2009 Bill Action

Updated May 20, 2009.

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House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1000 Relating to state route number 397. Signed 04/23/09
1002 Relating to allowing a certificate of discharge to be issued when an existing order excludes or prohibits an offender from having contact with a specified person or business, or coming within a set distance of any specified location. Signed / Partial Veto 04/30/09
1004 Relating to adding products to the energy efficiency code. Signed 05/15/09
1007 Relating to creating a sustainable energy trust. Signed 04/13/09
1010 Relating to the definition of a biofuel. Signed 04/20/09
1011 Relating to regulating the use of identification devices. Signed / Partial Veto 04/13/09
1018 Relating to modifying the dates on which a special election may be held. Signed 05/08/09
1021 Relating to prior notice of hospital surveys and audits. Signed 04/28/09
1022 Relating to statutory costs. Signed 04/28/09
1025 Relating to cost savings on course materials. Signed 04/28/09
1030 Relating to exempting special commitment center security information from disclosure under the public records act. Signed 04/13/09
1033 Relating to requiring the use of alternatives to lead wheel weights that reduce environmental health impacts. Signed 04/28/09
1034 Relating to rental or lease of armories. Signed 04/09/09
1036 Relating to the Washington code of military justice. Signed 05/06/09
1038 Relating to forest products addressed by chapter 76.48 RCW. Signed 04/28/09
1041 Relating to the authority of occupational therapists to purchase, store, and administer medications. Signed 04/13/09
1042 Relating to notices of dishonor. Signed 04/23/09
1048 Relating to the sale, lease, or conveyance of municipal property in commercial areas to private parties for free public parking facilities in cities with populations over three hundred thousand. Signed 04/28/09
1049 Relating to veterans' relief. Signed 04/09/09
1050 Relating to veterans' scoring criteria. Signed 04/28/09
1052 Relating to firearm licenses for persons from different countries. Signed 04/25/09
1053 Relating to raffle ticket prices. Signed 04/20/09
1055 Relating to requiring workers to have licenses, certificates, or permits in their possession when performing work in certain construction trades. Signed 04/09/09
1058 Relating to editorial standards for the publication of the Revised Code of Washington. Signed 04/23/09
1059 Relating to technical corrections to the Revised Code of Washington. Signed 04/23/09
1062 Relating to the expiration date, goals, and legislative reporting provisions of the electrolytic processing business tax exemption. Signed 05/11/09
1063 Relating to the termination date for a salmon and steelhead recovery program. Signed 04/24/09
1066 Relating to special elections for changing the form of government of a noncharter code city. Signed 02/18/09
1067 Relating to the uniform limited partnership act. Signed 04/23/09
1068 Relating to the Washington business corporation act. Signed 04/23/09
1071 Relating to advanced registered nurse practitioners. Signed 04/25/09
1076 Relating to allowing crime victims to submit input to the department of corrections regarding an offender's placement in work release. Signed 04/13/09
1078 Relating to exchange facilitators. Signed 04/13/09
1081 Relating to local improvement district financing of railroad crossing protection devices. Signed 05/11/09
1087 Relating to improving the effectiveness of the office of minority and women's business enterprises. Signed / Partial Veto 05/06/09
1103 Relating to the estates of vulnerable adults. Signed 05/18/09
1110 Relating to prohibiting advertising and marketing to students receiving home-based instruction. Signed 04/23/09
1113 Relating to financing the school construction assistance grant program. Signed 02/18/09
1119 Relating to the management of funds held by nonprofit institutions. Signed 05/11/09
1120 Relating to uniform laws. Signed 04/25/09
1121 Relating to creating the Washington state flag account. Signed 04/13/09
1123 Relating to reducing the spread of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. Signed 04/28/09
1127 Relating to financial information. Signed 05/07/09
1128 Relating to innovation partnership zones. Signed 04/13/09
1137 Relating to protecting landowners' investments in Christmas trees. Signed 05/06/09
1138 Relating to allowing persons with certain medical conditions to access the restroom in a retail establishment. Signed 05/11/09
1148 Relating to protecting animals from perpetrators of domestic violence. Signed 05/11/09
1155 Relating to billing for medical services provided through special education programs. Signed 04/13/09
1156 Relating to creating a preference in the alternative route certification program for veterans and national guard members. Signed 04/23/09
1158 Relating to electronic signatures for juror declarations. Signed 05/05/09
1166 Relating to allowing loans to community development financial institutions under the linked deposit program. Signed 05/07/09
1167 Relating to the linked deposit program. Signed / Partial Veto 05/07/09
1170 Relating to the modification of parenting plans based on the military service of a parent. Signed 05/15/09
1172 Relating to the implementation of a regional transfer of development rights program. Signed 05/14/09
1184 Relating to modifying the loan repayment period for conservation projects funded by municipal utilities and public utility districts. Signed 05/08/09
1195 Relating to payment of undisputed claims. Signed 04/23/09
1196 Relating to increasing the dollar limits for small works roster projects. Signed 04/13/09
1197 Relating to alternative public works. Signed 04/13/09
1199 Relating to retainage of funds on public works projects. Signed 04/25/09
1201 Relating to the community integration assistance program. Signed 05/04/09
1202 Relating to noninsurance benefits included in life insurance policies. Signed 04/13/09
1205 Relating to changing the number of court of appeals judges. Signed 04/13/09
1208 Relating to property tax administration. Signed 05/06/09
1215 Relating to modifying motor vehicle warranty provisions. Signed 05/06/09
1216 Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partial Veto 05/15/09
1217 Relating to providing the gambling commission with authority to determine locations where amusement games may be conducted. Signed 04/13/09
1218 Relating to imprisonment for contempt of court cases. Signed 04/09/09
1221 Relating to the availability of crime victims' compensation funds for witnesses in civil commitment proceedings. Signed 04/09/09
1225 Relating to the effect of special fuel taxes on publicly owned or operated urban passenger transportation systems. Signed 05/06/09
1227 Relating to recreational vehicles used as primary residences in manufactured/mobile home communities. Signed 04/13/09
1238 Relating to access to juvenile case records for the Washington state center for court research and the Washington office of public defense. Signed 05/11/09
1239 Relating to parenting plans and residential schedules in dependency proceedings. Signed 05/18/09
1244 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
1254 Relating to creating the Washington grain commission. Signed 04/09/09
1257 Relating to deferred prosecution files. Signed 04/20/09
1261 Relating to adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction. Signed 04/13/09
1264 Relating to creation and registration of entities formed by public agencies. Signed 04/24/09
