2011 Bill Action

Updated December 20, 2011

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Bills passed during Second Special Session:

Bill Description Signed Date
2058 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 12/20/11
2131 Relating to delaying implementation of provisions regarding evaluations of persons under the involuntary treatment act. Signed 12/20/11
2148 Relating to suspending annual examinations and show cause hearings for sexually violent predators convicted of a criminal offense or awaiting trial on criminal charges. Signed 12/20/11
2159 Relating to grant opportunities for high school aerospace assembler, skill center manufacturing, and high school project lead the way STEM career courses. Signed 12/20/11
2160 Relating to revised standards and assessments for teacher certification integrating STEM knowledge and skills. Signed 12/20/11
2169 Relating to modifying the uniform unclaimed property act. Signed 12/20/11
5969 Relating to procedures allowing certain military spouses to seek employment in state-licensed professional occupations after relocating to Washington. Signed 12/20/11
5974 Relating to demonstrating college level skills. Signed 12/20/11
5988 Relating to making imperative changes to the foreclosure fairness act to ensure mediators' participation. Signed 12/20/11

House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1000 Relating to overseas and service voters. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1008 Relating to membership on the Washington citizens' commission on salaries for elected officials. Signed 05/05/11
1012 Relating to planning commissioner terms of office. Signed 04/14/11
1016 Relating to firearm noise suppressors. Signed 04/11/11
1024 Relating to an addition to the scenic and recreational highway system. Signed 04/20/11
1026 Relating to adverse possession. Signed 05/05/11
1028 Relating to using state correctional facility populations to determine population thresholds for certain local government purposes. Signed 04/11/11
1031 Relating to ballot envelopes. Signed 04/29/11
1037 Relating to restrictions on legal claims initiated by persons serving criminal sentences in correctional facilities. Signed 05/03/11
1040 Relating to the use of electronic signatures and notices. Signed 04/29/11
1041 Relating to including correctional employees who have completed government-sponsored law enforcement firearms training to the lists of law enforcement personnel that are exempt from certain firearm restrictions. Signed 05/03/11
1046 Relating to vehicle and vessel quick title. Signed 05/12/11
1048 Relating to making technical corrections needed as a result of the recodification of campaign finance provisions in chapter 204, Laws of 2010. Signed 04/14/11
1051 Relating to trusts and estates. Signed 05/12/11
1052 Relating to the authority of shareholders and boards of directors to take certain actions under the corporation act. Signed 05/12/11
1053 Relating to the implementation of recommendations from the Washington state bar association elder law section's executive committee report of the guardianship task force. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/12/11
1055 Relating to streamlining contractor appeals. Signed 04/11/11
1061 Relating to on-site wastewater treatment systems designer licensing. Signed 05/05/11
1069 Relating to the disposition of unclaimed remains. Signed 04/11/11
1071 Relating to creating a complete streets grant program. Signed 05/05/11
1074 Relating to the membership of metropolitan water pollution abatement advisory committees. Signed 04/20/11
1084 Relating to creating the board on geographic names. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1086 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 02/18/11
1087 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/15/11
1089 Relating to instructional materials provided in a specialized format version. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1091 Relating to modifying the unemployment insurance program. Signed 02/11/11
1103 Relating to the use of television viewers in motor vehicles. Signed 05/16/11
1105 Relating to child fatality review in child welfare cases. Signed 04/14/11
1106 Relating to sale, lease, and disposal of lands within the Seashore Conservation Area. Signed 04/29/11
1127 Relating to certified exclusive bargaining representatives. Signed 05/03/11
1128 Relating to extended foster care services. Signed 05/12/11
1129 Relating to a bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety curriculum. Signed 04/11/11
1131 Relating to student achievement fund allocations. Signed 06/07/11
1132 Relating to reducing compensation for educational and academic employees. Signed 06/07/11
1133 Relating to the display of massage practitioner licenses. Signed 05/03/11
1135 Relating to refrigerants for motor vehicles. Signed 05/03/11
1136 Relating to volunteer firefighter special license plates. Signed 05/03/11
1145 Relating to mail theft. Signed 04/27/11
1148 Relating to the establishment of a license limitation program for the harvest and delivery of spot shrimp originating from coastal or offshore waters into the state. Signed 04/22/11
1150 Relating to extending the time in which a small business may correct a violation without a penalty. Signed 04/11/11
1153 Relating to costs for the collection of DNA samples. Signed 04/20/11
1163 Relating to harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention. Signed 04/29/11
1169 Relating to noxious weed lists. Signed 04/20/11
1170 Relating to triage facilities. Signed 04/22/11
1171 Relating to high capacity transportation system plan components and review. Signed 04/20/11
1172 Relating to beer and wine tasting at farmers markets. Signed 04/14/11
1175 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1177 Relating to archaeological investigations on private land. Signed 05/03/11
1178 Relating to the office of regulatory assistance. Signed 04/22/11
