2006 Bill Action

Updated April 5, 2006. All legislation has been acted upon.

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House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1010 Relating to electric utility planning. Signed 03/24/06
1020 Relating to the energy facility site evaluation council. Signed 03/24/06
1069 Relating to performance audits of tax preferences. Signed 03/24/06
1080 Relating to protecting dependent persons by changing the crimes of criminal mistreatment and abandonment of a dependent person. Signed 03/27/06
1107 Relating to early intervention services for children with disabilities. Signed 03/28/06
1226 Relating to campaign contribution limits. Signed 03/30/06
1257 Relating to motorcycle or motor-driven cycle insurance coverage. Signed 03/17/06
1305 Relating to authorized emergency vehicles. Signed 03/14/06
1383 Relating to public employees' benefits board. Signed 03/29/06
1384 Relating to construction and operation of renewable energy projects by joint operating agencies. Signed 03/22/06
1439 Relating to electronic and web-based bidding. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/31/06
1458 Relating to managing on-site sewage disposal systems in marine areas. Signed 03/09/06
1471 Relating to authentication of documents. Signed 03/24/06
1483 Relating to investments in cost-effective intervention programs for juvenile justice-involved youth. Signed 03/29/06
1504 Relating to abandoned vehicle auctions. Signed 03/14/06
1510 Relating to property taxation of nonprofit entities. Signed 03/29/06
1523 Relating to extending a sales and use tax exemption to the construction of facilities to be used for the conditioning of vegetable seeds. Signed 03/20/06
1641 Relating to decriminalizing vessel registration violations. Signed 03/14/06
1650 Relating to citations and infractions. Signed 03/28/06
1672 Relating to reducing injuries among patients and health care workers. Signed 03/22/06
1841 Relating to electrical trainees and contractor licenses. Signed 03/27/06
1850 Relating to retired volunteer medical workers. Signed 03/15/06
1966 Relating to classifying identify theft as a crime against persons. Signed 03/28/06
2002 Relating to authorizing continuing foster care and support services to age twenty-one to youths who are in state-supervised foster care on their eighteenth birthday. Signed 03/28/06
2033 Relating to the allocation of printing and publishing income for municipal business and occupation taxes. Signed 03/28/06
2056 Relating to recreational vehicle shows. Signed 03/31/06
2155 Relating to state publication preservation by state library services within the office of the secretary of state. Signed 03/24/06
2233 Relating to prioritizing tuition waivers for war veterans. Signed 03/27/06
2292 Relating to improving health care by increasing patient safety, reducing medical errors, reforming medical malpractice insurance, and resolving medical malpractice claims fairly without imposing mandatory limits on damage awards or fees. Signed 03/06/06
2322 Relating to limiting the phosphorus content in dishwashing detergent. Signed 03/27/06
2328 Relating to the insanity defense. Signed 03/17/06
2330 Relating to a crab pot buoy tag program. Signed 03/20/06
2333 Relating to parity for home care agency workers. Signed 03/07/06
2338 Relating to the extension of the mortgage lending fraud prosecution account. Signed 03/09/06
2340 Relating to mortgage brokers and loan originators. Signed 03/09/06
2342 Relating to establishing a health care declarations registry. Signed 03/17/06
2344 Relating to superior court judges. Signed 03/09/06
2345 Relating to regional fire protection service authorities. Signed 03/24/06
2348 Relating to tax relief for aluminum smelters. Signed 03/23/06
2352 Relating to net metering. Signed 03/24/06
2353 Relating to improving access to and the stability of quality child care through providing collective bargaining and other representation rights for family child care providers and licensees. Signed 03/15/06
2364 Relating to use tax owed by converting or merging credit unions when converting or merging a federal, foreign, or out-of state credit union into a state charter. Signed 03/07/06
2366 Relating to privileged communications by fire fighters. Signed 03/24/06
2367 Relating to the certification of tribal police officers. Signed 03/09/06
2370 Relating to low-income home energy assistance. Signed 01/12/06
2372 Relating to providing a mechanism to encourage volunteers to teach hunter education programs in Washington. Signed 03/09/06
2376 Relating to repealing cost-sharing in medical programs. Signed 03/09/06
2379 Relating to nonprobate assets under will. Signed 03/24/06
