2008 Bill Action

Updated April 1, 2008. All legislation has been acted upon.

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House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1030 Relating to the penalty for attempting to elude a police vehicle. Signed 03/28/08
1031 Relating to electronic communication devices. Signed 03/25/08
1103 Relating to health professions. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/25/08
1141 Relating to destruction of diversion records. Signed 03/28/08
1149 Relating to eliminating advance property tax payments for binding site plans. Signed 03/14/08
1273 Relating to financial fraud. Signed 04/01/08
1283 Relating to high school diplomas for persons who leave school before graduation to serve in the United States armed forces. Signed 03/27/08
1391 Relating to filling vacancies in the office of mayor. Signed 03/17/08
1421 Relating to modifying the provisions of the address confidentiality program. Signed 03/14/08
1493 Relating to clarifying the definition of development activity with regard to regional transit authorities. Signed 03/17/08
1621 Relating to the preservation of manufactured/mobile home communities. Signed 03/21/08
1623 Relating to setting fees for utility easements on state-owned aquatic lands. Signed 03/18/08
1637 Relating to creating the revised uniform anatomical gift act. Signed 03/25/08
1741 Relating to the oral history program. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/28/08
1773 Relating to the imposition of tolls. Signed 03/25/08
1865 Relating to limiting the obligations of landlords under writs of restitution. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/17/08
1923 Relating to requirements for motor vehicle transporter license applications. Signed 03/14/08
2014 Relating to the regulation of conversion condominiums. Signed 03/21/08
2053 Relating to improving the availability of motor vehicle fuel in the event of an electric power outage or interruption in electric service. Signed 03/28/08
2137 Relating to allowing certificated and classified school employees' children with disabilities to enroll in the district where the employee is assigned. Signed 03/27/08
2176 Relating to interpreter services. Signed 04/01/08
2263 Relating to the phosphorus content in dishwashing detergent. Signed 03/27/08
2279 Relating to prohibiting discrimination against affordable housing developments. Signed 03/21/08
2283 Relating to the joint legislative audit and review committee performance reviews of the home care quality authority. Signed 03/25/08
2427 Relating to the cosmetology apprentice program. Signed 03/14/08
2431 Relating to cord blood banking. Signed 03/18/08
2437 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/07/08
2438 Relating to adding permanency to a pilot project that allowed for the use of dogs in cougar hunting. Signed 03/13/08
2448 Relating to the time frame covered by the twenty-one day preelection campaign finance reports. Signed 03/19/08
2459 Relating to real property electronic recording. Signed 03/18/08
2460 Relating to the leasehold excise tax exemption for leasehold interests in specified amphitheater property. Signed 03/27/08
2467 Relating to the registration and administration of fertilizers. Signed 04/01/08
2472 Relating to establishing a work group to make recommendations for improving recreation on state trust lands, aquatic lands, and other state-owned lands managed by the department of natural resources. Signed 03/27/08
2474 Relating to supervised experience requirements for social worker licenses. Signed 03/25/08
2475 Relating to the practice of health care assistants. Signed 03/18/08
2476 Relating to authorizing tribal police officers to act as general authority Washington state peace officers. Signed 03/28/08
2479 Relating to disclosure of wireless numbers. Signed 03/31/08
2480 Relating to public transportation fares. Signed 03/25/08
2482 Relating to the signature validation process for petitions that seek annexation. Signed 03/27/08
2496 Relating to enhancing the mobility of certified public accountants. Vetoed 03/14/08
2499 Relating to notice under the Washington business corporation act. Signed 03/18/08
2507 Relating to expanding the statewide first responder building mapping information system to higher education facilities. Signed 04/01/08
2510 Relating to allowing medicare only health insurance benefits for certain employees of political subdivisions under a divided referendum process. Signed 03/25/08
2514 Relating to protecting southern resident orca whales from disturbances by vessels. Signed 03/28/08
2525 Relating to mitigating flood damage. Signed 03/31/08