1179 Relating to public employees' attendance at informational or educational meetings regarding legislative issues. Signed 04/14/11
1181 Relating to creating the Washington state board of naturopathy. Signed 04/13/11
1182 Relating to the unit of prosecution for tampering with or intimidating a witness. Signed 04/27/11
1183 Relating to increasing the number of primary health care providers in Washington. Signed 04/22/11
1186 Relating to requirements under the state's oil spill program. Signed 04/20/11
1188 Relating to crimes against persons involving suffocation or domestic violence. Signed 04/27/11
1190 Relating to billing for anatomic pathology services. Signed 04/20/11
1191 Relating to the expiration dates of the mortgage lending fraud prosecution account and its revenue source. Signed 04/20/11
1202 Relating to on-premise spirits sampling. Signed 04/29/11
1206 Relating to harassment against criminal justice participants. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/14/11
1211 Relating to utility donations to hunger programs. Signed 05/03/11
1215 Relating to clarifying the application of the fifteen-day storage limit on liens for impounded vehicles. Signed 04/14/11
1218 Relating to making technical corrections to the Revised Code of Washington. Signed 04/22/11
1220 Relating to regulating insurance rates. Signed 05/11/11
1223 Relating to hearings for street vacations. Signed 04/20/11
1224 Relating to a business and occupation tax deduction for amounts received with respect to mental health services. Signed 06/07/11
1225 Relating to clarification of the method of calculating public port district commissioner compensation. Signed 04/22/11
1227 Relating to the waiver of restaurant corkage fees. Signed 04/14/11
1229 Relating to certain commercial motor vehicle provisions. Signed 05/03/11
1237 Relating to registering with the federal selective service when applying for an instruction permit, intermediate license, driver's license, or identicard. Signed 05/16/11
1239 Relating to allowing the department of revenue to issue a notice of lien to secure payment of delinquent excise taxes in lieu of a warrant. Signed 04/20/11
1243 Relating to crimes against animals belonging to another person. Signed 04/14/11
1247 Relating to the staffing of secure community transition facilities. Signed 04/11/11
1248 Relating to authorizing emergency rule making when necessary to implement fiscal reductions. Signed 05/31/11
1254 Relating to the institute of forest resources. Signed 04/29/11
1257 Relating to adopting the investments of insurers model act. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1263 Relating to public corrections entities formed by counties or cities under RCW 39.34.030. Signed 04/14/11
1266 Relating to modifying the landlord-tenant act and other related provisions. Signed 04/20/11
1267 Relating to clarifying and expanding the rights and obligations of state registered domestic partners and other couples related to parentage. Signed 05/10/11
1277 Relating to oversight of licensed or certified long-term care settings for vulnerable adults. Signed 05/31/11
1290 Relating to the prohibition on mandatory overtime for certain health care employees. Signed 05/05/11
1294 Relating to establishing the Puget Sound corps while reforming the state's conservation corps programs. Signed 04/11/11
1295 Relating to installation of residential fire sprinkler systems. Signed 05/12/11
1298 Relating to child support order summary report forms. Signed 04/11/11
1303 Relating to the insurance commissioner's authority to review and disapprove rates for certain insurance products. Signed 04/14/11
1304 Relating to administration of drugs by health care assistants. Signed 04/14/11
1306 Relating to removing the expiration date for exempting applicants who operate commercial motor vehicles for agribusiness purposes from certain commercial driver's license requirements. Signed 04/22/11
1309 Relating to reserve accounts and studies for condominium and homeowners' associations. Signed 04/29/11
1311 Relating to establishing a public/private collaborative to improve health care quality, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes in Washington state. Signed 05/11/11
1312 Relating to statutory changes needed to implement a waiver to receive federal assistance for certain state purchased health care programs. Signed 05/10/11
1315 Relating to employment of physicians by nursing homes. Signed 05/03/11
1328 Relating to the operation of motorcycles. Signed 05/12/11
1329 Relating to "Music Matters" special license plates. Signed 05/03/11
1332 Relating to the joint provision and management of municipal water, wastewater, storm and flood water, and related utility services. Signed 05/05/11
1334 Relating to civil judgments for assault. Signed 05/05/11
1340 Relating to unlawful hunting of big game. Signed 04/20/11
1345 Relating to the uniform unsworn foreign declarations act. Signed 04/11/11
1346 Relating to making changes to laws administered by the department of revenue that do not create any new or broaden any existing tax preference as defined in RCW 43.136.021 or increase any person's tax burden. Signed 06/07/11
1347 Relating to sales and use tax exemptions for certain property and services used in manufacturing, research and development, or testing operations, not including changes to RCW 82.08.02565 and 82.12.02565 that reduce state revenue. Signed 04/11/11
1353 Relating to requiring continuing education for pharmacy technicians. Signed 04/14/11
1354 Relating to apportionments to educational service districts and school districts for the 2010-11 school year. Signed 05/31/11
1357 Relating to providing the department of revenue with additional flexibility to achieve operational efficiencies through the expanded use of electronic means to remit and report taxes. Signed 04/11/11
1358 Relating to combination of vehicles. Signed 05/03/11
1362 Relating to protecting and assisting homeowners from unnecessary foreclosures. Signed 04/14/11
1367 Relating to for hire vehicles and for hire vehicle operators. Signed 04/29/11