1270 Relating to permitting electronic signatures on applications for public assistance and for benefits administered by the health care authority. Signed 04/24/09
1271 Relating to dispensing and administration of drugs by registered or licensed veterinary personnel. Signed 04/20/09
1272 Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed 05/15/09
1273 Relating to allowing counties, cities, and towns to conduct raffles under certain terms and conditions. Signed 04/20/09
1280 Relating to the expiration of explosives licenses. Signed 04/09/09
1281 Relating to the rights of victims, survivors, and witnesses of crimes to be heard before the indeterminate sentence review board and clemency and pardons board. Signed 04/20/09
1283 Relating to public water supply system operators. Signed 04/25/09
1286 Relating to false and defamatory statements about candidates for public office. Signed 04/25/09
1287 Relating to sales and use tax exemptions in respect to aircraft used in intrastate commuter operations Signed 05/15/09
1288 Relating to exempting the annual parental declaration of intent to home school from the public disclosure act. Signed 04/23/09
1290 Relating to local tourism promotion areas. Signed 05/11/09
1291 Relating to library district annexations. Signed 04/09/09
1292 Relating to waivers from the one hundred eighty-day school year. Signed 05/18/09
1295 Relating to annexing areas used for agricultural fairs. Signed 05/07/09
1300 Relating to access to information on mental health services received by persons who have been committed for custody or supervision or who have been civilly committed after being found incompetent to stand trial for a felony. Signed 05/04/09
1303 Relating to child mortality review. Signed 04/20/09
1308 Relating to reducing organ transplant benefit waiting periods based upon prior creditable coverage. Signed 04/13/09
1309 Relating to dental hygiene. Signed 05/04/09
1311 Relating to reverse mortgage lending. Signed 04/21/09
1319 Relating to the application of certain ethics provisions to school district employees. Signed 04/25/09
1322 Relating to scoliosis screening in schools. Signed 04/09/09
1323 Relating to coordinating workforce and economic development. Signed 04/21/09
1324 Relating to psychological examinations for peace officer certification. Signed 04/20/09
1326 Relating to the establishment of a license limitation program for the harvest and delivery of Pacific sardines into the state. Signed 05/05/09
1328 Relating to allowing public technical colleges to offer associate degrees. Signed 04/13/09
1332 Relating to the authority of a watershed management partnership to exercise powers of its forming governments. Signed 05/15/09
1338 Relating to expanding industries that qualify for good cause for late filing of reports, contributions, penalties, or interest. Signed 04/13/09
1339 Relating to correcting statutory references in the calculation of predecessor and successor employer contribution rates. Signed 04/25/09
1347 Relating to financial education. Signed 05/11/09
1349 Relating to additional grounds for renewal of orders for less restrictive treatment. Signed 05/04/09
1355 Relating to establishing the opportunity internship program for high school students. Signed 04/25/09
1361 Relating to county supervised community options. Signed 04/25/09
1362 Relating to vehicles used in prostitution-related offenses. Signed 05/07/09
1366 Relating to making technical changes to boiler and unfired pressure vessel statutes. Signed 04/15/09
1373 Relating to equitable access to appropriate and effective children's mental health services. Signed 05/07/09
1375 Relating to eliminating foster care citizen review boards. Signed 04/21/09
1379 Relating to moratoria and other interim official controls adopted under the shoreline management act. Signed 05/11/09
1380 Relating to county authority to lease with an option to purchase. Signed 04/21/09
1385 Relating to sexual misconduct by school employees. Signed 05/04/09
1388 Relating to changing the date for setting the amount of pipeline safety fees. Signed 04/15/09
1394 Relating to changing the timeline for the state comprehensive plan for workforce training and education. Signed 04/15/09
1395 Relating to clarifying terms for workforce and economic development. Signed 05/06/09
1397 Relating to the delegation of authority to registered nurses. Signed 04/24/09
1401 Relating to the standard health questionnaire. Signed 04/09/09
1402 Relating to contact with medical providers after appeals have been filed under industrial insurance. Signed 05/07/09
1413 Relating to water discharge fees. Signed 04/28/09
1414 Relating to the practice of health care assistants. Signed 04/09/09
1415 Relating to sales of wine at the legislative gift center. Signed 04/25/09
1419 Relating to sexually aggressive youth. Signed 04/28/09
1420 Relating to real estate seller disclosure. Signed 05/15/09
1426 Relating to the use of certified mail. Signed 04/28/09
1433 Relating to liability for damages to state property resulting from the illegal operation of a vehicle. Signed 05/07/09
1435 Relating to licensing administration for cigarettes and tobacco products. Signed 04/21/09
1437 Relating to a volunteer chaplain for the department of fish and wildlife. Signed 04/24/09
1441 Relating to the contractual relationships between distributors and producers of malt beverages. Signed 04/21/09
1445 Relating to domestic partners under the Washington state patrol retirement system. Signed 05/18/09
1448 Relating to speed limits on nonlimited access state highways within tribal reservation boundaries. Signed 05/07/09
1461 Relating to options for determining the pay periods for county employees. Signed 04/28/09
1464 Relating to affordable housing incentive programs. Signed 04/13/09
1474 Relating to the border county higher education opportunity project. Signed 04/21/09
1475 Relating to state agency rule-making information. Signed 04/15/09
1478 Relating to vehicle registrations for deployed military personnel. Signed 04/21/09
1481 Relating to electric vehicles. Signed 05/12/09
1484 Relating to habitat open space. Signed / Partial Veto 05/06/09
1487 Relating to classification as a resident student. Signed 04/25/09
1492 Relating to the independent youth housing program. Signed 04/21/09
1498 Relating to provisions governing firearms possession by persons who have been involuntarily committed. Signed 04/30/09
1505 Relating to a diversion program for sexually exploited juveniles. Signed 04/28/09
1506 Relating to benefits for the survivors of certain firefighters. Signed 04/21/09
1510 Relating to the disclosure of confidential information on birth certificates. Signed 04/09/09
1512 Relating to funding rail freight service through grants. Signed 04/21/09
1513 Relating to municipal participation in financing the construction of water or sewer facilities. Signed 04/25/09
1515 Relating to allowing electronic approval of vital records. Signed 04/25/09
1516 Relating to recovering gear used in the coastal Dungeness crab fisheries. Signed 05/06/09
1517 Relating to the restoration of the right to vote for people who were convicted of felonies. Signed 05/04/09
1518 Relating to prohibited practices in accountancy. Vetoed 04/21/09
1522 Relating to repair and reuse of electronic products by registered collectors. Signed 04/29/09
1527 Relating to medicaid payment rates for boarding homes. Vetoed 05/18/09
1529 Relating to the delivery of home health care services through telemedicine. Signed 05/04/09