2380 Relating to the uniform transfers to minors act. Signed 03/24/06
2381 Relating to allowing the reintroduction of beavers into the historic habitat of the species. Vetoed 03/28/06
2382 Relating to bovine handling facilities. Signed 03/20/06
2384 Relating to geological survey. Signed 03/30/06
2386 Relating to commercial goeduck harvesting. Signed 03/20/06
2394 Relating to financial literacy. Signed 03/17/06
2402 Relating to expedited processing of energy facilities and alternative energy resources under the energy facility site evaluation council. Signed 03/24/06
2406 Relating to insurance. Signed 03/09/06
2407 Relating to electronic monitoring of sex offenders. Signed 03/20/06
2409 Relating to regulating the conduct of registered sex offenders and kidnapping offenders. Signed 03/20/06
2414 Relating to local control of student assessments in grades three, five, six, and eight to meet federal requirements for Washington's academic assessment system. Signed 03/22/06
2415 Relating to compensating the victims of uninsured and underinsured motorists. Signed 03/24/06
2416 Relating to state park fees. Signed 03/20/06
2418 Relating to affordable housing. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/06
2419 Relating to hosting the national conference of lieutenant governors. Signed 02/07/06
2424 Relating to excise tax exemption for users of farm fuel. Signed 03/06/06
2426 Relating to duties of the utilities and transportation commission, including commissioner appointments, delegation of powers, and appointment of administrative law judges. Signed 03/30/06
2446 Relating to school district substitute teacher and substitute educational aide contracts. Signed 03/20/06
2454 Relating to the privilege for sexual assault advocates. Signed 03/14/06
2457 Relating to excise tax relief for farm machinery and equipment. Signed 03/22/06
2465 Relating to vehicle equipment standards related to original equipment installed. Signed 03/29/06
2466 Relating to providing excise tax relief for aerospace businesses. Signed 03/23/06
2471 Relating to creating a veteran homeownership program. Signed 03/27/06
2475 Relating to collective bargaining regarding hours of work for individual providers. Signed 03/17/06
2477 Relating to technical changes to election laws. Signed 03/24/06
2479 Relating to voting equipment. Signed 03/24/06
2481 Relating to insuring victims of crimes. Signed 03/20/06
2497 Relating to assistance for business owners who are active duty national guard members. Signed 03/27/06
2498 Relating to cluster-based economic development. Signed 03/17/06
2500 Relating to health carrier information. Signed 03/17/06
2501 Relating to clarifying that coverage for mental health services as defined in RCW 48.21.241, 48.44.341, and 48.46.291 applies to all group health plans for groups other than small groups as defined in RCW 48.43.005. Signed 03/15/06
2507 Relating to degree-granting institutions of higher education. Signed 03/27/06
2520 Relating to recodifying and making technical corrections to public disclosure law. Signed 03/24/06
2537 Relating to establishing a pilot program to allow employers to assist employees in completing applications for industrial insurance benefits. Signed 03/27/06
2538 Relating to authorizing the department to request and superior court to grant warrants pursuant to chapter 49.17 RCW. Signed 03/14/06
2543 Relating to the enhanced 911 advisory committee. Signed 03/24/06
2544 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/28/06
2553 Relating to regulating service contracts and guarantee protection products. Signed 03/28/06
2562 Relating to flavored malt beverage. Signed 03/27/06
2567 Relating to the possession of methamphetamine precursors. Signed 03/24/06
2569 Relating to the property tax deferral program. Signed 03/28/06
2572 Relating to establishment of the small employer health insurance partnership program. Signed 03/27/06
2573 Relating to health information technology. Signed 03/17/06
2575 Relating to establishing a state health technology assessment program. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/29/06
2576 Relating to protection of sexual assault victims. Signed 03/20/06
2579 Relating to educational assessments. Signed 03/20/06
2583 Relating to community and technical college part-time academic employee health care benefits. Signed 03/29/06
2596 Relating to the cosmetology apprenticeship program. Signed 03/21/06
2606 Relating to allowing volunteer fire personnel to hold elective or appointed office. Signed 03/24/06
2608 Relating to the volunteer fire fighters' and reserve officers' relief and pension act. Signed 03/09/06