1371 Relating to boards and commissions. Signed 06/07/11
1382 Relating to the use of express toll lanes in the eastside corridor. Signed 05/16/11
1384 Relating to public improvement contracts involving certain federally funded transportation projects. Signed 05/03/11
1391 Relating to water delivered from the federal Columbia basin project. Signed 04/14/11
1402 Relating to social card games in an area annexed by a city or town that allowed a house-banked social card game business to continue operating under RCW 9.46.295. Signed 04/20/11
1405 Relating to loans made under the consumer loan act. Signed 04/29/11
1406 Relating to intrastate building safety mutual aid in the event of emergencies and other situations that temporarily render a jurisdiction incapable of providing required building safety services. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1407 Relating to the negotiated sale and conveyance of all or part of water systems owned by a municipal corporation. Signed 05/10/11
1409 Relating to the sale, exchange, transfer, or lease of public property. Signed 05/05/11
1410 Relating to science end-of-course assessments. Signed 06/07/11
1412 Relating to high school mathematics end-of-course assessments. Signed 04/11/11
1413 Relating to the expiration date of the invasive species council and account. Signed 04/22/11
1418 Relating to evaluating military training and experience toward meeting licensing requirements. Signed 05/16/11
1419 Relating to allowing the department of early learning and the department of social and health services to share background check information. Signed 05/05/11
1421 Relating to providing the authority to create a community forest trust to be managed by the department of natural resources. Signed 04/29/11
1422 Relating to authorizing the department of natural resources to conduct a forest biomass to aviation fuel demonstration project to facilitate Washington leading the nation in aviation biofuel production. Signed 04/29/11
1424 Relating to administrative consistency between conditional scholarship and loan repayment student financial aid programs. Signed 04/11/11
1425 Relating to health sciences and services authorities. Signed 04/22/11
1431 Relating to addressing financial insolvency of school districts. Signed 04/29/11
1432 Relating to veterans' relief by permitting private employers to exercise a voluntary veterans' preference in employment. Signed 04/20/11
1438 Relating to the interstate compact for adult offender supervision. Signed 04/20/11
1449 Relating to establishing a processing fee for educator certificates and subsequent actions. Signed 06/07/11
1453 Relating to commercial shellfish enforcement. Signed 04/29/11
1454 Relating to testing for bloodborne pathogens. Signed 05/03/11
1455 Relating to where an individual may petition to restore firearm possession rights. Signed 04/29/11
1465 Relating to conditions and restrictions for liquor licenses. Signed 04/29/11
1467 Relating to the definition of a well. Signed 04/29/11
1473 Relating to the use of existing fees collected for the cost of traffic schools. Signed 04/29/11
1477 Relating to the authority to offer educational specialist degrees. Signed 04/20/11
1478 Relating to fiscal relief for cities and counties during periods of economic downturn by delaying or modifying certain regulatory and statutory requirements. Signed 05/16/11
1479 Relating to the publications of the statute law committee. Signed 04/22/11
1483 Relating to traffic infractions. Signed 05/03/11
1485 Relating to charitable solicitations. Signed 04/29/11
1488 Relating to updating the authority of the state board of health. Signed 04/11/11
1489 Relating to protecting water quality through restrictions on fertilizer containing phosphorus. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/14/11
1492 Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code Article 9A on secured transactions. Signed 04/14/11
1493 Relating to providing greater transparency to the health professions disciplinary process. Signed 04/22/11
1494 Relating to elder placement referrals. Signed 05/16/11
1495 Relating to the unfair competition that occurs when stolen or misappropriated information technology is used to manufacture products sold or offered for sale in this state. Signed 04/18/11
1497 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/15/11
1502 Relating to manufactured housing and mobile homes. Signed 04/22/11
1506 Relating to fire suppression efforts and capabilities on unprotected land outside a fire protection jurisdiction. Signed 04/29/11
1509 Relating to the forestry riparian easement program. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1517 Relating to requiring comparable coverage for patients who require orally administered anticancer medication. Signed 04/22/11
1519 Relating to school assessments for students with cognitive disabilities. Signed 04/14/11
1520 Relating to state route number 527. Signed 04/29/11
1521 Relating to recognizing Washington innovation schools. Signed 04/29/11
1524 Relating to recognizing the international baccalaureate diploma. Signed 04/29/11
1538 Relating to animal health inspections. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1544 Relating to restricting the eligibility for the basic health plan to the basic health transition eligibles population under the medicaid waiver. Signed 04/29/11
1546 Relating to authorizing creation of innovation schools and innovation zones focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in school districts. Signed 05/05/11
1547 Relating to the deportation of criminal alien offenders. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1548 Relating to implementation of long-term care worker requirements regarding background checks and training. Signed 06/15/11
1560 Relating to the health insurance partnership. Signed 05/10/11
1565 Relating to the termination or modification of domestic violence protection orders. Signed 04/20/11