1530 Relating to creating the guaranteed asset protection waiver model act. Signed 05/05/09
1532 Relating to authorizing water-sewer districts to construct, condemn and purchase, add to, maintain, and operate systems for reclaimed water. Signed 04/28/09
1536 Relating to permits for and advertising by household goods carriers. Signed 04/15/09
1548 Relating to interruptive military service credit within plans 2 and 3 of the public employees' retirement system, plans 2 and 3 of the school employees' retirement system, plans 2 and 3 of the teachers' retirement system, plan 2 of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system, plan 2 of the Washington state patrol retirement system, and the public safety employees' retirement system. Signed 04/24/09
1551 Relating to the survivor benefits of employees who die while honorably serving in the national guard or military reserves during a period of war. Signed 04/25/09
1552 Relating to public access at open public meetings. Signed 05/05/09
1553 Relating to claims for damages against the state and local governmental entities. Signed 05/11/09
1555 Relating to the recommendations of the joint legislative task force on the underground economy in the construction industry. Signed 05/11/09
1562 Relating to graduation without a certificate of academic achievement or a certificate of individual achievement. Signed 03/30/09
1565 Relating to business continuity plans for domestic insurers. Signed 04/21/09
1566 Relating to granting the insurance commissioner certain authority when the governor declares a state of emergency. Signed 05/05/09
1567 Relating to insurance. Signed 04/21/09
1568 Relating to persons selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance. Signed 04/21/09
1569 Relating to establishing local public works assistance funds. Signed 04/09/09
1571 Relating to the adjudication of water rights. Signed 05/05/09
1578 Relating to the board of directors of an air pollution control authority. Signed 04/28/09
1579 Relating to a business and occupation tax exemption for nonprofit organizations that provide legal services to low-income individuals. Signed 05/15/09
1580 Relating to establishing a pilot local water management program in one qualified jurisdiction. Signed 04/23/09
1583 Relating to county auditors. Signed 05/05/09
1589 Relating to venue for hearings to modify or revoke an order for conditional release. Signed 05/04/09
1592 Relating to business entities and associations registered with the secretary of state. Signed 05/11/09
1596 Relating to protecting a woman's right to breastfeed in a place of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, or amusement. Signed 04/22/09
1616 Relating to the state pension benefits of certain domestic partners. Signed 05/18/09
1619 Relating to use of capital projects funds by school districts. Signed 05/12/09
1621 Relating to regulating the business practices of consumer loan companies for compliance with the secure and fair enforcement for mortgage licensing act of 2008. Signed 04/17/09
1640 Relating to private financial and commercial investment information received by the University of Washington for purposes of the consolidated endowment fund. Signed 05/07/09
1663 Relating to creating relocation assistance rights for nontransient residents of hotels, motels, or other places of transient lodging that are shut down by government action. Signed 04/22/09
1664 Relating to termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of motorsports manufacturer and dealer franchise agreements. Signed 04/25/09
1675 Relating to work experience as an entry requirement for the alternative route partnership grant program. Signed 04/22/09
1678 Relating to members of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2 who were disabled in the line of duty before January 1, 2001. Signed 04/15/09
1682 Relating to horticultural pest and disease boards. Signed 04/15/09
1692 Relating to authority of the board of directors of a public facilities district. Signed 04/22/09
1694 Relating to fiscal matters for the 2007-2009 biennium. Signed 02/18/09
1701 Relating to authorizing the department of information services to engage in high-speed internet activities. Signed 05/15/09
1709 Relating to fee and installment plan assistance for borrowers at risk of default on small loans. Signed 05/15/09
1717 Relating to a rail line over the Milwaukee Road corridor. Signed 05/05/09
1730 Relating to the office of regulatory assistance. Signed 04/15/09
1733 Relating to the property tax current use valuation programs. Signed 04/28/09
1740 Relating to issuance of licenses to practice dentistry. Signed 05/04/09
1741 Relating to crimes that require dismissal or certificate revocation for school employees. Signed 05/07/09
1749 Relating to regulating the business practices of mortgage brokers for compliance with the secure and fair enforcement for mortgage licensing act of 2008. Signed 05/18/09
1751 Relating to the time period during which sales and use tax for public facilities in rural counties may be collected. Signed 05/15/09
1758 Relating to expanding options for students to earn high school diplomas. Signed 05/18/09
1765 Relating to the license surcharge for the impaired physician program. Signed 04/15/09
1769 Relating to orders for housing assistance in dependency matters. Signed 05/07/09
1778 Relating to modernizing certain provisions in Title 77 RCW regarding fish and wildlife. Signed / Partial Veto 05/05/09
1782 Relating to encouraging early and consistent engagement of parents in children's dependency matters. Signed 05/14/09
1789 Relating to allowing the department of corrections to rely upon jail certification in the calculation of release dates for offenders. Signed 05/07/09
1790 Relating to including domestic violence court order violations to the list of offenses eligible for notification. Signed 05/07/09
1791 Relating to clarifying certain community custody and drug offender sentencing alternative sentencing provisions. Signed 05/07/09
1792 Relating to establishing search and arrest authority provisions of offenders by department of corrections personnel. Signed 05/07/09
1793 Relating to alternative student transportation. Signed 05/07/09
1794 Relating to calculating child support. Signed 04/13/09
1808 Relating to an interdisciplinary work group with faculty from a paramedic training program and an associate degree in nursing program; creating a new section. Signed 04/22/09
1812 Relating to wine labels. Signed 05/07/09
1815 Relating to current use valuation under the property tax open space program. Signed 05/15/09
1816 Relating to changing provisions related to wireless phone numbers used by directory providers. Signed 05/07/09
1824 Relating to requiring the adoption of policies for the management of concussion and head injury in youth sports. Signed 05/14/09
1825 Relating to identifying specific facilities planning requirements under the growth management act. Signed 04/17/09
1826 Relating to the proceeds from foreclosure sales. Signed 04/17/09
1835 Relating to using respectful language in state laws. Signed 05/06/09
1843 Relating to motor carrier regulation and compliance review. Signed 04/09/09
1844 Relating to criminal history record checks of current and prospective department of licensing employees who issue or may issue enhanced drivers' licenses and identicards. Signed 04/22/09
1845 Relating to medical support obligations. Signed 05/14/09
1847 Relating to bid limits. Signed 04/25/09
