the state parks and recreation commission. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/05
1806 Relating to encouraging the ethical transfer of technology for the economic benefit of the state. Signed 04/21/05
1823 Relating to assisting the economic development of undeserved rural communities by assisting an owner or operator that has discontinued using an underground petroleum storage tank. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/13/05
1830 Relating to alternative public works contracting procedures. Signed 05/10/05
1832 Relating to disclosure of cougar incidences. Signed 04/21/05
1837 Relating to child witnesses. Signed 05/13/05
1838 Relating to increasing the threshold for short board appeals before the shorelines and pollution control hearings boards to fifteen thousand dollars. Signed 04/13/05
1847 Relating to the statute law committee. Signed 05/11/05
1848 Relating to managing construction defect disputes involving multiunit residential buildings. Signed 05/13/05
1854 Relating to withholding of the driving privilege Signed 05/04/05
1856 Relating to industrial insurance fund audits. Signed 05/11/05
1864 Relating to citizen advisory committees for toll charge oversight. Signed 05/09/05
1872 Relating to ignition interlock devices. Signed 04/26/05
1876 Relating to the voting rights of persons under guardianship. Signed 04/28/05
1887 Relating to exemptions to the litter tax. Signed 05/04/05
1888 Relating to electronic mail fraud. Signed 05/10/05
1891 Relating to issuing reclaimed water permits to private utilities. Signed 04/14/05
1893 Relating to certification of teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing. Signed 05/16/05
1895 Relating to statewide energy efficiency. Signed 05/06/05
1896 Relating to geoduck harvest in Hood Canal. Signed 05/06/05
1903 Relating to creating a job development fund. Signed 05/12/05
1915 Relating to adding additional tribes with whom the governor may contract with under RCW 43.06.460. Signed 04/28/05
1917 Relating to improving stability in industrial insurance premium rates. Signed 05/11/05
1918 Relating to implementing recommendation no. 2 of the joint legislative audit and review committee's report no. 98-9 with regard to reporting of industrial insurance injuries. Signed 04/21/05
1934 Relating to assault of a peace officer with a projectile stun gun. Signed 05/13/05
1936 Relating to allowing members of the public employees' retirement system plans 1 and 2 employed as emergency medical technicians to transfer to the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system plan 2. Signed 05/13/05
1938 Relating to employment and retirement rights of members of the armed forces called to active duty. Signed 05/03/05
1945 Relating to providing assistance in identifying fire sprinkler system components that have been subject to a recall or voluntary replacement program. Signed 04/21/05
1951 Relating to vision exams for school-aged children. Signed 05/10/05
1958 Relating to extending the buyback program for certain limited fisheries that are set to expire at the end of 2005. Signed 04/21/05
1970 Relating to improving government management, accountability, and performance. Signed 05/11/05
1987 Relating to alternative assessments. Signed 05/16/05
1995 Relating to stewardship of state capitol public and historic facilities. Signed 05/09/05
1998 Relating to awards for the improvement of student achievement. Signed 05/16/05
1999 Relating to clarifying civil liability for traffic infractions when vehicle title is transferred. Signed 05/09/05
2015 Relating to judicially supervised substance abuse treatment. Signed 05/13/05
2028 Relating to the advisory committee of the office of public defense. Signed 04/21/05
2058 Relating to school employees convicted of or pleading guilty to sex crimes. Signed 04/28/05
2061 Relating to requiring disposition to be held in juvenile court in certain circumstances when a case is automatically transferred to adult court. Signed 04/28/05
2064 Relating to the date of the offense for the purposes of automatic transfer of jurisdiction. Signed 05/04/05
2073 Relating to juvenile sentencing alternatives. Signed 05/17/05
2081 Relating to creating an aquatic rehabilitation zone designation as a framework for Hood Canal recovery programs. Signed 05/16/05
2085 Relating to cleanup of waste tires. Signed 05/10/05
2088 Relating to the state fire protection policy board. Signed 04/13/05
2097 Relating to establishing a management program for Hood Canal rehabilitation. Signed 05/16/05
2101 Relating to registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders in schools, notification to the school, and dissemination of the information within the school. Signed 05/10/05