1567 Relating to background investigations for peace officers and reserve officers. Signed 05/03/11
1570 Relating to siting of energy facility projects. Signed 05/05/11
1571 Relating to electric vehicle battery charging facilities. Signed 04/11/11
1572 Relating to authorizing public utility districts to request voluntary contributions to assist low-income customers with payment of water and sewer bills. Signed 04/11/11
1575 Relating to clarifying which surgical facilities the Washington state department of health is mandated to license pursuant to chapter 70.230 RCW. Signed 04/14/11
1582 Relating to forest practices applications leading to conversion of land for development purposes. Signed 04/29/11
1585 Relating to intrastate mutual aid in the event of emergencies. Signed 04/15/11
1586 Relating to the provision of doctorate programs at the research university branch campuses in Washington. Signed 04/29/11
1594 Relating to the membership and work of the financial education public-private partnership. Signed 05/05/11
1595 Relating to graduates of foreign medical schools. Signed 04/20/11
1596 Relating to requirements that cities and towns with ambulance utilities allocate funds toward the total cost necessary to regulate, operate, and maintain the ambulance utility. Signed 04/20/11
1599 Relating to establishing the pay for actual student success dropout prevention program. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/10/11
1600 Relating to elementary math specialists. Signed 04/29/11
1614 Relating to the traumatic brain injury strategic partnership. Signed 04/20/11
1618 Relating to public utility districts and deferred compensation and supplemental savings plans. Signed 04/11/11
1625 Relating to changing the default investment option for new members of the defined contribution portion of the plan 3 retirement systems. Signed 04/15/11
1634 Relating to underground utilities. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/05/11
1635 Relating to reducing customer wait times at driver licensing offices. Signed 05/16/11
1636 Relating to amateur sports officials. Signed 05/05/11
1640 Relating to respiratory care practitioners. Signed 05/03/11
1649 Relating to giving legal effect to domestic partnerships. Signed 04/05/11
1663 Relating to the purchasing authority of institutions of higher education. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
1691 Relating to embalmers. Signed 05/05/11
1694 Relating to unauthorized insurance. Signed 04/11/11
1697 Relating to unannounced monthly visits to persons providing care to children in the dependency system. Signed 04/22/11
1698 Relating to recreational fishing opportunities. Signed 05/05/11
1703 Relating to fiscal notes for legislation that uniquely affects school districts. Signed 04/20/11
1709 Relating to group disability insurance. Signed 04/15/11
1710 Relating to creating a strategic plan for career and technical education. Signed 05/05/11
1716 Relating to the regulation of secondhand dealers. Signed 05/10/11
1718 Relating to offenders with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries. Signed 05/03/11
1719 Relating to limiting liability for unauthorized passengers in a vehicle. Signed 04/15/11
1721 Relating to preventing storm water pollution from coal tar sealants. Signed 05/05/11
1725 Relating to administrative efficiencies for the workers' compensation program. Signed 05/10/11
1726 Relating to recommendations of the vocational rehabilitation subcommittee for workers' compensation. Signed 05/10/11
1728 Relating to requiring businesses where food for human consumption is sold or served to allow persons with disabilities to bring their service animals onto the business premises. Signed 05/03/11
1730 Relating to the authorization of bonds issued by Washington local governments. Signed 04/29/11
1731 Relating to the formation, operation, and governance of regional fire protection service authorities. Signed 04/20/11
1738 Relating to changing the designation of the medicaid single state agency from the department of social and health services to the health care authority and transferring the related powers, functions, and duties to the health care authority. Signed 06/07/11
1761 Relating to limiting private activity bond issues by out-of- state issuers. Signed 04/29/11
1770 Relating to enhancing small business participation in state purchasing. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1774 Relating to dependency matters. Signed 05/10/11
1776 Relating to licensing requirements for child care centers located in publicly owned buildings. Signed 05/16/11
1783 Relating to houseboats and houseboat moorages. Signed 04/29/11
1789 Relating to accountability for persons driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Signed 05/10/11
1790 Relating to school district contracts with direct practice health providers. Signed 05/05/11
1793 Relating to restricting access to juvenile records. Signed 05/12/11
1794 Relating to adding court-related employees to the assault in the third degree statute. Signed 05/03/11
1795 Relating to the higher education opportunity act. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/06/11
1803 Relating to modifying the Columbia river basin management program to prospectively maximize investment tools. Signed 04/15/11
1808 Relating to the opportunity to earn postsecondary credit during high school. Signed 04/15/11
1811 Relating to allowing for informed telephonic consent for access to housing or homelessness services. Signed 05/03/11
1822 Relating to establishing the first Washington nonprofit online university. Signed 04/22/11
1826 Relating to providing taxpayers additional appeal protections for value changes. Signed 04/15/11
1829 Relating to creating an Indian education division in the office of the superintendent of public instruction. Signed 05/05/11
1846 Relating to the aerospace training student loan program. Signed 03/24/11
1854 Relating to annexation of territory by regional fire protection service authorities. Signed 05/05/11