1852 Relating to record checks using fingerprints. Signed 04/22/09
1856 Relating to protecting victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking. Signed 05/07/09
1869 Relating to transparency of health care cost information. Signed 05/18/09
1878 Relating to transfers of accumulated leave of employees of the state school for the blind and the school for the deaf. Signed 04/09/09
1879 Relating to the delivery of educational services to children who are deaf and hearing impaired. Signed 05/07/09
1888 Relating to repealing RCW 46.12.295. Signed 04/25/09
1899 Relating to physicians holding a retired active license. Signed 05/07/09
1906 Relating to improving economic security through unemployment compensation. Signed 02/16/09
1919 Relating to drug court funding. Signed 05/11/09
1926 Relating to exempting from certificate of need requirements hospice agencies that serve the unique cultural or religious needs of religious groups or ethnic minorities. Signed 04/15/09
1935 Relating to adult family homes. Signed 05/18/09
1938 Relating to children's interests in maintaining postadoption contact with their siblings. Signed 04/25/09
1939 Relating to vehicle dealer documentary service fees. Signed 04/17/09
1943 Relating to creating a comprehensive statewide integrated pathway of preparation and professional development for the early learning and school-age program workforce. Signed 05/07/09
1946 Relating to higher education online technology. Signed 05/07/09
1951 Relating to creating a program for public-private partnerships for the operation and management of salmonid hatcheries now closed or scheduled for closure by the department of fish and wildlife during the 2009-2011 biennium. Signed 05/05/09
1953 Relating to allowing department of fish and wildlife enforcement officers to transfer service credit. Signed 04/21/09
1954 Relating to sealing juvenile records. Signed 04/25/09
1957 Relating to qualified applicants and procedures within the Washington wildlife and recreation program. Signed 05/05/09
1959 Relating to land use and transportation planning for marine container ports. Signed 05/15/09
1961 Relating to implementing the federal fostering connections to success and increasing adoptions act of 2008. Signed 04/25/09
1967 Relating to prohibiting expansions of urban growth areas into one hundred year floodplains. Signed 05/05/09
1978 Relating to economic stimulus transportation funding and appropriations. Signed 03/05/09
1984 Relating to motor vehicle air conditioning equipment. Signed 04/28/09
1986 Relating to peer mentoring. Signed 05/11/09
1997 Relating to Puget Sound scientific research. Signed 04/15/09
2003 Relating to the professional educator standards board membership and duties. Signed 05/18/09
2013 Relating to self-service storage specialty producers. Signed 04/17/09
2014 Relating to tamper-resistant prescription pads. Signed 05/04/09
2021 Relating to revitalizing student financial aid. Signed / Partial Veto 04/25/09
2025 Relating to sharing of health care information to promote coordination of behavioral and medical care services. Signed 05/07/09
2035 Relating to requiring registered sex and kidnapping offenders to submit information regarding any e-mail addresses and any web sites they create or operate. Signed 05/18/09
2040 Relating to the work of the joint select committee on beer and wine regulation. Signed 05/15/09
2042 Relating to the incentive in the motion picture competitiveness programs. Signed 04/15/09
2049 Relating to personnel practices regarding exempt employment. Signed 05/18/09
2052 Relating to delaying implementation of the health insurance partnership. Signed 04/28/09
2061 Relating to the modernization and clarification of the powers of the public deposit protection commission in regard to banks, savings banks, and savings associations as public depositaries. Signed 03/06/09
2071 Relating to increasing the earning potential of parents of needy families. Signed / Partial Veto 04/13/09
2072 Relating to advancing effective transportation for persons with special transportation needs. Signed / Partial Veto 05/15/09
2075 Relating to the excise taxation of certain products and services provided or furnished electronically. Signed 05/18/09
2078 Relating to persons with developmental disabilities who are in correctional facilities or jails. Signed 05/11/09
2079 Relating to the office of financial management's access to health professional licensing information. Signed 05/05/09
2095 Relating to clarifying the permitting, training, and licensing process for driver training schools. Signed 04/15/09
2105 Relating to diagnostic imaging services. Signed 04/28/09
2106 Relating to improving child welfare outcomes through the phased implementation of strategic and proven reforms. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
2119 Relating to expanding dual credit opportunities. Signed 05/11/09
2122 Relating to reducing the business and occupation tax burden on the newspaper industry. Signed 05/12/09
2125 Relating to community preservation and development authorities. Signed 05/15/09
2126 Relating to consolidating and modifying the duties of the cemetery board and the board of funeral directors and embalmers. Signed 04/15/09
2128 Relating to meeting the goal of all children in Washington state having health care coverage by 2010. Signed / Partial Veto 05/12/09
2129 Relating to the greenhouse gas emissions performance standard under chapter 80.80 RCW. Signed / Partial Veto 05/11/09
2132 Relating to instruction in civics. Signed 04/25/09
2146 Relating to contract requirements for water or sewer facilities. Signed 05/05/09
2157 Relating to the consolidation of certain salmon recovery activities and programs within the recreation and conservation office. Signed 05/05/09
2160 Relating to health carrier payment of wellness incentives. Signed 05/04/09
2165 Relating to authorizing the department of natural resources to conduct a forest biomass energy demonstration project. Signed 04/22/09
2194 Relating to extraordinary medical placement for offenders. Signed 05/11/09
2199 Relating to regulatory relief for properties impacted by shifts in shoreline location due to habitat restoration projects. Signed 05/07/09
2206 Relating to authorized expenditures from the OASI revolving fund and OASI contribution account. Signed 04/22/09
2208 Relating to the return or cancellation of new motorsports vehicles. Signed 05/15/09
2211 Relating to the authorization, administration, collection, and enforcement of tolls on the state route number 520 corridor. Signed 05/13/09
2214 Relating to the reasonable costs of financing consolidated rental car facilities and common use transportation equipment and facilities. Signed 04/17/09
2222 Relating to conditioning industrial storm water general discharge permits. Signed 05/11/09
2223 Relating to commercial driver's license applicants who operate commercial motor vehicles for agribusiness purposes. Signed 05/05/09
2227 Relating to green jobs. Signed / Partial Veto 05/18/09
2242 Relating to creating a department of commerce. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
2245 Relating to clarifying public employees' benefits board eligibility. Signed 05/18/09
2254 Relating to construction financing for state colleges and universities. Signed 05/15/09
2261 Relating to education. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
2279 Relating to the offense of assault of a child in the first degree by requiring the review of the sentencing of offenders and modifying the conditions of release. Signed 04/25/09
