2012 Bill Action

Updated May 2, 2012

All legislation has been acted upon.

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House Bills

Bill Description Action Date
1057 Relating to the creation of the farm labor account. Signed 03/29/12
1073 Relating to the disposition of remains of persons who died while serving on active duty in any branch of the United States armed forces, United States reserve forces, or national guard. Signed 03/07/12
1194 Relating to bail for felony offenses. Signed 03/07/12
1234 Relating to law enforcement crime prevention efforts regarding security alarm systems and crime watch programs for residential and commercial locations. Signed 03/29/12
1381 Relating to sufficient cause for the nonuse of water. Signed 03/07/12
1398 Relating to exempting low-income housing from impact fees. Signed 03/30/12
1486 Relating to authorizing Washington pharmacies to fill prescriptions written by advanced registered nurse practitioners in other states. Signed 03/07/12
1552 Relating to garnishment. Signed 03/29/12
1559 Relating to indemnification agreements involving design professionals. Signed 03/29/12
1627 Relating to limiting the authority of boundary review boards to expand an annexation to twice the area of the proposed annexation. Signed 03/30/12
1652 Relating to electronic impersonation. Signed 03/07/12
1700 Relating to modifying the requirements related to designing various transportation projects. Signed 03/23/12
1775 Relating to juvenile restorative justice programs. Signed 03/30/12
1820 Relating to the blue alert system. Signed 03/15/12
1860 Relating to partisan elections. Signed 03/29/12
1983 Relating to increasing fee assessments for prostitution and trafficking crimes and requiring sex offender registration for second and subsequent convictions of promoting prostitution in the first or second degree. Signed 03/29/12
2048 Relating to low-income and homeless housing assistance surcharges. Signed 03/29/12
2056 Relating to assisted living facilities. Signed 03/07/12
2127 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/02/12
2138 Relating to national Korean war veterans armistice day. Signed 03/07/12
2139 Relating to the establishment of new regional support network boundaries. Signed 03/29/12
2149 Relating to personal property tax assessment administration, authorizing waiver of penalties and interest under specified circumstances. Signed 03/20/12
2152 Relating to timelines associated with plats. Signed 03/29/12
2156 Relating to the coordination and evaluation of workforce training for aerospace and materials manufacturing. Signed 03/19/12
2177 Relating to protecting children from sexual exploitation. Signed 03/29/12
2181 Relating to extending the age for service in the Washington state guard. Signed 03/07/12
2186 Relating to improving the ability of licenses midwives to work with registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Signed 03/07/12
2188 Relating to air rescue or evacuation services. Signed 03/29/12
2190 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/23/12
2191 Relating to police dogs. Signed 03/29/12
2194 Relating to modifying the manufactured/mobile home landlord tenant act and other related provisions. Signed 03/30/12
2195 Relating to the uniform interstate depositions and discovery act. Signed 03/29/12
2197 Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code. Signed 03/30/12
2210 Relating to extending contribution limits to school board candidates. Signed 03/30/12
2212 Relating to extending the expiration date of RCW 90.90.030. Signed 03/29/12
2213 Relating to modifying certain definitions for the purpose of firefighting services for unprotected lands. Signed 03/07/12
2216 Relating to vehicular homicide and vehicular assault sentences. Signed 03/29/12
2223 Relating to modifying the effective date of RCW 19.122.130 from 2011's underground utility damage prevention act. Signed 03/29/12
2224 Relating to Washington estate tax apportionment. Signed 03/29/12
2229 Relating to reporting of compensation for certain hospital employees. Signed 03/29/12
2233 Relating to creating a procedure for the state's retrocession of civil and criminal jurisdiction over Indian tribes and Indian country. Signed 03/19/12
2238 Relating to pairing required investments in compensatory environmental mitigation, including the mitigation of transportation projects, with existing programs currently referenced in Title 76 RCW that enhance natural environmental functions. Signed 03/23/12
2239 Relating to social purpose corporations. Signed 03/30/12
2244 Relating to aircraft and ultra-light operations on public or private airstrips. Signed 03/07/12
2247 Relating to expanding the types of medications that a public or private school employee may administer to include topical medication, eye drops, and ear drops. Signed 03/07/12
2252 Relating to proof of payment for certain transportation fares. Signed 03/23/12
2254 Relating to improving outcomes for youth in and alumni of foster care. Signed 03/29/12
2255 Relating to making technical corrections, modernizing statutes, and streamlining enforcement authorities of nondepository institutions regulated by the department of financial institutions. Signed 03/07/12
2259 Relating to higher education reporting requirements. Signed 03/30/12