1858 Relating to the department of social and health services' authority with regard to semi-secure and secure crisis residential centers and HOPE centers. Signed 05/03/11
1861 Relating to the sale or lease of surplus state-owned railroad properties. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/22/11
1864 Relating to debt collection. Signed 04/22/11
1867 Relating to clarifying that prepaid wireless services are not intended to be considered as gift cards or gift certificates. Signed 04/29/11
1874 Relating to police investigations of commercial sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking. Signed 05/03/11
1886 Relating to implementing recommendations developed in accordance with Substitute Senate Bill No. 5248, chapter 353, Laws of 2007. Signed 05/16/11
1897 Relating to establishing a rural mobility grant program. Signed 05/05/11
1899 Relating to penalties for public records violations. Signed 05/05/11
1902 Relating to a business and occupation tax deduction for amounts received with respect to child welfare services. Signed 04/22/11
1903 Relating to background checks for child care licensees and employees. Signed 05/10/11
1909 Relating to creating a funding mechanism to promote innovation at community and technical colleges. Signed 05/05/11
1916 Relating to business services delivered by associate development organizations. Signed 05/10/11
1922 Relating to requiring certain vehicles to stop at a weigh station for inspection and weight measurement. Signed 05/03/11
1923 Relating to requiring the denial of a concealed pistol license application when the applicant is ineligible to possess a firearm under federal law. Signed 05/10/11
1933 Relating to certain collector vehicle license plate provisions. Signed 05/03/11
1937 Relating to authorizing local improvement district funding to benefit innovation partnership zones for the purposes of economic development. Signed 04/15/11
1939 Relating to defining federally recognized tribes as agencies for purposes of agency-affiliated counselors. Signed 04/15/11
1953 Relating to county and city real estate excise taxes. Signed 05/16/11
1965 Relating to public and private partnership in addressing adverse childhood experiences. Signed 06/15/11
1966 Relating to clarifying that manure is an agricultural product for the purposes of commercial drivers' licenses. Signed 04/20/11
1967 Relating to modifying provisions related to public transportation system planning. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
1969 Relating to the exemption of flood control zone districts that are coextensive with a county from certain limitations upon regular property tax levies. Signed 05/05/11
1981 Relating to public employee postretirement employment and higher education employees' annuities and retirement income plans. Signed 06/15/11
2003 Relating to premium payments for children's health coverage for children in families with income greater than two hundred percent of the federal poverty level who are not eligible for the federal children's health insurance program. Signed 06/15/11
2017 Relating to the master license service program. Signed 05/10/11
2019 Relating to the deposit of the additional cigarette tax. Signed 05/12/11
2020 Relating to funding capital projects. Signed 06/15/11
2021 Relating to annual increase amounts in the public employees' retirement system plan 1 and the teachers' retirement system plan 1. Signed 05/16/11
2065 Relating to allocation of funding for students enrolled in alternative learning experiences. Signed 06/15/11
2069 Relating to increasing the sum available to the state from the hospital safety net assessment fund by reducing hospital payments. Signed 06/15/11
2070 Relating to determining average salary for the pension purposes of state and local government employees as certified by their employer. Signed 05/31/11
2082 Relating to reforming the disability lifeline program through essential needs and housing support for persons not likely to meet federal supplemental security income disability standards, continued aid and support for other disability lifeline recipients, and modification of the disability lifeline medical care services needed to receive federal funding. Signed 06/15/11
2088 Relating to creating the opportunity scholarship board to assist middle-income students and invest in high employer demand programs. Signed 06/06/11
2115 Relating to legislative review of performance standards for the statewide student assessment. Signed 05/31/11
2119 Relating to sums due by beneficiaries for reporting certain notices of default. Signed 06/07/11
2123 Relating to stabilizing workers' compensation premium rates and claim costs through the limited means of creating the stay-at-work program, suspending cost-of-living adjustments for fiscal year 2012 with no catch-up and delaying the initial adjustment, allowing claim resolution structured settlements for injured workers age fifty-five and older effective 2012, fifty-three and older effective 2015, and fifty and older effective 2016, adjusting pension benefits for prior permanent partial disability awards, eliminating the interest on permanent partial disability award schedules, providing safety and health investment grants, creating the industrial insurance rainy day fund, directing the department of labor and industries to increase its employer, worker, and provider fraud prevention efforts, requiring a performance audit by the joint legislative audit and review committee of workers' compensation claims management in the workers' compensation system to include self-insured claims, and studying occupational disease claims in the workers' compensation system. Signed 06/15/11


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5000 Relating to mandating a twelve-hour impound hold on motor vehicles used by persons arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Signed 04/27/11
5005 Relating to exemption from immunization. Signed 05/10/11
5011 Relating to victimization of homeless persons. Signed 04/15/11