2285 Relating to local improvement districts and utility local improvement districts comprised of property in more than one city or town. Signed 04/25/09
2287 Relating to requiring state agencies to use one hundred percent recycled content paper. Signed 05/06/09
2289 Relating to expanding the energy freedom program. Signed 05/11/09
2299 Relating to the formation, operation, and nonstate funding of public facilities districts. Signed 05/18/09
2313 Relating to extending the length of commercial and farm vehicle permits. Signed 05/11/09
2327 Relating to eliminating or reducing the frequency of reports prepared by state agencies. Signed / Partial Veto 05/15/09
2328 Relating to reducing the administrative cost of state government. Signed 04/30/09
2331 Relating to the existing document recording fee for services for the homeless. Signed 05/12/09
2339 Relating to requiring the department of licensing to collect a donation to benefit the state parks system as part of motor vehicle registration unless a vehicle owner opts not to provide a donation. Signed 05/15/09
2341 Relating to changes in the basic health plan program necessary to implement the 2009-2011 operating budget. Signed 05/19/09
2343 Relating to achieving savings in education programs by revising provisions relating to diagnostic assessments, classified staff training, conditional scholarships, certain professional development programs, coordination for career and technical student organizations, and national board certification bonuses. Signed 05/18/09
2344 Relating to resident undergraduate tuition. Signed 05/18/09
2346 Relating to crisis residential centers. Signed 05/19/09
2347 Relating to the review of support payments. Signed 05/18/09
2349 Relating to disproportionate share hospital adjustments. Signed 05/18/09
2356 Relating to revising student achievement fund allocations. Signed 05/18/09
2357 Relating to modifying nursing facility medicaid payments by clarifying legislative intent regarding the statewide weighted average, freezing case mix indices, and revising the use of the economic trends and conditions factor. Signed 05/19/09
2358 and wine restaurants; spirits, beer, and wine private clubs; beer and wine private clubs; and public houses. Signed 05/15/09
2359 Relating to delaying the implementation date for peer mentoring for long-term care workers. Signed 05/14/09
2361 Relating to modifying state payments for in-home care by prohibiting payment for services provided by agency employees who are related to or live with the client. Signed 05/19/09
2362 Relating to providing support for judicial branch agencies by imposing surcharges on court fees and requesting the supreme court to consider increases to attorney licensing fees. Signed 05/19/09
2363 Relating to temporary suspension of cost-of-living increases for educational employees. Signed 05/19/09


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5001 Relating to the American Indian endowed scholarship program. Signed 04/28/09
5008 Relating to hunting licensing requirements for members of the military. Signed 04/29/09
5009 Relating to benefits charged to the experience rating accounts of employers. Signed 04/10/09
5011 Relating to fire safety standards for novelty lighters. Signed 04/29/09
5012 Relating to abducted or missing persons. Signed 04/08/09
5013 Relating to fees collected by county clerks. Signed 05/08/09
5015 Relating to foster parent licensing. Signed 04/24/09
5017 Relating to inactive voters. Signed 04/16/09
5028 Relating to jurisdictional route transfers. Signed 04/28/09
5030 Relating to militia records, property, command, and administration. Signed 04/08/09
5035 Relating to improving veterans' access to services. Signed 04/08/09
5038 Relating to making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5040 Relating to clarifying and prescribing penalties for gambling under the age of eighteen. Signed 05/06/09
5042 Relating to first-time paperwork violations by small businesses. Signed 05/06/09
5043 Relating to creating a higher education coordination board work group to develop a single, coordinated student access portal. Signed 04/08/09
5044 Relating to the state work-study program. Signed 04/22/09
5045 Relating to community revitalization financing. Signed 04/29/09
5055 Relating to protecting the interests of customers of public service companies in proceedings before the Washington utilities and transportation commission. Signed 04/08/09
5056 Relating to health care professionals reporting violent injuries. Signed 05/06/09
5060 Relating to the use of manufactured wine or beer. Signed 05/06/09
5071 Relating to the state endemic mammal. Signed 05/12/09
5073 Relating to consolidating accounts into the state general fund. Signed 05/14/09
5102 Relating to increasing the number of district court judges in Benton county. Signed 04/13/09
5107 Relating to energy overlay zones. Signed 05/08/09
5110 Relating to allowing wedding boutiques and art galleries to serve wine or beer to their customers who are twenty-one years of age or older. Signed 05/06/09
5117 Relating to intensive behavior support services for children with developmental disabilities. Signed 04/23/09
5120 Relating to agricultural structures. Signed 05/06/09
5125 Relating to the Washington horse racing commission Washington bred owners' bonus fund and breeder awards account. Signed 04/13/09
5130 Relating to access to public records by persons serving criminal sentences in correctional facilities. Signed 03/20/09
5131 Relating to crisis referral services for criminal justice and correctional personnel. Signed 04/08/09
5135 Relating to the number of district court judges in King county and Spokane county. Signed 04/08/09
5136 Relating to the use of solar energy panels by members of homeowners' associations. Signed 04/10/09
5147 Relating to criminal libel. Signed 04/13/09
5151 Relating to the appointment of court commissioners to assist with criminal cases. Signed 04/20/09
5153 Relating to creating the uniform foreign-country money judgments recognition act. Signed 05/06/09
5156 Relating to certification actions of Washington peace officers. Signed 04/08/09
5160 Relating to service of notice from seizing law enforcement agencies. Signed 05/06/09
5164 Relating to placing restrictions on check cashers' and sellers' communications when collecting delinquent small loans. Signed 03/25/09
5166 Relating to license suspension for the failure to pay child support. Signed 05/07/09
5171 Relating to modifying the Washington principal and income act of 2002. Signed 05/06/09
5172 Relating to establishing a University of Washington center for human rights. Signed 05/12/09
5173 Relating to honorary doctorate degrees. Signed 04/30/09
5177 Relating to establishing a global Asia institute. Signed 05/12/09
5180 Relating to public transit vehicle stops at unmarked stop zones. Signed 04/29/09
5184 Relating to evaluating the need for a digital forensic crime lab. Signed 04/08/09
5190 Relating to technical corrections to ensure accurate sentences for offenders. Signed 04/08/09
5195 Relating to adopting the life settlements model act. Signed 04/16/09
5199 Relating to public water supply system operators. Signed / Partial Veto 05/06/09
5221 Relating to distressed property conveyances. Signed 03/25/09
5228 Relating to calculating construction projects by county forces. Signed 04/08/09
5229 Relating to the legislative youth advisory council. Signed 05/07/09