2612 Relating to including failure to secure a load in the first degree as a compensable crime under the crime victims' compensation program. Signed 03/28/06
2617 Relating to allowing local jurisdictions to allow off-road vehicles to operate on designated city or county roads. Signed 03/24/06
2640 Relating to biotechnology product and medical device manufacturing tax incentives. Signed 03/23/06
2644 Relating to temporarily increasing the statewide cap for the public utility tax credit provided by RCW 82.16.0497. Signed 03/24/06
2651 Relating to disclosure of animal information. Signed 03/15/06
2654 Relating to sex offender treatment providers. Signed 03/20/06
2661 Relating to the jurisdiction of the Washington human rights commission. Signed 01/31/06
2670 Relating to financing for hospital benefit zones. Signed 03/17/06
2671 Relating to providing excise tax relief by modifying due dates and eliminating an assessment penalty. Signed 03/27/06
2673 Relating to creating the local infrastructure financing tool demonstration program. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/23/06
2676 Relating to making interlocal cooperative agreements available in electronic format. Signed 03/14/06
2678 Relating to the pollution liability insurance agency. Signed 03/28/06
2680 Relating to purchasing service credit in plan 2 and plan 3 of the teachers' retirement system for public education experience performed as a teacher in a public school in another state or with the federal government. Signed 03/27/06
2681 Relating to minimum contribution rates for the public employees' retirement system, the public safety employees' retirement system, the school employees' retirement system, and the teachers' retirement system. Signed 03/31/06
2684 Relating to vesting after five years of service in the defined benefit portion of the public employees' retirement system, the school employees' retirement system, and the teachers' retirement system plan 3. Signed 03/14/06
2685 Relating to general provisions in the public safety employees' retirement system. Signed 03/29/06
2688 Relating to the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system plan 1. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/06
2690 Relating to permitting members of the public employees' retirement system, the teachers' retirement system, the school employees' retirement system, plan 1 of the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, and the Washington state pat Signed 03/24/06
2691 Relating to public retirement benefits for justices and judges. Signed 03/24/06
2695 Relating to absentee or provisional ballot notice requirements. Signed 03/24/06
2704 Relating to organized retail theft. Signed 03/28/06
2713 Relating to clarifying that special district boards, councils, and commissions may publicly take positions on ballot measures. Signed 03/24/06
2715 Relating to the state interoperability executive committee. Signed 03/15/06
2716 Relating to nursing facility medicaid payment systems. Signed 03/27/06
2723 Relating to a seller's real estate disclosure of proximity to farming. Signed 03/15/06
2726 Relating to assisting small manufacturers. Signed 03/14/06
2754 Relating to creation of the veterans innovations program. Signed 03/30/06
2759 Relating to the transfer of certain real property and facilities acquired, constructed, or improved using Referendum 29 or 37 bonds. Signed 03/14/06
2776 Relating to home heating fuel service contracts. Signed 03/14/06
2778 Relating to the business and occupation taxation of payments and contributions to nonprofit convention and tourism promotion corporations by public entities. Signed 03/29/06
2780 Relating to authorizing additional payroll deductions for state employees. Signed 03/24/06
2789 Relating to expanding opportunities for graduating secondary school students to enter apprenticeships. Signed 03/21/06
2799 Relating to providing tax exemption for solar hot water systems. Signed 03/24/06
2804 Relating to the property tax exemption for nonprofit schools and colleges. Signed 03/27/06
2805 Relating to missing persons. Signed 03/17/06
2812 Relating to school district levies. Signed 03/20/06
2817 Relating to establishing a state priority and state objectives for access, enrollment, delivery, and degree achievements in the fields of engineering, technology, biotechnology, science, computer scient, and mathematics in higher education. Signed 03/23/06
2829 Relating to driver training schools. Signed 03/24/06
2836 Relating to funding for reading achievement. Signed 03/20/06
2848 Relating to protecting confidentiality of domestic violence information. Signed 03/27/06
2857 Relating to terms of appointment of student regents and trustees. Signed 03/15/06