2124 Relating to increasing state participation in public transportation service and planning. Signed 05/09/05
2126 Relating to providing accommodations to dependent persons who are victims and witnesses. Signed 05/10/05
2131 Relating to the master licensing service. Signed 04/26/05
2156 Relating to dependency and termination of parental rights. Signed 05/13/05
2163 Relating to preventing and ending homelessness in the state of Washington. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/05
2166 Relating to the joint legislative committee on water supply during drought. Signed 04/14/05
2169 Relating to licensing of family day care. Signed 05/17/05
2170 Relating to including a portion of the real estate excise tax as general state revenue. Signed 05/16/05
2171 Relating to allowing counties and cities one additional year to comply with the requirements of RCW 36.70A.130. Signed 05/05/05
2173 Relating to service members' civil relief. Signed 05/03/05
2185 Relating to residence modifications for injured workers. Signed 05/11/05
2188 Relating to conservation of the state art collection. Signed 04/13/05
2189 Relating to the safety of child protective services and child welfare services staff. Signed 05/11/05
2212 Relating to educator certification. Signed 05/13/05
2221 Relating to the excise taxation of fruit and vegetable processing and storage. Signed 05/17/05
2223 Relating to fees charged to law enforcement agencies for certified copies of records concerning sex offenders. Signed 04/26/05
2225 Relating to allowing certain higher education endowment grant funds to be deposited outside the state. Signed 04/26/05
2241 Relating to limited recreational activities, playing fields, and supporting facilities existing before July 1, 2004, on designated recreational lands in jurisdictions planning under RCW 36.70A.040. Signed 05/12/05
2254 Relating to peer review committees and coordinated quality improvement programs. Signed 05/04/05
2255 Relating to making adjustments to improve benefit equity in the unemployment insurance system. Signed 04/22/05
2266 Relating to the sale of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine. Signed 05/11/05
2271 Relating to employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Signed 04/26/05
2282 Relating to the costs of transporting offender property upon transfer. Signed 05/10/05
2289 Relating to hospital efficiencies. Signed 05/10/05
2299 Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed 05/16/05
2304 Relating to debts owed to the department of social and health services for medical assistance and recovery of those debts. Signed 05/04/05
2309 Relating to water right fees. Signed 05/11/05
2311 Relating to authorizing bonds for transportation funding. Signed 05/09/05
2314 Relating to revenue and taxation. Signed 05/17/05


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5002 Relating to camping resort contracts. Signed 04/21/05
5006 Relating to the sale of aquaculture products from leased state-owned aquatic lands. Signed 04/21/05
5034 Relating to disclosure of and restrictions on campaign funding. Signed 05/13/05
5035 Relating to forensic pathology. Signed 04/22/05
5038 Relating to the duty to yield to emergency and police vehicles. Signed 05/11/05
5039 Relating to milk and milk products. Signed 05/11/05
5044 Relating to contract interests of an officer of a rural public hospital district. Signed 04/21/05
5045 Relating to allowing title insurance companies to provide a guarantee covering its agents. Signed 04/21/05
5046 Relating to ethics complaints. Signed 04/21/05
5049 Relating to disclosing information about mold in residential dwelling units. Signed 05/13/05
5052 Relating to uniform estate tax apportionment. Signed 05/09/05
5053 Relating to service by publication in actions to establish or modify parenting plans, for legal separation or invalidity of marriage, and for nonparental custody. Signed 04/21/05
5056 Relating to creating the department of archaeology and historic preservation. Signed 05/09/05
5058 Relating to changing the payment date of motor vehicle fuel tax and special fuel tax when paying by electronic funds transfer. Signed 05/04/05
5060 Relating to regulating the use of automated traffic safety cameras. Signed 04/22/05
5064 Relating to electronic medical records and health information technologies. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/05
5065 Relating to injuries resulting from health care. Signed 04/21/05
5085 Relating to child passenger restraint systems. Signed 05/11/05
5087 Relating to part-time faculty of community and technical colleges. Signed 04/21/05