5233 Relating to county elected officials keeping offices at the county seat. Signed 04/16/09
5238 Relating to mailing information to certain members of the state retirement systems. Signed 04/08/09
5248 Relating to the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children. Signed 05/07/09
5252 Relating to correctional facility policies regarding medication management. Signed 05/07/09
5261 Relating to creating an electronic statewide unified sex offender notification and registration program. Signed 04/08/09
5262 Relating to law enforcement and court access to driver's license photographs for the purposes of identity verification. Signed 05/06/09
5263 Relating to prohibiting devices in schools that are designed to administer to a person or an animal an electric shock, charge, or impulse. Signed 05/11/09
5267 Relating to the issuance of checks by joint operating agencies and public utility districts. Signed 04/22/09
5268 Relating to the fish and wildlife equipment revolving account. Signed 05/06/09
5270 Relating to voter registration. Signed 05/06/09
5271 Relating to candidate filing. Signed 04/16/09
5273 Relating to the practice of landscape architecture. Signed 05/06/09
5276 Relating to increasing the availability of engineering programs in public universities. Signed 04/24/09
5277 Relating to district court clerk fees. Signed 05/06/09
5284 Relating to truth in music advertising; adding a new section to chapter 19.25 RCW. Signed 04/16/09
5285 Relating to guardians ad litem. Signed 05/14/09
5286 Relating to exemptions from the WorkFirst program. Vetoed 05/15/09
5288 Relating to the supervision of offenders. Signed / Partial Veto 05/06/09
5289 Relating to an addition to the scenic and recreational highway system. Signed 04/29/09
5290 Relating to requests made by a party concerning gas or electrical company discounts for low-income senior customers and low- income customers. Signed 04/08/09
5298 Relating to removing the penalty language from natural resource civil infractions. Signed 04/22/09
5303 Relating to the transfer of public employees' retirement system plan 2 members to the school employees' retirement system plan 2. Signed 04/24/09
5305 Relating to repealing certain obsolete state retirement system statutes. Signed 04/16/09
5315 Relating to extending the survivor annuity option for preretirement death in plan 1 of the public employees' retirement system to members who die after leaving active service. Signed 04/16/09
5318 Relating to adding additional appropriate locations for the transfer of newborn children. Signed / Partial Veto 04/30/09
5321 Relating to extending a local sales and use tax that is credited against the state sales and use tax. Signed 05/19/09
5322 Relating to civil service commissions for sheriffs' offices. Signed 04/16/09
5326 Relating to notice to individuals convicted of a sex offense as a juvenile of their ability to terminate registration requirements. Signed 04/24/09
5327 Relating to technical corrections to election provisions. Signed 04/16/09
5340 Relating to internet and mail order sales of certain tobacco products. Signed 04/29/09
5343 Relating to exempting certified public accountants and enrolled agents from the restrictions on marketing estate distribution documents for certain purposes. Signed 04/16/09
5344 Relating to providing emergency response towing vessels. Signed 03/24/09
5346 Relating to establishing streamlined and uniform administrative procedures for payors and providers of health care services. Signed 04/30/09
5348 Relating to removing references to mitigation banking project eligibility for moneys in the habitat conservation account and the riparian protection account. Signed 03/25/09
5350 Relating to special permits for poultry slaughter, preparation, and sale. Signed 04/16/09
5352 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 05/13/09
5354 Relating to public hospital capital facility areas. Signed 05/14/09
5355 Relating to initial levy rates for rural county library districts. Signed 04/30/09
5356 Relating to direct retail endorsements issued by the department of fish and wildlife. Signed 04/23/09
5359 Relating to identifying marks on ballots. Signed 05/08/09
5360 Relating to community health care collaborative grants. Signed / Partial Veto 04/30/09
5367 Relating to a spirits, beer, and wine nightclub license. Signed 04/29/09
5368 Relating to making provisions for all counties to value property annually for property tax purposes. Signed 04/30/09
5369 Relating to adding and deleting counseling professions subject to the authority of the secretary of health under the uniform disciplinary act. Signed 04/10/09
5380 Relating to the statute of limitations for certain crimes. Signed 04/10/09
5388 Relating to motor vehicle dealer disclosure of damage and repairs in the sale of new motor vehicles. Signed 04/10/09
5391 Relating to regulating body art, body piercing, and tattooing practitioners, shops, and businesses. Signed 05/07/09
5401 Relating to habitat open space. Signed 04/28/09
5402 Relating to prevention of animal cruelty. Signed 04/30/09
5410 Relating to online learning. Signed 05/18/09
5413 Relating to assault of a law enforcement officer or other employee of a law enforcement agency. Signed 04/20/09
5414 Relating to statewide assessments and curricula. Signed / Partial Veto 04/30/09
5417 Relating to flood insurance coverage. Signed 03/25/09
5421 Relating to creating the Columbia river recreational salmon and steelhead pilot stamp program. Signed 05/08/09
5423 Relating to critical access hospitals not subject to certificate of need reviews. Signed 04/10/09
5426 Relating to authorizing certain areas in cities or towns with a population greater than five thousand but less than ten thousand to annex to a fire protection district. Signed 04/16/09
5431 Relating to subsequent foster family home placements. Signed 05/14/09
5433 Relating to modifying provisions of local option taxes. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5434 Relating to prohibited practices in accountancy. Signed 04/16/09
5436 Relating to payment arrangements involving direct practices. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5437 Relating to the state conservation commission. Signed 04/10/09
5452 Relating to increasing the debt limit of the housing finance commission. Signed 04/30/09
5460 Relating to reducing the administrative cost of state government during the 2007-2009 and 2009-2011 fiscal biennia. Signed 02/18/09
5461 Relating to reserve account and study requirements for condominium associations. Signed 04/30/09
5468 Relating to permitting an exemption for nonprofit housing organizations from the consumer loan act. Signed 04/30/09
5469 Relating to limitations on the use of intermediate licenses. Signed 04/17/09
5470 Relating to providing sales and use tax exemptions for senior residents of qualified low-income senior housing facilities. Signed 05/14/09
5473 Relating to streamlining development through the designation of projects of statewide significance. Signed 05/08/09
5480 Relating to creating the Washington health care discount plan organization act. Signed 04/22/09
5481 Relating to veterans' burials. Signed 04/10/09
5482 Relating to two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles. Signed 04/29/09
5487 Relating to notification of nonrenewal of contracts for certificated employees. Signed 04/10/09
5492 Relating to applying RCW 41.56.430 through 41.56.490 to employees working under a site certificate issued under chapter 80.50 RCW. Signed 04/17/09