2860 Relating to water resource management in the Columbia river basin. Signed 02/16/06
2867 Relating to expanding access to baccalaureate degree programs at Washington State University Tri-Cities. Signed 03/22/06
2871 Relating to regional transportation governance. Signed 03/29/06
2874 Relating to design-build construction for transportation projects. Signed 03/14/06
2876 Relating to sound and video recordings by law enforcement officers. Signed 03/14/06
2879 Relating to the electronic administration of the real estate excise tax. Signed 03/29/06
2880 Relating to insurance premiums tax. Signed 03/28/06
2884 Relating to reclaimed water. Signed 03/28/06
2897 Relating to liquor licensees holding a caterer's endorsement. Signed 03/17/06
2898 Relating to distribution of communications by state employees. Signed 03/24/06
2908 Relating to Island county boundaries. Signed 03/20/06
2910 Relating to studying environmental education. Signed 03/15/06
2917 Relating to accessory uses on agricultural lands. Signed 03/20/06
2925 Relating to assisted living facility medicaid minimum occupancy percentage of fifty percent or greater. Signed 03/27/06
2932 Relating to receiving a catastrophic disability allowance under the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, plan 2. Signed 03/14/06
2933 Relating to death benefit payments for law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system, plan 2. Signed 03/30/06
2939 Relating to creating of the energy freedom program. Signed 03/22/06
2951 Relating to a firearms training certificate program for retired law enforcement officers. Signed 03/14/06
2958 Relating to violations of rules concerning nontoxic shot. Signed 03/20/06
2964 Relating to a department of early learning. Signed 03/28/06
2972 Relating to community rates for health benefit plans. Signed 03/17/06
2973 Relating to creating a career and technical high school graduation option for students meeting state standards in fundamental academic content areas. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/20/06
2974 Relating to health professions discipline. Signed 03/17/06
2975 Relating to exempt transactions under the securities act of Washington. Signed 03/24/06
2976 Relating to implementing a collective bargaining agreement with Western Washington University. Signed 03/07/06
2984 Relating to affordable housing incentive programs. Signed 03/20/06
2985 Relating to creating a foster care health unit in the department of social and health services. Signed 03/24/06
2987 Relating to vehicle gross weight violations. Signed 03/29/06
2991 Relating to a record check of a metropolitan park district's job applicants, volunteers, and independent contractors. Signed 03/24/06
3001 Relating to regulation of limousines. Signed 03/17/06
3019 Relating to chief financial officers in charter counties. Signed 03/28/06
3024 Relating to alternative public works contracting for school district capital demonstration projects. Signed 03/27/06
3033 Relating to animal identification. Signed 03/20/06
3041 Relating to voter registration. Signed 03/17/06
3048 Relating to the uniform interstate family support act. Signed 03/17/06
3056 Relating to payment of claims by checks or warrants. Signed 03/14/06
3070 Relating to increasing housing development capacity. Signed 03/27/06
3074 Relating to determining the military status of defendants. Signed 03/15/06
3079 Relating to health care services. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/27/06
3085 Relating to technical corrections to public lands statutes. Signed 03/14/06
3087 Relating to cost savings on course materials for students at state universities, regional universities, and The Evergreen State College. Signed 03/15/06
3098 Relating to transferring duties of the reconstituted state board of eduction. Signed 03/27/06
3113 Relating to expanding access to higher education in north Snohomish, Island, and Skagit counties using the university center model. Signed 03/23/06
3115 Relating to establishing a foster parent critical support and retention program. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/06
3120 Relating to notice requirements for tort claims against state and local governments and their officers. Signed 03/15/06
3122 Relating to the safety of child protective, child welfare, and adult protective services workers. Signed 03/17/06
3127 Relating to education. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/20/06
3128 Relating to the relationship between liquor manufacturers, importers, or distributors and nonprofit organizations holding a liquor license. Signed 03/14/06
3134 Relating to compensation for temporary or permanent total disability. Signed 03/21/06