5018 Relating to wound care management in occupational therapy. Signed 04/15/11
5020 Relating to protecting consumers by assuring persons using the title of social worker have graduated with a degree in social work from an educational program accredited by the council on social work education. Signed 04/15/11
5021 Relating to enhancing election campaign disclosure requirements to promote greater transparency for the public. Signed 04/22/11
5023 Relating to nonlegal immigration-related services. Signed 05/03/11
5025 Relating to making requests by or on behalf of an inmate under the public records act ineligible for penalties. Signed 05/10/11
5033 Relating to the sale of water-sewer district real property. Signed 04/15/11
5034 Relating to private infrastructure development. Signed 04/29/11
5035 Relating to the manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant act. Signed 04/27/11
5036 Relating to the derelict vessel and invasive species removal fee. Signed 04/27/11
5042 Relating to protection of vulnerable adults. Signed 04/27/11
5044 Relating to the tax preference review process. Signed 05/12/11
5045 Relating to making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/12/11
5057 Relating to the income tax required to be paid by a trustee. Signed 04/13/11
5058 Relating to receivership. Signed 04/13/11
5061 Relating to reconciling changes made to vehicle and vessel registration and title provisions during the 2010 legislative sessions. Signed 04/27/11
5065 Relating to prevention of animal cruelty. Signed 04/27/11
5067 Relating to changing the certified and registered mail requirements of the department of labor and industries and employment security department. Signed 05/10/11
5068 Relating to the abatement of violations of the Washington industrial safety and health act during an appeal. Signed 04/15/11
5070 Relating to prevailing wage records requests. Signed 04/15/11
5071 Relating to providing licensed midwives and marriage and family therapists online access to the University of Washington health sciences library. Signed 04/13/11
5072 Relating to the authority of the department of agriculture to accept and expend gifts. Signed 05/03/11
5073 Relating to medical use of cannabis. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/29/11
5076 Relating to the subpoena authority of the department of financial institutions. Signed 04/15/11
5083 Relating to clarifying that the basis for business and occupation tax for real estate firms is the commission amount received by each real estate firm involved in a transaction. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/12/11
5091 Relating to delaying the implementation of the family leave insurance program. Signed 06/07/11
5097 Relating to juveniles with developmental disabilities who are in correctional detention centers, juvenile correction institutions or facilities, and jails. Vetoed 05/10/11
5098 Relating to exempting personal information from public inspection and copying. Signed 04/27/11
5105 Relating to the conditional release of persons committed as criminally insane to their county of origin. Signed 04/15/11
5115 Relating to private transfer fee obligations. Signed 04/13/11
5116 Relating to public health district authority as it relates to gifts, grants, conveyances, bequests, and devises of real or personal property. Signed 04/13/11
5117 Relating to the population restrictions for a geographic area to qualify as a rural public hospital district. Signed 04/15/11
5119 Relating to cancellation of the 2012 presidential primary. Signed 05/12/11
5122 Relating to changes for implementation of the affordable care act in Washington state. Signed 05/11/11
5124 Relating to elections by mail. Signed 04/05/11
5135 Relating to responding to the current economic conditions by temporarily modifying the unemployment insurance program. Signed 02/11/11
5141 Relating to limiting the issuance of motorcycle instruction permits. Signed 05/03/11
5149 Relating to requiring the department of health to collect current and past employment information in the cancer registry program. Signed 04/13/11
5152 Relating to naturopathic physicians. Signed 04/13/11
5156 Relating to airport lounges under the alcohol beverage control act. Signed 05/12/11
5157 Relating to the operation of foreign trade zones on property adjacent to but outside a port district. Signed 04/05/11
5167 Relating to tax statute clarifications and technical corrections, including for the purposes of local rental car taxes. Signed 04/27/11
5168 Relating to reducing maximum sentences for gross misdemeanors by one day. Signed 04/15/11
5170 Relating to increasing the number of judges to be elected in Grant county. Signed 04/13/11
5171 Relating to facilitating voting for service and overseas voters. Signed 05/16/11
5172 Relating to authorizing the use of short-term, on-site child care for the children of facility employees. Signed 04/15/11
5174 Relating to encouraging instruction in the history of civil rights. Signed 04/13/11
5181 Relating to limitations on state debt. Signed 06/15/11
5182 Relating to establishing the office of student financial assistance by eliminating the higher education coordinating board and transferring its functions to various entities. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/06/11
5184 Relating to second-class school districts and compliance reports. Signed 04/13/11
5186 Relating to skiing in an area closed to the public. Signed 05/05/11
5187 Relating to the accountability of mental health professionals employed by an evaluation and treatment facility for communicating with a parent or guardian about the option of parent- initiated mental health treatment. Signed 05/10/11
5192 Relating to provisions for notifications and appeals timelines under the shoreline management act. Signed 05/05/11
5195 Relating to requiring information to be filed by the prosecuting attorney for certain violations under driving while license is suspended or revoked provisions. Signed 04/13/11