2261 Relating to charitable donations of eye glasses and hearing instruments. Signed 03/30/12
2262 Relating to constraints of expenditures for WorkFirst and child care programs. Signed 03/30/12
2263 Relating to reinvesting savings resulting from improved outcomes in the child welfare system. Signed 03/30/12
2264 Relating to performance-based contracting for certain services provided to children and families in the child welfare system. Signed 03/30/12
2274 Relating to allowing registered tow truck operators to pass the costs of tolls and ferry fares to the impounded vehicle's registered owner. Signed 03/07/12
2293 Relating to the nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual corporations act. Signed 03/30/12
2299 Relating to special license plates. Signed 03/23/12
2301 Relating to boxing, martial arts, and wrestling. Signed 03/29/12
2302 Relating to being under the influence with a child in the vehicle. Signed 03/16/12
2304 Relating to transferring the low-level radioactive waste site use permit program from the department of ecology to the department of health. Signed 03/07/12
2305 Relating to contracts with community service organizations for public improvements. Signed 03/30/12
2306 Relating to authorizing the presentation of claims for payment for pathology services to direct patient-provider primary care practices. Signed 03/29/12
2308 Relating to awarding of costs, including attorneys' fees, in actions challenging actions taken by professional peer review bodies. Signed 03/29/12
2312 Relating to military service award emblems. Signed 03/23/12
2313 Relating to meeting procedures of the boards of trustees and boards of regents of institutions of higher education. Signed 03/30/12
2314 Relating to implementing revisions to long-term care services without delaying the start of the long-term care worker
minimum training or certification requirements in Initiative Measure No. 1163 beyond January 7, 2012, reducing those requirements, or, except for long-term care workers employed by community residential service businesses, exempting additional workers from those requirements.
Signed 03/29/12
2318 Relating to shared decision making. Signed 03/29/12
2319 Relating to furthering state implementation of the health benefit exchange and related provisions of the affordable care act. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/23/12
2326 Relating to protecting air quality that is impacted by high emitting solid fuel burning devices. Signed 03/30/12
2328 Relating to job order contracting. Signed 03/29/12
2329 Relating to replacing encumbered state forest lands for the benefit of multiple participating counties. Signed 03/29/12
2337 Relating to open educational resources in K-12 education. Signed 03/29/12
2341 Relating to community benefits provided by hospitals. Signed 03/29/12
2346 Relating to removing the requirement that correctional officers of the department of corrections purchase uniforms from correctional industries. Signed 03/30/12
2347 Relating to the possession of spring blade knives. Signed 03/29/12
2349 Relating to the management of beavers. Signed 03/29/12
2352 Relating to institutions of higher education services and activities fees. Signed 03/29/12
2354 Relating to adding trafficking in stolen property in the first and second degrees to the six-year statute of limitations provisions. Signed 03/29/12
2356 Relating to state capital funding of health and safety improvements at agricultural fairs. Signed 03/30/12
2357 Relating to sales and use tax for chemical dependency, mental health treatment, and therapeutic courts. Signed 03/29/12
2360 Relating to deposit and investment provisions for the prearrangement trust funds of cemetery authorities and funeral establishments. Signed 03/30/12
2361 Relating to usage-based automobile insurance and exempting certain usage-based insurance information from public inspection. Signed 03/30/12
2362 Relating to wine producer liens. Signed 03/29/12
2363 Relating to protecting victims of domestic violence and harassment. Signed 03/30/12
2366 Relating to requiring certain health professionals to complete education in suicide assessment, treatment, and management. Signed 03/29/12
2367 Relating to the dairy products commission. Signed 03/29/12
2373 Relating to the state's management of its recreational resources. Signed 03/30/12
2384 Relating to personal vehicle sharing programs. Signed 03/29/12
2389 Relating to modifying the submission dates for economic and revenue forecasts. Signed 03/29/12
2393 Relating to federal new hire reporting requirements. Signed 03/29/12
2420 Relating to a study and report concerning direct practices that the office of the insurance commissioner must provide to the legislature. Signed 03/30/12
2422 Relating to aviation biofuels production. Signed 03/23/12
2440 Relating to authorizing the department of natural resources to provide wildfire protection services for public lands managed by state agencies. Signed 03/15/12
2443 Relating to increasing accountability of persons who drive impaired. Signed 03/29/12
2452 Relating to centralizing the authority and responsibility for the development, process, and oversight of state procurement of goods and services. Signed 03/30/12
2456 Relating to information regarding agriculture and livestock. Signed 03/29/12