5499 Relating to bond amounts for department of transportation highway contracts. Signed / Partial Veto 05/13/09
5501 Relating to the secure exchange of health information. Signed 04/30/09
5504 Relating to reclaimed water permitting. Signed 05/11/09
5509 Relating to clarifying rental car company charges, surcharges, and fees to be included in rental car agreements. Signed 05/05/09
5510 Relating to notification in dependency matters. Signed 05/14/09
5511 Relating to making changes affecting city-county assistance account distributions in response to the recommendations of the joint legislative audit and review committee. Signed 04/17/09
5513 Relating to law enforcement authority concerning civil infractions and unlawful transit conduct. Signed 04/29/09
5525 Relating to rental vouchers to allow release from state institutions. Signed / Partial Veto 05/11/09
5531 Relating to modifying provisions relating to consumer protection act violations. Signed 05/06/09
5537 Relating to having one debt limit by eliminating the statutory debt limit. Signed 05/15/09
5539 Relating to the investment expenses of counties. Signed 05/19/09
5540 Relating to high capacity transportation service. Signed 04/29/09
5542 Relating to members of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2 who were disabled in the line of duty before January 1, 2001. Vetoed 04/16/09
5547 Relating to respite care for primary care providers of persons with developmental disabilities. Signed 04/30/09
5551 Relating to recess periods for elementary school students. Signed 04/23/09
5554 Relating to the job skills program. Signed 05/19/09
5556 Relating to toll enforcement for infractions detected through the use of a photo enforcement system. Signed 04/29/09
5560 Relating to state agency climate leadership. Signed / Partial Veto 05/15/09
5561 Relating to the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in dwelling units. Signed 04/30/09
5562 Relating to protecting the ability of forest landowners to continue active forestry operations. Signed 04/24/09
5565 Relating to limiting the use of certain solid fuel burning devices. Signed 04/29/09
5566 Relating to harmonizing excise tax statutes with the streamlined sales and use tax agreement in regards to direct sellers, telecommunications ancillary services, commercial parking taxes, and exemption certificates. Signed 04/30/09
5568 Relating to enhancing tax collection tools for the department of revenue in order to promote fairness and administrative efficiency. Signed 04/30/09
5571 Relating to requiring the use of electronic methods for taxes administered by the department of revenue, including filing of taxes, payment of taxes, assessment of taxes, and other taxpayer information. Signed 04/22/09
5574 Relating to protecting consumer data in motor vehicles. Signed 05/14/09
5580 Relating to the time limits of school impact fee expenditures. Signed 04/28/09
5581 Relating to sunscreening devices. Signed 04/20/09
5583 Relating to improving the effectiveness of water bank authorization and exchange provisions. Signed 04/29/09
5587 Relating to authorizing existing city and county real estate excise taxes to be expended on municipally owned heavy rail short lines. Signed 04/24/09
5595 Relating to the termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of franchises between new motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Signed 03/25/09
5599 Relating to approving the entry of Washington into the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote on the same terms and conditions as entered into by the states of Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey. Signed 04/28/09
5601 Relating to speech-language pathology assistants. Signed 04/30/09
5608 Relating to genetic counselors. Signed / Partial Veto 04/30/09
5610 Relating to the release of driving record abstracts for employment purposes. Signed 04/29/09
5613 Relating to authorizing the department of labor and industries to issue stop work orders for violations of certain workers' compensation provisions. Signed 04/23/09
5616 Relating to connecting business expansion and recruitment to customized training. Signed 04/30/09
5629 Relating to programs for the prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Signed 04/30/09
5642 Relating to designating state route number 164 as a highway of statewide significance. Signed 04/28/09
5649 Relating to achieving greater energy efficiency in buildings. Signed / Partial Veto 05/07/09
5651 Relating to providing humanitarian requirements for certain dog breeding practices. Signed 04/30/09
5665 Relating to a joint self-insurance program for affordable housing entities. Signed 04/30/09
5671 Relating to the suitability of annuities sold in Washington. Signed 03/30/09
5673 Relating to requiring certificates of need for certain hospitals. Signed 04/30/09
5676 Relating to middle school career and technical education. Signed 04/24/09
5677 Relating to the dairy nutrient management program. Signed 04/20/09
5680 Relating to the property tax exemption for nonprofit artistic, scientific, historical, and performing arts organizations. Signed 04/10/09
5684 Relating to environmental mitigation in highway construction. Signed 05/13/09
5688 Relating to further expanding the rights and responsibilities of state registered domestic partners. Signed 05/18/09
5695 Relating to the authority of the Washington state patrol to accept donations. Signed 04/16/09
5699 Relating to the office of public guardianship. Signed 04/16/09
5705 Relating to voting rights in special districts. Signed 04/20/09
5718 Relating to the commitment of sexually violent predators. Signed 05/07/09
5719 Relating to title and registration requirements for kit vehicles. Signed 04/29/09
5720 Relating to tuition waivers for stepchildren of veterans and national guard members. Signed 04/30/09
5723 Relating to providing support for small business assistance. Signed 05/14/09
5724 Relating to electricity from biomass energy that is a renewable resource. Signed 04/29/09
5725 Relating to organ transplant lifetime limits. Signed 05/14/09
5731 Relating to distribution of health plan information. Signed 04/30/09
5732 Relating to traffic infractions for drivers whose licenses or privileges are suspended or revoked. Signed 05/14/09
5734 Relating to tuition fees. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5738 Relating to annual compliance reports. Signed 04/30/09
5739 Relating to renewing a concealed pistol license by members of the armed forces. Signed 04/10/09
5746 Relating to sentencing provisions for juveniles adjudicated of certain crimes. Signed 05/11/09
5752 Relating to cost recovery in disciplinary proceedings involving dentists. Signed 04/22/09
5765 Relating to the fruit and vegetable district fund. Signed 04/24/09
5767 Relating to nonsubstantive changes clarifying outdoor burning provisions of the Washington clean air act. Signed 04/16/09
5768 Relating to identifying the final design for the state route number 99 Alaskan Way viaduct replacement project as a deep bore tunnel. Signed 05/12/09
5776 Relating to student fees, charges, and assessments. Signed 04/22/09
5777 Relating to the Washington state health insurance pool. Signed 05/19/09
5793 Relating to a single-occupancy farm conveyance. Signed 04/17/09
5795 Relating to the Tacoma Narrows toll bridge account. Signed 05/19/09
5797 Relating to exemptions from solid waste handling permit requirements. Signed 04/22/09
5804 Relating to voluntarily leaving part-time work. Signed 04/28/09