5203 Relating to improving the administration and efficiency of sex and kidnapping offender registration. Signed 05/12/11
5204 Relating to juveniles who have been adjudicated of a sex offense. Signed 05/12/11
5213 Relating to insurance. Signed 04/13/11
5224 Relating to preparation charges for condominium resale certificates. Signed 04/13/11
5232 Relating to prize-linked savings deposits. Signed 05/10/11
5239 Relating to the allocation method used for the distribution of federal forest revenue to public schools. Signed 05/05/11
5241 Relating to the authority of a watershed management partnership. Signed 04/15/11
5242 Relating to motorcycle profiling. Signed 04/13/11
5253 Relating to tax increment financing for landscape conservation and local infrastructure. Signed 05/12/11
5271 Relating to abandoned or derelict vessels. Signed 05/03/11
5278 Relating to information contained in rate notices under the industrial insurance laws. Signed 04/27/11
5289 Relating to a business and occupation tax deduction for payments made to certain property management companies for personnel performing on-site functions. Signed 06/07/11
5295 Relating to leases of irrigation district property. Signed 04/13/11
5300 Relating to enhancing the use of Washington natural resources in public buildings. Signed 04/18/11
5304 Relating to forecasting the caseloads of the state need grant program and the Washington college bound scholarship program. Signed 05/10/11
5307 Relating to evaluating military training and experience toward meeting licensing requirements in medical professions. Signed 04/13/11
5326 Relating to negligent driving resulting in substantial bodily harm, great bodily harm, or death of a vulnerable user of a public way. Signed 05/16/11
5337 Relating to financial assistance to privately owned airports available for general use of the public. Signed 04/13/11
5350 Relating to the unlawful dumping of solid waste. Signed 05/05/11
5352 Relating to providing eyeglasses for medicaid enrollees. Signed 04/18/11
5359 Relating to contiguous land under current use open space property tax programs. Signed 04/18/11
5364 Relating to public water system operating permits. Signed 04/18/11
5367 Relating to authorizing the economic development finance authority to continue issuing bonds. Signed 04/27/11
5371 Relating to guaranteed issue health insurance for persons under age nineteen. Signed 05/11/11
5374 Relating to making technical, nonsubstantive changes to department of agriculture-related sections. Signed 04/18/11
5375 Relating to the department of financial institutions' regulation of trust companies. Signed 04/13/11
5385 Relating to increasing revenue to the state wildlife account. Signed 05/12/11
5386 Relating to establishing a work group to increase organ donation in Washington state. Signed 04/18/11
5388 Relating to the liability of owners of recreational land and water areas. Signed 04/13/11
5389 Relating to the membership of the early learning advisory council. Signed 04/27/11
5392 Relating to including technology as an educational core concept and principle. Signed 05/05/11
5394 Relating to primary care health homes and chronic care management. Signed 05/11/11
5395 Relating to domestic violence fatality review panels. Signed 04/18/11
5423 Relating to legal financial obligations. Signed 04/18/11
5427 Relating to the assessment of students in state-funded full- day kindergarten classrooms. Signed 05/12/11
5428 Relating to notification to schools regarding the release of certain offenders. Signed 04/18/11
5436 Relating to the use of antifouling paints on recreational water vessels. Signed 05/03/11
5442 Relating to an accelerated baccalaureate degree program. Signed 04/18/11
5445 Relating to the creation of a health benefit exchange. Signed 05/11/11
5451 Relating to shoreline structures in a master program adopted under the shoreline management act. Signed 05/12/11
5452 Relating to improving communication, collaboration, and expedited medicaid attainment with regard to persons diverted, arrested, confined or to be released from confinement or commitment who have mental health or chemical dependency disorders. Signed 05/10/11
5457 Relating to providing a congestion reduction charge to fund the operational and capital needs of transit agencies. Signed 05/16/11
5459 Relating to services for people with developmental disabilities. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/15/11
5463 Relating to common student identifiers for community and technical colleges. Signed 04/18/11
5480 Relating to physician and physician assistants license renewal requirements. Signed 04/27/11
5482 Relating to authorizing existing funding to house victims of human trafficking and their families. Signed 04/18/11
5485 Relating to maximizing the use of our state's natural resources. Signed 05/12/11
5487 Relating to eggs and egg products in intrastate commerce. Signed 05/10/11
5492 Relating to the Washington beer commission. Signed 04/13/11
5495 Relating to shareholder quorum and voting requirements under the Washington business corporation act. Signed 04/13/11
5500 Relating to the rule-making process for state economic policy. Signed 05/03/11
5501 Relating to the taxation of employee meals provided without specific charge. Signed 04/13/11
5502 Relating to the regulation, operations, and safety of limousine carriers. Signed 05/16/11
5504 Relating to unlicensed child care. Signed 05/10/11
5505 Relating to allowing the use of federal census data to determine the resident population of annexed territory. Signed 05/12/11
5525 Relating to hospital benefit zones that have already formed. Signed 05/16/11
5526 Relating to incentives for stirling converters. Signed 04/27/11
5531 Relating to the judicial costs of commitments for involuntary mental health treatment. Signed 05/12/11
5538 Relating to members of certain nonprofit conservation corps programs. Signed 04/13/11
5540 Relating to automated school bus safety cameras. Signed 05/16/11