3137 Relating to benefits for surviving spouses of disabled Washington state patrol officers. Signed 03/17/06
3139 Relating to kinship caregivers' consent for mental health care of minors. Signed 03/17/06
3150 Relating to efforts to promote the wine industry. Signed 03/17/06
3154 Relating to ensuring that brewers may sell beer of their own production from their restaurant premises. Signed 03/14/06
3156 Relating to creating a pilot program to assist in asset building for low-income persons. Signed 03/17/06
3159 Relating to the excise taxation of food products. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/06
3164 Relating to an increase in the personal property tax exemption for the head of a family. Signed 03/28/06
3178 Relating to collective bargaining by state ferry employees. Signed 03/21/06
3182 Relating to tribal foster care licensing. Signed 03/17/06
3185 Relating to violations of wage payment requirements. Signed 03/17/06
3190 Relating to providing tax incentives to support the semiconductor cluster in Washington state. Signed 03/16/06
3192 Relating to reimbursement by property owners for street, road, and water or sewer projects. Signed 03/17/06
3205 Relating to the authority to apprehend conditionally released persons. Signed 03/28/06
3222 Relating to excise tax exemptions for the handling and processing of livestock manure. Signed 03/20/06
3252 Relating to prohibiting offenders who enter Alford pleas from receiving a special sex offender sentencing alternative. Signed 03/20/06
3261 Relating to strengthening the review process by the indeterminate sentence review board by adding two members to the board and allowing victims to provide input at board hearings involving offenders sentenced under RCW 9.94A.712. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/29/06
3266 Relating to designating state route number 169 as a highway of statewide significance. Signed 03/15/06
3277 Relating to sex offenses. Signed 03/20/06
3278 Relating to making adjustments in the unemployment insurance system to enhance benefit and tax equity. Signed 03/08/06
3282 Relating to the Hood Canal aquatic rehabilitation account. Signed 03/31/06
3316 Relating to authorizing state general obligation bonds for correctional facilities, Hood Canal and Puget Sound rehabilitation, and the Columbia river basin water supply development program. Signed 03/22/06
3317 Relating to making it a felony to drive or be in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug. Signed 03/15/06


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5042 Relating to tolling the statute of limitations for felony sex offenses. Signed 03/20/06
5048 Relating to protecting the health of minors by prohibiting tobacco product sampling. Signed 03/09/06
5179 Relating to forest health. Signed 03/30/06
5204 Relating to chattel liens. Signed 03/28/06
5232 Relating to turkey tags. Signed 03/09/06
5236 Relating to providing additional funding to the prevailing wage program of the department of labor and industries by discontinuing the transfer of moneys from the public works administration account to the general fund-state account. Signed 03/27/06
5305 Relating to the use of mercury-containing vaccines. Signed 03/27/06
5330 Relating to economic development grants and assistance. Signed 03/29/06
5385 Relating to creating an invasive species council. Signed 03/20/06
5439 Relating to background checks on gubernatorial appointees. Signed 03/14/06
5535 Relating to optometry. Signed 03/27/06
5654 Relating to the privacy of personal information of criminal justice officials. Signed 03/30/06
5714 Relating to an early detection breast and cervical cancer screening program. Signed 03/15/06
5717 Relating to K-12 skill centers. Signed 03/20/06
5838 Relating to the substitution of a preferred drug for a nonpreferred drug in hepatitis C virus treatments. Signed 03/27/06
6059 Relating to sick leave pools for state employees. Signed 03/30/06
6106 Relating to disclosure of health care information for law enforcement purposes. Signed 03/27/06
6141 Relating to including the value of electric generation wind turbine facilities in the property tax levy limit calculation. Signed 03/24/06
6144 Relating to registration requirements on sex offenders coming from outside the state who establish or reestablish Washington residency. Signed 03/20/06
6151 Relating to water policy in regions with regulated reductions in aquifer levels. Signed 03/22/06
6152 Relating to penalties for violation of chapter 42.17 RCW. Signed 03/29/06
6159 Relating to recreational fishing for albacore tuna. Signed 03/15/06
6161 Relating to group fishing permits for outdoor education programs working with the department of fish and wildlife. Signed 03/09/06