2459 Relating to the confiscation of commercial motor vehicle license plates when operated with a revoked registration. Signed 03/23/12
2469 Relating to boatyard storm water treatment systems. Signed 03/29/12
2473 Relating to creating a medication assistant endorsement for certified nursing assistants who work in nursing homes. Signed 03/30/12
2482 Relating to designating innovation partnership zones. Signed 03/30/12
2483 Relating to higher education coordination. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
2485 Relating to authorizing school districts to use electronic formats for warrants. Signed 03/30/12
2491 Relating to specifying when predecessor-successor relationships do not exist for purposes of unemployment experience rating. Signed 05/02/12
2492 Relating to requiring the state board of education to provide fiscal impact statements before making rule changes. Signed 03/30/12
2499 Relating to expanding disclosure of political advertising to include advertising supporting or opposing ballot measures. Signed 03/30/12
2502 Relating to modifying exceptions to the compensating tax provisions for removal from forest land classification to more closely parallel open space property tax provisions. Signed 03/29/12
2509 Relating to improving workplace safety and health by enacting the blueprint for safety program. Vetoed 03/30/12
2523 Relating to insurers and insurance products. Signed 03/30/12
2535 Relating to creating a juvenile gang court. Signed 03/29/12
2536 Relating to the use of evidence-based practices for the delivery of services to children and juveniles. Signed 03/30/12
2541 Relating to sealing juvenile records. Vetoed 03/29/12
2545 Relating to fuel usage by local governments. Signed 03/29/12
2565 Relating to persons who operate a roll-your-own cigarette machine at retail establishments. Signed 05/02/12
2567 Relating to authorizing an optional system of rates and charges for conservation districts. Signed 03/20/12
2570 Relating to metal property theft. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
2571 Relating to waste, fraud, and abuse prevention, detection, and recovery to improve program integrity for medical services programs. Signed 03/30/12
2574 Relating to special license plates with a special year tab for persons with disabilities. Signed 03/23/12
2582 Relating to billing practices for health care services. Signed 03/29/12
2585 Relating to creating efficiencies for institutions of higher education. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
2586 Relating to phasing-in statewide implementation of the Washington kindergarten inventory of developing skills. Signed 03/19/12
2590 Relating to extending the expiration of the pollution liability insurance agency's authority and its funding source. Signed 05/02/12
2592 Relating to extended foster care services. Signed 03/19/12
2614 Relating to assisting homeowners in crisis by providing alternatives, remedies, and assistance. Signed 03/29/12
2617 Relating to school district financial insolvency. Signed 03/29/12
2620 Relating to transferring the investment of funds in certain accounts from the state investment board to the state treasurer. Signed 03/29/12
2640 Relating to emphasizing cost-effectiveness in the housing trust fund. Signed 03/30/12
2651 Relating to changing the numeric limit for bacterial contamination for industrial storm water permittees with discharges to water bodies listed as impaired to a narrative limit. Signed 03/29/12
2653 Relating to correcting technical statutory cross-references in previous private infrastructure development legislation for certain provisions relating to regulatory fees for wastewater companies. Signed 03/29/12
2657 Relating to adoption support expenditures. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/29/12
2660 Relating to transportation revenue. Signed 03/23/12
2664 Relating to the voluntary option to purchase qualified energy resources. Signed 03/29/12
2671 Relating to clarifying procedures for appealing department of ecology final action on a local shoreline master program by ensuring consistency with existing procedural provisions of the growth management act, chapter 36.70A RCW, the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW, and the state environmental policy act, chapter 43.21C RCW. Signed 03/29/12
2673 Relating to transportation workforce development. Signed 03/23/12
2692 Relating to the reduction of the commercial sale of sex. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/29/12
2705 Relating to the consolidation of legislative support functions into an office of legislative support services. Signed 03/29/12
2747 Relating to modifying the use of funds in the fire service training account. Signed 03/29/12
2757 Relating to establishing the center for childhood deafness and hearing loss account and the school for the blind account. Signed 03/29/12
2758 Relating to strengthening the department of revenue's ability to collect spirits taxes imposed under RCW 82.08.150. Signed 03/15/12
2771 Relating to employer and employee relationships under the state retirement systems. Signed 03/30/12
2799 Relating to authorizing a five-year pilot project for up to six collaborative schools for innovation and success operated by school districts in partnership with colleges of education. Signed 03/19/12