5546 Relating to the crime of human trafficking. Signed 04/18/11
5555 Relating to interbasin transfers of water rights. Signed 04/18/11
5574 Relating to collection agencies. Signed 04/13/11
5579 Relating to harassment. Signed 05/10/11
5581 Relating to nursing homes. Signed 05/31/11
5584 Relating to conforming with federal labor standards for apprenticeship programs. Signed 05/10/11
5585 Relating to street rod and custom vehicles. Signed 04/18/11
5589 Relating to heavy haul industrial corridors. Signed 04/18/11
5590 Relating to lien holder requirements for certain foreclosure sales. Signed 05/16/11
5594 Relating to handling of hazardous drugs. Signed 04/13/11
5595 Relating to distribution of the public utility district privilege tax. Signed 05/16/11
5596 Relating to creating flexibility in the medicaid program. Signed 05/31/11
5614 Relating to requests for funds necessary to implement the compensation and fringe benefit provisions of bargaining agreements with the University of Washington under chapter 41.80 RCW. Signed 05/12/11
5622 Relating to recreation access on state lands. Signed 05/12/11
5625 Relating to authorizing implementation of a nonexpiring license for early learning providers. Signed 05/10/11
5628 Relating to a limited property tax exemption from the emergency medical services levy. Signed 05/16/11
5633 Relating to exempting agricultural fair premiums from the unclaimed property act. Signed 04/18/11
5635 Relating to changes in the point of diversion under a surface water right permit located between Columbia river miles 215.6 and 292. Signed 04/18/11
5636 Relating to expanding opportunities in higher education in north Puget Sound. Signed 05/12/11
5638 Relating to the exemption of certain taxing districts. Signed 06/07/11
5656 Relating to a state Indian child welfare act. Signed 05/10/11
5658 Relating to the sale or exchange of surplus real property by the department of transportation. Signed 05/16/11
5662 Relating to establishing a preference for resident contractors on public works. Signed 05/12/11
5664 Relating to the Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Signed 04/18/11
5688 Relating to shark finning activities. Signed 05/12/11
5691 Relating to crime victims' compensation. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/12/11
5700 Relating to certain toll facilities. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/16/11
5708 Relating to reshaping the delivery of long-term care services. Signed 05/16/11
5722 Relating to the use of moneys collected from the local option sales tax to support chemical dependency or mental health treatment programs and therapeutic courts. Signed 05/12/11
5731 Relating to Washington manufacturing services. Signed 05/10/11
5741 Relating to the economic development commission. Signed 05/10/11
5742 Relating to the Washington state ferry system. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/07/11
5747 Relating to Washington horse racing funds. Signed 04/05/11
5748 Relating to cottage food operations. Signed 05/05/11
5749 Relating to the Washington advanced college tuition payment program. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/06/11
5763 Relating to amending the existing nonresident retail sales tax exemption. Signed 03/14/11
5764 Relating to innovate Washington. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/07/11
5769 Relating to coal-fired electric generation facilities. Signed 04/29/11
5773 Relating to making a health savings account option and high deductible health plan option and a direct patient-provider primary care practice option available to public employees. Signed 05/31/11
5784 Relating to advancing the regional ocean partnership. Signed 05/03/11
5788 Relating to regulating liquor by changing tied house and licensing provisions and making clarifying and technical changes to liquor laws. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/18/11
5791 Relating to commercial activity at certain park and ride lots. Signed 05/16/11
5797 Relating to eliminating the urban arterial trust account. Signed 04/18/11
5800 Relating to authorizing the use of modified off-road motorcycles on public roads. Signed 04/18/11
5801 Relating to establishing medical provider networks and expanding centers for occupational health and education in the industrial insurance system. Signed 03/14/11
5806 Relating to a veteran lottery raffle. Signed 05/16/11
5834 Relating to permitting counties to direct an existing portion of local lodging taxes to programs for arts, culture, heritage, tourism, and housing. Signed 06/15/11
5836 Relating to allowing certain private transportation providers to use certain public transportation facilities. Signed 05/16/11
5849 Relating to estates and trusts. Signed 04/18/11
5860 Relating to temporary compensation reductions for state government employees during the 2011-2013 fiscal biennium. Signed 06/15/11
5891 Relating to criminal justice cost savings. Signed 06/15/11
5907 Relating to implementing the policy recommendations resulting from the national institute of corrections review of prison safety. Signed 05/05/11
5912 Relating to the expansion of family planning services to two hundred fifty percent of the federal poverty level. Signed 06/15/11
5919 Relating to education funding. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/07/11
5921 Relating to social services. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/15/11
5927 Relating to limiting payments for health care services provided to low-income enrollees in state purchased health care programs. Signed 05/31/11
5931 Relating to reorganizing and streamlining central service functions, powers, and duties of state government. Signed/ Partial Veto 06/15/11
5941 Relating to judicial branch funding. Signed 06/15/11
5942 Relating to the warehousing and distribution of liquor, including the lease and modernization of the state's liquor warehousing and distribution facilities. Signed 06/15/11
5956 Relating to the prohibited practices of collection agencies. Signed 06/07/11