6168 Relating to business development companies and the participation of financial institutions and nondepository lenders in economic development within the state. Signed 03/17/06
6169 Relating to discriminatory provisions in the governing documents of homeowners' associations. Signed 03/15/06
6172 Relating to increasing penalties for the crimes of possession of depictions of a minor engage in sexually explicit conduct. Signed 03/20/06
6175 Relating to regulation of surface mining by ensuring adequate performance security to cover reclamation costs for mines and providing fees for the operation of the surface mining program. Signed 03/30/06
6185 Relating to family and medical leave. Signed 03/15/06
6188 Relating to health benefit plans offering coverage for prostate cancer screening. Signed 03/31/06
6189 Relating to requiring hospitals to provide information to help patients better understand their hospital bills. Signed 03/15/06
6193 Relating to health professions work force supply and demographics information. Signed 03/27/06
6194 Relating to multicultural education for health professionals. Signed 03/27/06
6196 Relating to including a health official from a federally recognized tribe on the state board of health. Signed 03/27/06
6197 Relating to the creation of the governor's interagency coordinating council on health disparities. Signed 03/27/06
6208 Relating to session law publication. Signed 03/14/06
6223 Relating to derelict or abandoned vessels. Signed 03/20/06
6225 Relating to regulating the business of installing, repairing, and maintaining domestic water pumping systems. Signed 03/24/06
6230 Relating to extending the state sales and use tax credit for public facilities districts created before September 1, 2006. Signed 03/29/06
6231 Relating to exempting certain private air ambulance services from licensing under the insurance code. Signed 03/15/06
6234 Relating to insurance fraud. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/28/06
6236 Relating to election dates and deadlines. Signed 03/30/06
6239 Relating to the impact of controlled substances, primarily methamphetamine. Signed 03/30/06
6241 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/31/06
6244 Relating to oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response. Signed 03/29/06
6246 Relating to the office of lieutenant governor. Signed 03/29/06
6247 Relating to uniform administration of locally imposed motor vehicle excise taxes. Signed 03/29/06
6248 Relating to drainage and diking works. Signed 03/31/06
6255 Relating to improving student performance through student-centered planning. Signed 03/20/06
6257 Relating to security guard licenses. Signed 03/22/06
6264 Relating to allowing an injured worker to change total permanent disability pension options under certain circumstances. Signed 03/20/06
6280 Relating to removing the irrevocable dedication requirement for exemption from property tax for property owned by nonprofit entities. Signed 03/29/06
6287 Relating to special parking privileges for legally blind persons. Signed 03/30/06
6308 Relating to creating a joint select committee on offenders programs, sentencing, and supervision. Signed 03/28/06
6319 Relating to failure to register as a sex offender. Signed 03/20/06
6320 Relating to a model policy for disclosure of sex offender information. Signed 03/20/06
6323 Relating to campaign finance disclosure. Signed 03/27/06
6325 Relating to establishing residence restrictions for sex offenders. Signed 03/20/06
6326 Relating to providing a source of funding for customized work force training. Signed 03/20/06
6330 Relating to the establishment of the Washington trade corps fellowship program. Vetoed 03/31/06
6338 Relating to property tax exemptions and deferrals for senior citizens and persons retired for reasons of disability. Signed 03/15/06
6359 Relating to ensuring employers do not evade their contribution rate. Signed 03/14/06
6362 Relating to modifying processes for challenging voter registration. Signed 03/29/06
6364 Relating to the regulation of recreational vessels. Signed 03/20/06
6365 Relating to fees for the weights and measures program. Signed 03/30/06
6366 Relating to preparation and response to pandemic influenza. Signed 03/15/06
6368 Relating to the discontinuation of the nursing facility bed tax. Signed 03/27/06
6369 Relating to excise tax exemptions for water services provided by small water systems. Vetoed 03/29/06
6371 Relating to dead animal disposal. Signed 03/20/06
6373 Relating to reporting to the legislature of holding a boarding home medicaid eligible resident's room or unit. Signed 03/15/06