5089 Relating to reducing nuisance noise from off-road vehicles. Signed 04/22/05
5092 Relating to the beginning farmers loan program. Signed 04/21/05
5094 Relating to special assessments for conservation district activities and programs. Signed 05/13/05
5097 Relating to apprenticeship utilization requirements on public works projects. Signed 02/24/05
5101 Relating to providing incentives to support renewable energy. Signed 05/06/05
5105 Relating to certification of entities regulated by the utilities and transportation commission under Title 81 RCW. Signed 04/21/05
5110 Relating to adding an additional port district member to the executive board of regional transportation planning organizations. Signed 05/09/05
5111 Relating to providing incentives to support the renewable energy industry in Washington state. Signed 05/06/05
5112 Relating to veterans of the Afghanistan conflict and Persian Gulf War II. Signed 05/03/05
5121 Relating to determining long-term air transportation needs. Signed 05/09/05
5127 Relating to services for victims of trafficking of humans. Signed 05/10/05
5135 Relating to volunteer fire fighters' and reserve officers' relief and pensions. Signed 04/13/05
5136 Relating to fire protection district property tax levies. Signed 04/21/05
5139 Relating to highway and bridge tolling authority. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/05
5140 Relating to the disposal of surplus funds of candidates or political committees. Signed 05/13/05
5142 Relating to air registrations for elevators and warehouses. Signed 04/22/05
5145 Relating to a boating safety education program. Signed 05/11/05
5146 Relating to allowing confidential quality improvement committee meetings, proceedings, and deliberations. Signed 04/22/05
5148 Relating to repealing the crime of slander of a woman. Signed 04/08/05
5150 Relating to marine pilot licensing qualifications and procedures. Signed 04/12/05
5151 Relating to disposition of surplus property by a metropolitan park district. Signed 02/24/05
5154 Relating to a leasehold excise tax exemption for certain historical property. Signed 04/22/05
5158 Relating to making certain provisions in the uniform health care information act. Signed 05/13/05
5161 Relating to accident reports. Signed 04/22/05
5168 Relating to volunteer ambulance personnel. Signed 04/13/05
5169 Relating to the carry over of funds for biotoxin testing and monitoring. Signed 05/11/05
5173 Relating to the uniform mediation action. Signed 04/22/05
5175 Relating to excise tax incentives for international companies investing in Washington. Signed 04/22/05
5176 Relating to consolidation of department of community, trade, and economic development statutory obligations and repealing obsolete statutes. Signed 04/22/05
5177 Relating to transportation benefit districts. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/05
5178 Relating to licensing specialty hospitals. Signed 04/13/05
5180 Relating to the Washington economic development finance authority. Signed 04/22/05
5181 Relating to ownership of vehicle parts used in reconstruction. Signed 04/22/05
5182 Relating to single burial use of multiple interment space. Signed 05/10/05
5186 Relating to increasing the physical activity of Washington citizens. Signed 05/10/05
5190 Relating to adulteration of commercial feed. Signed 04/13/05
5194 Relating to the United States longshore and harbor workers' compensation account in the Washington insurance guaranty association. Vetoed 04/22/05
5196 Relating to insurable interests and employer-owned life insurance. Signed 05/09/05
5198 Relating to the implementation of changes to medicare supplement insurance requirements as mandated by the medicare modernization act of 2003 and other federal requirements. Signed 04/13/05
5207 Relating to liability limitations for providing pilotage services. Signed 04/21/05
5213 Relating to supporting the long-term success of families with children by removing barriers to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the WorkFirst programs. Signed 04/22/05
5227 Relating to wildlife harvest reports. Signed 05/11/05
5230 Relating to Washington's Wildlife license plate collection. Signed 04/13/05
5242 Relating to inmates of local correctional institutions possessing weapons. Signed 05/10/05
5254 Relating to a legislative youth advisory council. Signed 05/10/05
5256 Relating to misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. Signed 05/10/05
5266 Relating to reserving state authority to regulate the customer transactions of financial service providers under the jurisdiction of the department of financial institutions. Signed 05/09/05