5808 Relating to the annexation of unincorporated areas served by fire protection districts. Signed 04/10/09
5809 Relating to workforce employment and training. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5810 Relating to foreclosures on deeds of trust. Signed 04/30/09
5811 Relating to foster child placements. Signed 05/14/09
5832 Relating to allowing the prosecution of sex offenses against minor victims until the victim's twenty-eighth birthday if the offense is listed in RCW 9A.04.080(1) (b)(iii)(A) or (c). Signed 04/10/09
5834 Relating to alcoholic beverage regulation. Signed 05/06/09
5839 Relating to the administration of irrigation districts. Signed 04/20/09
5850 Relating to protecting workers from human trafficking violations. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/09
5854 Relating to reducing climate pollution in the built environment. Signed 05/08/09
5873 Relating to apprentice utilization. Signed 04/23/09
5881 Relating to truancy. Signed 04/28/09
5882 Relating to an evaluation of two recommendations made by the racial disproportionality advisory committee. Signed 04/24/09
5889 Relating to flexibility in the education system. Signed 05/19/09
5891 Relating to establishing a forum for testing primary care medical home reimbursement pilot projects. Signed 04/30/09
5892 Relating to authorizing state purchased health care programs to maximize appropriate prescription drug use in a cost-effective manner. Signed 05/19/09
5894 Relating to authorizing the utilities and transportation commission to forbear from rate and service regulation of certain transportation services. Signed 05/19/09
5901 Relating to modifying provisions of the local infrastructure financing tool program. Signed 04/28/09
5903 Relating to public works contracts for residential construction. Signed 04/10/09
5904 Relating to defining independent contractor for purposes of prevailing wage. Signed 04/10/09
5909 Relating to clarifying the application of the high technology retail sales and use tax deferral provided by chapter 82.63 RCW. Signed 04/28/09
5913 Relating to online access to the University of Washington health sciences library by certain health care providers. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
5915 Relating to authorizing emergency rule making when necessary to implement budget appropriations and reductions. Signed 05/19/09
5921 Relating to creating a clean energy leadership initiative. Signed 05/04/09
5925 Relating to insurance requirements for higher education students participating in study or research abroad. Signed 04/30/09
5931 Relating to licensed mental health practitioner privilege. Signed 05/08/09
5944 Relating to Lake Whatcom phosphorus loading. Signed 04/10/09
5945 Relating to creating the Washington health partnership plan. Signed / Partial Veto 05/18/09
5952 Relating to modifying the definition of "sexual orientation" for malicious harassment prosecution purposes. Signed 04/22/09
5963 Relating to unemployment insurance. Signed 05/14/09
5967 Relating to prohibiting unfair practices in public community athletics programs by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. Signed 05/12/09
5973 Relating to closing the achievement gap in order to provide all students an excellent and equitable education. Signed 05/12/09
5974 Relating to transporting or accepting delivery of live nonambulatory livestock. Signed 05/05/09
5976 Relating to extending tire replacement fees. Signed 04/28/09
5978 Relating to consumer rebates. Signed 05/06/09
5980 Relating to school plant funding. Signed 04/17/09
5987 Relating to department of corrections training. Signed 04/20/09
5989 Relating to the greenhouse gas emissions performance standard under chapter 80.80 RCW. Signed 04/20/09
5995 Relating to eliminating certain boards, committees, and commissions and the transfer of certain duties effective June 30, 2009. Signed 05/19/09
6000 Relating to real estate disclosure requirements regarding homeowners' associations. Signed 04/17/09
6002 Relating to the Washington state quality forum. Signed 05/14/09
6009 Relating to the protection of residents of long-term care facilities. Signed 05/14/09
6015 Relating to the directing the community, trade, and economic development to review commercialization and innovation in the life sciences and technology sectors. Signed 05/08/09
6016 Relating to training for educators to identify students with dyslexia. Signed 05/18/09
6019 Relating to employee wellness programs. Signed 04/17/09
6024 Relating to applications for public assistance from persons currently ineligible to receive assistance. Signed 04/23/09
6033 Relating to creating the prevent or reduce owner-occupied foreclosure program. Signed / Partial Veto 05/07/09
6036 Relating to water cleanup planning and implementation. Signed 05/11/09
6068 Relating to the definition of "conviction" for purposes of the uniform commercial driver's license act. Signed 04/22/09
6070 Relating to disposal of dredged riverbed materials from the Mt. St. Helen's eruption. Signed 05/08/09
6088 Relating to commute trip reduction for state agencies. Signed 05/08/09
6095 Relating to the Puget Sound pilotage district tariff. Signed 05/15/09
6096 Relating to the taxation of the manufacturing and selling of fuel for consumption outside the waters of the United States by vessels in foreign commerce. Signed 05/14/09
6104 Relating to state agency hours of operation. Signed 05/08/09
6108 Relating to allowing the state lottery commission to enter into an agreement to conduct an additional shared lottery game. Signed 05/19/09
6121 Relating to the surcharge to fund biotoxin testing and monitoring. Signed 05/19/09
6122 Relating to reducing costs of the elections division of the office of the secretary of state. Signed / Partial Veto 05/08/09
6126 Relating to boxing, martial arts, and wrestling events. Signed 05/08/09
6137 Relating to common schools. Signed 05/18/09
6157 Relating to the calculation of compensation for public retirement purposes during the 2009-2011 fiscal biennium. Signed 05/08/09
6158 Relating to delaying the implementation of the family leave insurance program. Signed 05/18/09
6161 Relating to actuarial funding of pension systems. Signed 05/19/09
6162 Relating to criminal justice: Providing for the supervision of offenders sentenced to community custody regardless of risk classification if the offender has a current conviction for a serious violent offense as defined in RCW 9.94A.030. Signed / Partial Veto 05/06/09
6165 Relating to allowing greater use of short boards for appeals before the shorelines hearings board. Signed 05/08/09
6166 Relating to the sale of timber from state trust lands. Signed / Partial Veto 05/08/09
6167 Relating to crimes against property. Signed 05/08/09
6168 Relating to reducing costs in state elementary and secondary education programs. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/09
6169 Relating to enhancing tax collection tools for the department of revenue in order to promote fairness and administrative efficiency. Signed 05/19/09
6170 Relating to environmental tax incentives. Signed 05/12/09
6171 Relating to savings in programs under the supervision of the department of health. Signed 05/14/09
6173 Relating to improving sales tax compliance. Signed 05/19/09
6179 Relating to chemical dependency specialist services. Signed 05/19/09
6180 Relating to the training and background checks of long-term care workers. Signed 05/19/09
6181 Relating to the intensive resource home pilot. Vetoed 05/19/09