6376 Relating to livestock inspection fees. Signed 03/20/06
6377 Relating to regulation of milk and milk products. Signed 03/20/06
6382 Relating to authorizing the Washington horse racing commission to expend a statutorily limited amount of its operating funds for the development of the equine industry, improvement of racing facilities, and equine health research. Signed 03/22/06
6384 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/31/06
6386 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/31/06
6391 Relating to the provision of services for nonresident individuals residing in long-term care settings. Signed 03/27/06
6396 Relating to the accumulation and use of sick leave accrued by part-time faculty. Signed 03/27/06
6401 Relating to charter licenses. Signed 03/24/06
6406 Relating to assault of a child in the second degree. Signed 03/20/06
6411 Relating to collective bargaining agreements. Vetoed 03/29/06
6412 Relating to superior court judges. Vetoed 03/29/06
6415 Relating to the appointment of interpreters for driver's license examinations. Signed 03/24/06
6416 Relating to prohibiting pyramid promotional schemes. Signed 03/15/06
6417 Relating to animal cruelty. Signed 03/24/06
6418 Relating to initial limited licenses for dental hygienists. Signed 03/15/06
6427 Relating to schedules for the review of comprehensive plans and development regulations for certain cities and counties. Signed 03/28/06
6428 Relating to providing electronic product recycling through manufacturer financed opportunities. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/24/06
6429 Relating to disclosure of certain Native American cultural resources information. Signed 03/17/06
6439 Relating to coastal crab fisheries licenses. Signed 03/20/06
6441 Relating to judicial orders concerning distraint of personal property. Signed 03/28/06
6453 Relating to a one thousand dollar minimum monthly benefit for plan 1 members of the public employees' retirement system and plan 1 members of the teachers' retirement system. Signed 03/27/06
6459 Relating to community-based health care solutions. Signed 03/15/06
6460 Relating to penalties for crimes committed with sexual motivation. Signed 03/20/06
6463 Relating to banks and savings banks. Signed 03/14/06
6473 Relating to eliminating the requirement that telecommunications companies file price lists. Signed 03/30/06
6475 Relating to authorizing alternative methods of assessment and appeal processes for the certificate of academic achievement. Signed 03/20/06
6480 Relating to apprenticeship utilization requirements for department of transportation public works projects. Signed 03/29/06
6504 Relating to prohibiting employees of public hospital districts from serving as commissioners. Signed 03/29/06
6508 Relating to developing minimum renewable fuel content requirements and fuel quality standards. Signed 03/30/06
6512 Relating to enhancing air quality at truck stops. Signed 03/29/06
6519 Relating to county sheriffs monitoring registered sex offenders. Signed 03/20/06
6527 Relating to the Milwaukee Road cross-state trail. Signed 03/20/06
6528 Relating to authorization for the department of transportation to allow roadside tire chain installation and removal businesses on state highway rights of way. Signed 03/29/06
6531 Relating to preserving remedies when limited liability companies dissolve. Signed 03/29/06
6533 Relating to syrup taxes. Signed 03/27/06
6537 Relating to the shipment of wine from wine manufacturers directly to Washington consumers. Signed 03/14/06
6539 Relating to the limit on spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenses. Signed 03/17/06
6540 Relating to processing liquor licenses. Signed 03/30/06
6541 Relating to appeal bond requirements involving judgments against signatories of the tobacco master settlement agreement. Signed 03/27/06
6545 Relating to the minimum height requirement for the attachment of vehicle license plates. Signed 03/29/06
6549 Relating to commercial vehicles. Signed 03/14/06
6552 Relating to commercial driver's licenses. Signed 03/29/06
6555 Relating to research and services for special purpose districts. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/29/06
6558 Relating to the state of Washington's economic, cultural, and educational standing in the motion picture industry. Signed 03/27/06
6566 Relating to commute trip reduction. Signed 03/29/06
6568 Relating to animal fighting. Signed 03/28/06
6570 Relating to retail installment contracts for motor vehicles. Signed 03/28/06
6571 Relating to financing practices of motor vehicle dealers. Signed 03/28/06
6572 Relating to the unlawful detainer process under the residential landlord-tenant act. Signed 03/14/06