5267 Relating to clarifying the ability of Washington state patrol officers to engage in private law enforcement off-duty employment in plainclothes for private benefit. Signed 04/21/05
5268 Relating to assumption by a code city with population greater than one hundred thousand of a water-sewer district with fewer than two hundred fifty customers. Signed 04/13/05
5274 Relating to real estate appraisers. Signed 05/09/05
5285 Relating to updating the water quality joint development act to provide local government flexibility. Signed 05/13/05
5289 Relating to the running start program. Signed 04/21/05
5290 Relating to theft of or damage to livestock. Signed 05/11/05
5308 Relating to mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect. Signed 05/11/05
5309 Relating to sexual misconduct with a minor. Signed 05/04/05
5311 Relating to creating an autism task force. Signed 05/04/05
5316 Relating to Washington state parks and recreation commission special license plates. Signed 04/13/05
5317 Relating to providing confidentiality to certain insurance commissioner examinations. Signed 04/21/05
5321 Relating to disclosure of addresses of vehicle owners. Signed 05/09/05
5332 Relating to honoring the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed 04/19/05
5340 Relating to military department accounts. Vetoed 05/03/05
5347 Relating to indemnifying and defending department of social and health services appointed temporary managers in nursing homes. Vetoed 05/10/05
5348 Relating to maintenance and repair of electrical appliances by a public utility district. Signed 04/22/05
5354 Relating to administering flood control zone districts. Signed 04/21/05
5355 Relating to salmon and steelhead recovery. Signed 05/06/05
5356 Relating to the alignment of state route number 290. Signed 04/08/05
5358 Relating to speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Signed 04/13/05
5370 Relating to the economic development strategic reserve account. Signed 05/13/05
5381 Relating to the Washington academy of sciences. Signed 05/06/05
5391 Relating to the public employees' benefit board offering a tricare supplemental insurance policy to employees who are eligible for this policy, but not eligible for medicare parts A and B. Signed 04/13/05
5395 Relating to requiring electronic voting devices to produce paper records. Signed 05/03/05
5396 Relating to expanding the criteria for habitat conservation programs. Signed 05/06/05
5406 Relating to making medicare supplemental insurance policies administered under chapter 41.05 RCW conform to federal law. Signed 04/13/05
5414 Relating to aviation fees and taxes. Signed 05/09/05
5415 Relating to making loans under chapter 31.45 RCW to military borrowers. Signed 05/03/05
5418 Relating to placing a security freeze on a credit report. Signed 05/09/05
5423 Relating to special license plates. Signed 04/28/05
5424 Relating to the "Washington Lighthouses" special license plate. Signed 04/13/05
5432 Relating to the oil spill advisory council. Signed 05/06/05
5433 Relating to the membership of the commission on judicial conduct. Signed 04/08/05
5441 Relating to studying early learning, K-12, and higher education. Signed 05/16/05
5449 Relating to providing the department of ecology with lien authority to facilitate the recovery of remedial action costs. Signed 04/28/05
5453 Relating to civil immunity of radio and television broadcasting organizations participating in the Amber alert system. Signed 04/21/05
5454 Relating to court operations. Signed 05/13/05
5461 Relating to costs of incarceration. Signed 05/04/05
5463 Relating to recreational vehicle appurtenances. Signed 05/04/05
5470 Relating to importation of prescription drugs from Canadian, United Kingdom, Irish, and other nondomestic wholesalers. Signed 05/05/05
5471 Relating to authorizing a prescription drug purchasing consortium. Signed 04/21/05
5477 Relating to sentencing outside the standard sentence range. Signed 04/15/05
5479 Relating to the unlawful detainer process under the residential landlord-tenant act. Signed 04/21/05
5488 Relating to fruit and vegetable district fund. Signed 04/13/05
5492 Relating to hospital reporting of restrictions on health care practitioners. Signed 05/13/05
5497 Relating to allowing terminally ill members to remove themselves from their retirement plan. Signed 04/21/05
5499 Relating to election reform. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/03/05
5501 Relating to subjecting juvenile court services employment applicants to lie detector tests. Signed 05/04/05