2803 Relating to limiting the rates paid to providers for medical services for incarcerated offenders, increasing the copay on medical services, and authorizing the department of corrections to submit medicaid applications on behalf of incarcerated offenders. Signed 03/30/12
2814 Relating to the replacement of certain elements of the state route number 520 corridor. Signed 03/23/12
2822 Relating to local sales and use tax account deposits and distributions. Signed 05/02/12
2823 Relating to redirecting existing state revenues into the state general fund. Signed 05/02/12
2824 Relating to addressing comprehensive funding for education by developing a plan for full funding and by freeing certain existing revenues for support of the basic education program. Signed 05/02/12
2828 Relating to removing the requirement that the department of social and health services or the department of early learning take appropriate action to establish or enforce support obligations whenever it receives an application for subsidized child care services or working connections child care services. Signed 05/02/12
2834 Relating to providing cost savings for local governments by reducing a limited number of reporting requirements. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/02/12


Senate Bills

Bill Description Action Date
5127 Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed 04/23/12
5159 Relating to transferring service credit and contributions into the Washington state patrol retirement system by members who served as commercial vehicle enforcement officers and communications officers and then became commissioned troopers in the Washington state patrol. Signed 03/23/12
5188 Relating to harmonizing certain traffic control signal provisions relative to yellow change intervals, certain fine amount limitations, and certain signage and reporting requirements. Signed 03/23/12
5217 Relating to appointing student members on the board of trustees for community colleges. Signed 03/29/12
5246 Relating to employer review of abstracts of driving records. Signed 03/23/12
5259 Relating to the tax payment and reporting requirements of small wineries. Signed 03/07/12
5292 Relating to exempting certain structures that are constructed and maintained by irrigation districts and port districts from the definition of critical areas. Signed 03/07/12
5343 Relating to air emissions from anaerobic digesters. Signed 03/30/12
5355 Relating to special meetings. Signed 03/29/12
5365 Relating to the purchase of retirement pension coverage by certain volunteer firefighters and reserve officers. Signed 03/30/12
5381 Relating to adjusting voting requirements for the renewal of emergency medical service levies. Signed 03/29/12
5412 Relating to whistleblowing in the conveyance workplace. Signed 03/19/12
5539 Relating to Washington's motion picture competitiveness. Signed 03/29/12
5575 Relating to promoting and sustaining investment and employment in economically distressed communities dependent on agricultural or natural resource industries by recognizing certain biomass energy facilities constructed before March 31, 1999, as an eligible renewable resource. Signed 03/07/12
5620 Relating to the certification of dental anesthesia assistants. Signed 03/07/12
5627 Relating to service members' civil relief. Signed 03/07/12
5631 Relating to removing obsolete provisions in statutes administered by the department of agriculture. Signed 03/07/12
5661 Relating to derelict fishing gear. Signed 03/29/12
5715 Relating to adopting core competencies for early care and education professionals and child and youth development professionals. Signed 03/29/12
5766 Relating to fire protection district commissioners. Signed 03/29/12
5895 Relating to evaluating certificated employees. Signed 03/08/12
5913 Relating to increasing the permissible deposit of public funds with credit unions and authorizing the deposit of public funds at federally chartered credit unions. Signed 03/07/12
5940 Relating to public school employees' insurance benefits. Signed 05/02/12
5950 Relating to nonstate pension plans offered by towns. Signed 03/30/12
5966 Relating to establishing the office of the health care authority ombudsman. Signed 03/29/12
5978 Relating to medicaid fraud. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
5981 Relating to seed dealer license fees. Signed 03/20/12
5982 Relating to the joint center for aerospace technology innovation. Signed 03/30/12
5984 Relating to local government financial soundness. Signed 03/01/12
5991 Relating to reporting child abuse or neglect. Signed 03/19/12
5995 Relating to urban growth area boundary modifications for industrial land by certain counties. Signed 03/29/12
5997 Relating to the Olympic natural resources center. Signed 03/30/12
6002 Relating to adjustments to the school construction assistance formula. Signed 03/30/12
6005 Relating to the exemption of certain vehicles from the written estimate requirement for auto repair facilities. Signed 03/07/12
6030 Relating to license suspension clerical errors. Signed 03/07/12
6038 Relating to school construction assistance rules. Signed 03/30/12
6041 Relating to lighthouse schools. Signed 03/29/12
6044 Relating to the supply of water by public utility districts bordered by the Columbia river to be used in pumped storage projects. Signed 03/30/12