6576 Relating to forwarding of sex offender information. Signed 03/20/06
6580 Relating to sex offender and kidnapping offender notification and information sharing in schools. Signed 03/20/06
6581 Relating to a study of the instream flows of the Hanford Reach. Signed 03/22/06
6596 Relating to the dissolution of Washington corporations. Signed 03/14/06
6597 Relating to trusts and estates. Signed 03/30/06
6606 Relating to standards for educational interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Signed 03/15/06
6613 Relating to reaffirming and clarifying the prohibition against internet and certain other interactive electronic or mechanical devices to engage in gambling. Signed 03/28/06
6617 Relating to verification of the contents of farm plans prepared by conservation districts. Signed 03/31/06
6618 Relating to the high school assessment system. Signed 03/30/06
6630 Relating to establishing the community protection program for persons with developmental disabilities. Signed 03/29/06
6635 Relating to adoption. Signed 03/27/06
6637 Relating to qualifications for adult family home providers. Signed 03/27/06
6658 Relating to experience requirements for licensed mental health counselors. Signed 03/15/06
6661 Relating to establishing the Washington beer commission. Signed 03/29/06
6670 Relating to court filing fees. Signed 03/24/06
6671 Relating to clarifying the application of taxes to the financial activities of professional employer organizations. Signed 03/29/06
6674 Relating to funds collected from construction of the second Tacoma Narrows bridge. Signed 03/09/06
6676 Relating to fraudulent filing of vehicle report of sale. Signed 03/28/06
6679 Relating to the jurisdiction of regulating train speeds. Signed 03/15/06
6680 Relating to a biometric matching system for driver's licenses and identicards. Signed 03/28/06
6686 Relating to authorizing a local sales and use tax that is credited against the state sales and use tax. Signed 03/30/06
6717 Relating to the joint task force on criminal background check processes. Signed 03/28/06
6720 Relating to reporting requirements for criminal history record information. Signed 03/28/06
6723 Relating to the retirement allowance of a member who is killed in the course of employment. Signed 03/30/06
6731 Relating to prohibiting sellers of travel from promoting travel for sex tourism. Signed 03/27/06
6741 Relating to the joint task force on the administration and delivery of services to children and families. Signed 03/27/06
6762 Relating to limiting the posting of hazards to motorcycles to paved roadways. Signed 03/29/06
6766 Relating to the national guard conditional scholarship. Signed 03/15/06
6775 Relating to criminal trespass against children by sex offenders. Signed 03/20/06
6776 Relating to prohibiting the unauthorized sale of telephone records. Signed 03/24/06
6781 Relating to environmental remediation. Vetoed 03/29/06
6787 Relating to local government passenger ferry service funding. Signed 03/29/06
6791 Relating to liquor licenses issued to entities providing concession services on vessels owned by the Washington state ferries. Signed 03/30/06
6793 Relating to specifying roles and responsibilities with respect to the treatment of persons with mental disorders. Signed 03/29/06
6800 Relating to streamlining state transportation governance. Signed 03/29/06
6802 Relating to the board of directors of single county air pollution control authorities. Signed 03/27/06
6806 Relating to domestic violence. Signed 03/28/06
6816 Relating to cemetery districts. Signed 03/29/06
6823 Relating to the distribution of beer and wine by wineries and breweries located inside and outside Washington state to Washington retail liquor licenses. Signed 03/29/06
6826 Relating to public utility taxes imposed on fees and charges for public transit services. Signed 03/29/06
6839 Relating to transportation accounts and revenue distributions. Signed 03/29/06
6840 Relating to energy efficiency. Signed 03/24/06
6851 Relating to closure of mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities. Signed 03/28/06
6861 Relating to studying the competing interests of domestic water users and other water users in regards to limited supplies where a curtailment of domestic water right use has been enacted. Signed 03/22/06
6870 Relating to the board of pilotage commissioners' training program. Signed 03/14/06
6874 Relating to tax incentives for persons who extract, manufacture, or process timber products. Signed 03/29/06
6885 Relating to unemployment insurance. Signed 03/08/06
6896 Relating to funding state budgetary reserves including an adjustment to the state expenditure limit. Signed 03/15/06