5506 Relating to the development of policies regarding the marketing or merchandising of credit cards to students at the state's institutions of higher education. Signed 04/18/05
5509 Relating to high-performance green buildings. Signed 04/08/05
5513 Relating to restructuring of certain transportation agencies. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/05
5518 Relating to subagents' fees. Signed 05/09/05
5522 Relating to purchasing service credit lost due to injury. Signed 05/10/05
5539 Relating to restoring Washington's watersheds with help from postconflict veterans. Signed 05/03/05
5552 Relating to information required for school district employment. Signed 05/04/05
5558 Relating to the prescription drug assistance foundation. Signed 05/04/05
5563 Relating to recording the oral histories of women who contributed to their communities, the state, or the nation during World War II. Signed 04/18/05
5564 Relating to a manual of election laws and rules. Signed 05/03/05
5565 Relating to information for out-of-state, overseas, and service voters. Signed 05/03/05
5577 Relating to relocation assistance payments to tenants. Signed 05/10/05
5581 Relating to the strategic financing of life sciences research. Signed 05/12/05
5582 Relating to the use of demographic factors in proceedings under chapter 71.09 RCW. Signed 05/09/05
5583 Relating to older children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Signed 05/09/05
5584 Relating to consolidated rental car facilities at airports. Signed 04/18/05
5589 Relating to proceedings for excluding agricultural land from the boundaries of a charter or noncharter code city. Signed 04/18/05
5599 Relating to funding a central resource center for the nursing work force. Signed 05/04/05
5602 Relating to managing livestock nutrients. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
5606 Relating to activation of the national guard. Signed 03/28/05
5610 Relating to salmon recovery and watershed health. Signed 05/06/05
5615 Relating to receiving a disability allowance under the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, plan 2. Signed 05/13/05
5620 Relating to priority consideration of buffers in open space plans, public benefit rating systems, and assessed valuation schedules. Signed 05/06/05
5623 Relating to the excise taxation of maintenance service agreements for regional transit authorities. Signed 05/17/05
5631 Relating to inmate work programs. Signed 05/09/05
5644 Relating to driver's license suspensions. Signed 05/04/05
5663 Relating to changing the tax exemptions for machinery and equipment used to reduce agricultural burning. Signed 05/11/05
5664 Relating to improving teachers' skills in teaching children with learning differences. Signed 05/11/05
5676 Relating to oil spill management. Signed 04/18/05
5692 Relating to tax refund anticipation loans. Signed 05/13/05
5699 Relating to preventing and controlling aquatic invasive species and algae. Signed 05/13/05
5701 Relating to regional law libraries. Signed 04/15/05
5707 Relating to creating a women's history consortium. Signed 05/11/05
5708 Relating to the administration of epinephrine by emergency medical technicians. Signed 05/13/05
5709 Relating to vehicle registration renewal fees within national recreation areas. Signed 04/18/05
5713 Relating to rehabilitating multiple-unit housing. Signed 04/18/05
5719 Relating to the community commitment disposition alternative pilot program. Vetoed 05/17/05
5720 Relating to employee noncompetition agreements in the broadcasting industry. Signed 04/22/05
5729 Relating to ferry fares. Signed 05/04/05
5732 Relating to the powers, duties, and membership of the state board of education and the Washington professional educator standards board and the elimination of the academic achievement and accountability commission. Signed 05/16/05
5733 Relating to mandatory arbitration. Signed 05/13/05
5736 Relating to the availability of subscription air ambulance services. Signed 04/18/05
5743 Relating to voter registration procedures. Signed 05/03/05
5752 Relating to funeral directors and cemetaries. Signed 05/10/05
5763 Relating to the omnibus treatment of mental and substance abuse disorders act of 2005. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
5765 Relating to allowing two holders of Puget Sound Dungeness crab fishery licenses to operate both licenses on one vessel. Signed 04/18/05
5767 Relating to developing plans to address the housing needs of homeless persons. Signed 05/16/05
5775 Relating to the creation of a small city or town street improvement program. Signed 04/18/05
5782 Relating to the linked deposit program. Signed 05/06/05