6046 Relating to the powers and duties of the gambling commission. Signed 03/29/12
6059 Relating to veterans' raffle. Signed 03/16/12
6073 Relating to sales and use taxes related to the state route number 16 corridor improvements project. Signed 03/23/12
6074 Relating to funding capital projects. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/23/12
6081 Relating to the imposition of a vessel replacement surcharge on certain ferry fares. Signed 03/23/12
6082 Relating to the preservation and conservation of agricultural resource lands. Signed 03/30/12
6095 Relating to making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Signed 03/29/12
6098 Relating to fingerprinting requirements for licensing of private investigators and private security guards. Signed 03/29/12
6100 Relating to clarifying and updating the administration of sexual assault grant programs by the department of commerce. Signed 03/07/12
6103 Relating to the practice of reflexology and massage therapy. Signed 03/29/12
6105 Relating to the prescription monitoring program. Signed 03/29/12
6108 Relating to clarifying the location at which the crime of theft of rental, leased, lease-purchased, or loaned property occurs. Signed 03/07/12
6112 Relating to the use of alternative traction devices on tires under certain conditions. Signed 03/23/12
6116 Relating to on-site sewage program management plans. Signed 03/29/12
6121 Relating to financial aid counseling. Signed 03/07/12
6131 Relating to clarifying certain issues with regard to the regulation of bulk mercury. Signed 03/29/12
6133 Relating to requiring training for eligibility for certain electrician certifications. Signed 03/07/12
6134 Relating to allowing department of fish and wildlife enforcement officers to transfer service credit. Signed 03/30/12
6135 Relating to fish and wildlife enforcement. Signed 03/29/12
6138 Relating to maximum vehicle lengths. Signed 03/23/12
6140 Relating to local economic development financing. Signed 03/29/12
6141 Relating to a lifelong learning program. Signed 03/07/12
6150 Relating to supporting the driver's license, permit, and identicard system, including the administration of a facial recognition matching system. Signed 03/23/12
6155 Relating to third-party account administrators. Signed 03/19/12
6157 Relating to juvenile detention intake standards for juveniles who are developmentally disabled. Signed 03/29/12
6159 Relating to a business and occupation tax deduction for amounts received with respect to dispute resolution services. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
6167 Relating to criminal identification system information for entities providing emergency shelter, interim housing, or transitional housing. Signed 03/16/12
6171 Relating to the weight limitation for certain vessels exempt from the pilotage act. Signed 03/23/12
6172 Relating to franchise investment protection. Signed 03/29/12
6175 Relating to establishing a government-to-government relationship between state government and federally recognized Indian tribes. Signed 03/29/12
6187 Relating to health care claims against state and governmental health care providers arising out of tortious conduct. Signed 03/30/12
6204 Relating to community supervision. Signed 05/02/12
6208 Relating to license fees under the warehouse act. Signed 03/29/12
6215 Relating to establishing an optional transportation benefit district rebate program for low-income individuals. Signed 03/29/12
6218 Relating to escrow licensing requirement exceptions. Signed 03/29/12
6223 Relating to repealing the early supplemental security income transition project. Signed 03/19/12
6226 Relating to authorization periods for subsidized child care. Signed 03/30/12
6237 Relating to creating a career pathway for medical assistants. Signed 03/29/12
6239 Relating to providing equal protection for all families in Washington by creating equality in civil marriage and changing the domestic partnership laws, while protecting religious freedom. Signed 02/13/12
6240 Relating to orders of disposition for juveniles. Signed 03/29/12
6242 Relating to specialty producer licenses. Signed 03/29/12
6251 Relating to advertising commercial sexual abuse of a minor. Signed 03/29/12
6252 Relating to commercial sexual abuse of a minor, promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor, and promoting prostitution in the first degree. Signed 03/29/12
6253 Relating to seizure and forfeiture. Signed 03/29/12
6254 Relating to promoting prostitution. Signed 03/29/12
6255 Relating to victims of human trafficking and promoting prostitution. Signed 03/29/12
6256 Relating to adding commercial sexual abuse of a minor to the list of criminal street gang-related offenses. Signed 03/29/12
6257 Relating to a sexually explicit act. Signed 03/29/12
6258 Relating to unaccompanied persons. Signed 03/29/12
6263 Relating to facilitating marine management planning. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
6277 Relating to creating authority for counties to exempt from property taxation new and rehabilitated multiple-unit dwellings in certain unincorporated urban centers. Signed 03/29/12