5788 Relating to ensuring the lawful transport and handling of recyclable materials. Signed 05/11/05
5794 Relating to authorizing a cigarette taxation agreement between the state of Washington and the Puyallup Indian Tribe. Signed 04/05/05
5806 Relating to child care services. Signed 05/13/05
5809 Relating to jurisdiction of youth courts. Signed 04/18/05
5828 Relating to digital or online learning. Signed 05/10/05
5831 Relating to the minimum standards for construction and maintenance of wells. Signed 04/18/05
5832 Relating to the "Washington's National Park Fund" special license plate. Signed 04/22/05
5833 Relating to special license plates to recognize the Gonzaga University alumni association. Signed 04/18/05
5841 Relating to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of asthma. Signed 05/13/05
5850 Relating to the definition of sick leave under the family care act. Signed 05/17/05
5857 Relating to the business and occupation taxation of nonprofit community health centers. Signed 04/18/05
5862 Relating to creating the association of Washington generals. Signed 04/18/05
5869 Relating to fish planting. Signed 04/18/05
5872 Relating to creating the joint task force on the administration and delivery of services to children and families. Signed 05/13/05
5898 Relating to postpartum depression. Signed 05/09/05
5899 Relating to background checks. Signed 05/11/05
5902 Relating to small business and entrepreneurial development. Signed 05/10/05
5914 Relating to the salmon recovery funding board. Signed 05/04/05
5916 Relating to tax incentives for clean alternative fuel vehicles. Signed 05/06/05
5922 Relating to investigations of child abuse or neglect. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
5926 Relating to the advance college tuition payment program. Signed 05/04/05
5939 Relating to providing police reports to victims of identity theft. Signed 05/10/05
5948 Relating to unclaimed property. Signed 05/10/05
5951 Relating to exempting a horse racing license from public inspection. Signed 05/09/05
5952 Relating to licensing exemptions for transporting persons at horse races. Signed 05/09/05
5953 Relating to handicapping contests conducted by class 1 racing associations. Signed 05/09/05
5957 Relating to escrow accounts required of self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements. Signed 03/15/05
5962 Relating to customary agricultural practices. Signed 05/17/05
5966 Relating to vehicle immobilization. Signed 04/18/05
5969 Relating to city and town use of state fuel tax distributions. Signed 04/18/05
5974 Relating to drug use among pregnant women. Signed 04/18/05
5977 Relating to the "we love our pets" special license plates. Signed 04/18/05
5979 Relating to search and rescue dogs. Signed 04/28/05
5983 Relating to professional certification of teachers. Signed 05/16/05
5992 Relating to the industrial injury second injury fund. Signed 05/13/05
5993 Relating to funding for for crime victims' compensation. Signed 03/28/05
5997 Relating to banks, savings banks, and mutual savings banks branches. Signed 05/09/05
5999 Relating to the taxation of contracts to administer parking and business improvement areas. Signed 05/13/05
6003 Relating to commute trip reduction tax credit. Signed 05/06/05
6012 Relating to parking and business improvement areas. Signed 04/22/05
6014 Relating to industrial insurance claims made due to disaster response. Signed 05/11/05
6022 Relating to surety bonds or insurance for public building or construction contracts. Signed 05/09/05
6033 Relating to a Washington coastal Dungeness crab pot buoy tag program. Signed 05/11/05
6037 Relating to connection of limited areas of more intensive rural development for recreational or tourist use to existing public facilities. Signed 05/13/05
6043 Relating to breaches of security that compromise personal information. Signed 05/10/05
6050 Relating to providing financial assistance to cities, towns, and counties. Signed 05/13/05
6064 Relating to homeowners' associations. Signed 04/22/05
6078 Relating to state expenditure limitations. Signed 04/18/05
6090 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/17/05
6091 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/05
6094 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/05
6096 Relating to generating new tax revenues to provide education funding. Signed 05/17/05
6097 Relating to increasing other tobacco products tax revenue through various measures that include the establishment of a new tax rate coupled with enhanced enforcement provisions. Signed 04/23/05
6103 Relating to transportation revenue. Signed 05/09/05
6121 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed 05/17/05