6284 Relating to reforming Washington's approach to certain nonsafety civil traffic infractions by authorizing a civil collection process for unpaid traffic fines and removing the requirement for law enforcement intervention for the failure to appear and pay a traffic ticket. Signed 03/23/12
6289 Relating to facilitating self-employment training. Signed 03/15/12
6290 Relating to military spouses or registered domestic partners occupational licensing status during deployment or placement outside Washington state. Signed 03/16/12
6295 Relating to exchange facilitator requirements. Signed 03/07/12
6296 Relating to background checks. Signed 03/29/12
6315 Relating to the fair tenant screening act. Signed 03/15/12
6325 Relating to exempting common interest community managers from real estate broker and managing broker licensing requirements. Signed 03/29/12
6328 Relating to the creation of a retired active license for mental health professionals. Signed 03/19/12
6354 Relating to filing of business forms with state agencies. Signed 03/29/12
6355 Relating to associate development organizations. Signed 03/29/12
6359 Relating to modifying provisions related to the office of regulatory assistance. Signed 03/29/12
6371 Relating to extending the customized employment training program. Signed 03/16/12
6378 Relating to benefits and contributions for new members of the public employees' retirement system, the teachers' retirement system, and the school employees' retirement system. Signed 05/02/12
6383 Relating to the Washington interscholastic activities association. Signed 03/29/12
6384 Relating to ensuring that persons with developmental disabilities be given the opportunity to transition to a community access program after enrollment in an employment program. Signed 03/19/12
6385 Relating to extending the habitat and recreation lands coordinating group until July 31, 2017. Signed 03/29/12
6386 Relating to fraud in state assistance programs. Signed 03/30/12
6387 Relating to state parks, recreation, and natural resources fiscal matters. Signed 03/30/12
6403 Relating to removing financial barriers to persons seeking vulnerable adult protection orders. Signed 03/29/12
6406 Relating to modifying programs that provide for the protection of the state's natural resources. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/02/12
6412 Relating to applying for health insurance coverage when an insurance carrier discontinues all individual health benefit plan coverage. Signed 03/23/12
6414 Relating to creating a review process to determine whether a proposed electric generation project or conservation resource qualifies to meet a target under RCW 19.285.040. Signed 03/30/12
6421 Relating to the affidavit of wages paid on public works. Signed 03/29/12
6423 Relating to the definition of farm vehicle. Signed 03/29/12
6444 Relating to eligible toll facilities. Signed 03/23/12
6445 Relating to financing the Interstate 5 Columbia river crossing project. Signed 03/15/12
6465 Relating to raffles exceeding five thousand dollars. Signed 03/29/12
6468 Relating to policies governing investments by state research universities. Signed 03/30/12
6470 Relating to benefit charges for the enhancement of fire protection services. Signed 03/16/12
6472 Relating to disclosure of carbon monoxide alarms in real estate transactions. Signed 03/29/12
6486 Relating to collective bargaining for postdoctoral researchers at certain state universities. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
6492 Relating to improving timeliness, efficiency, and accountability of forensic resource utilization associated with competency to stand trial. Signed 03/30/12
6493 Relating to sexually violent predator civil commitment cases. Signed 03/30/12
6494 Relating to improving truancy procedures by changing the applicability of mandatory truancy petition filing provisions to children under seventeen years of age, requiring initial petitions to contain information about the child's academic status, prohibiting issuance of a bench warrant at an initial truancy status hearing, and modifying school district reporting requirements after the court assumes jurisdiction in a truancy case. Signed 03/29/12
6508 Relating to department of social and health services waivers of overpayment recoveries. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/12
6545 Relating to transferring the powers, duties, and functions of the developmental disabilities endowment. Signed 03/29/12
6555 Relating to child protective services. Signed 03/30/12
6566 Relating to when a judgment lien on real property commences. Signed 03/29/12
6574 Relating to authorizing certain cities in which stadium and exhibition centers are located to impose admissions taxes in limited circumstances. Signed 03/30/12
6581 Relating to eliminating accounts and funds. Signed 03/29/12
6600 Relating to extending property tax exemptions to property used exclusively by certain nonprofit organizations that is leased from an entity that acquired the property from a previously exempt nonprofit organization. Signed 03/23/12
6608 Relating to judicial stabilization trust account surcharges. Signed 03/29/12
6635 Relating to improving revenue and budget sustainability by repealing, modifying, or revising tax preference and license fees. Signed 05/02/12
6636 Relating to requiring a balanced state budget for the current and ensuing fiscal biennium. Signed 05/02/12