2533 Relating to attachments to utility poles of locally regulated utilities. Signed 03/27/08
2537 Relating to modifications to the health insurance partnership statute necessary for timely implementation of the health insurance partnership. Signed 03/25/08
2540 Relating to the advisory committee representing the interests of hunters and fishers with disabilities. Signed 04/01/08
2542 Relating to enforcement of cigarette taxes through regulation of stamped and unstamped cigarettes. Signed 03/28/08
2544 Relating to tax exemptions for temporary medical housing provided by health or social welfare organizations, as defined in RCW 82.04.431. Signed 03/25/08
2549 Relating to establishing patient-centered primary care pilot projects. Signed 04/01/08
2551 Relating to expanding the types of treatment programs provided under the suspended disposition alternative for juveniles. Signed 03/26/08
2557 Relating to improving the operation of the trial courts. Signed 03/28/08
2560 Relating to defining small employers for purposes of health insurance coverage. Signed 03/25/08
2564 Relating to adding bicyclist and pedestrian safety information to drivers' education curriculum. Signed 03/25/08
2575 Relating to fire sprinkler systems in private residences. Signed 03/18/08
2580 Relating to paydates for employees participating in state active military duty. Signed 03/27/08
2582 Relating to child care at institutions of higher education. Signed 03/26/08
2585 Relating to the business and occupation taxation of newspaper-labeled supplements. Signed 03/31/08
2594 Relating to distributing the insurance commissioner's examination reports. Signed 03/20/08
2598 Relating to development of an online mathematics curriculum. Signed 03/31/08
2602 Relating to increasing the safety and economic security of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Signed 04/01/08
2624 Relating to human remains. Signed 03/31/08
2635 Relating to school district boundaries and organization. Signed 03/26/08
2637 Relating to records in a criminal case. Signed 03/14/08
2639 Relating to procurement of renewable resources by public agencies. Signed 03/27/08
2641 Relating to higher education performance agreements. Signed 03/26/08
2647 Relating to the children's safe products act. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
2650 Relating to authorizing a cigarette tax agreement between the state of Washington and the Yakama Nation. Signed 03/28/08
2652 Relating to transferring the dependent care assistance program to the health care authority by coordinating benefit plans that allow state and public employees to pay on a pretax basis. Signed 03/28/08
2654 Relating to consumer-directed mental health care. Signed 03/14/08
2661 Relating to self-service storage facility late fees. Signed 03/18/08
2666 Relating to long-term care insurance. Signed 03/25/08
2668 Relating to long-term care. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/25/08
2674 Relating to modifying credentialing standards for counselors. Signed 03/25/08
2678 Relating to restoring the preferential timber industry business and occupation tax rate to the manufacture of environmentally responsible surface material products from recycled paper. Signed 04/01/08
2679 Relating to improving educational outcomes for students in foster care. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
2687 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
2699 Relating to recodifying RCW 19.48.130 as a section in the Washington minimum wage act. Signed 03/27/08
2700 Relating to military department claims and accounts. Signed 03/17/08
2712 Relating to criminal street gangs. Signed 03/31/08
2713 Relating to DNA identification of convicted sex offenders and other persons. Signed 03/20/08
2714 Relating to making failure to register as a sex offender or kidnapping offender a class B felony. Signed 03/28/08
2719 Relating to ensuring that offenders receive accurate sentences. Signed 03/28/08
2722 Relating to addressing the achievement gap for African-American students. Signed 04/01/08
2727 Relating to the rights of deceased personalities. Signed 03/18/08
2729 Relating to identification documents. Signed 03/27/08
2730 Relating to the provision of ferry service by port districts. Signed 03/17/08
2746 Relating to the purchasing of fuel. Signed 03/25/08
2762 Relating to changing the number of district court judges. Signed 03/18/08
2765 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
2770 Relating to homeownership security, responsible mortgage lending, and improving protections for residential mortgage loan consumers. Signed 03/21/08
2774 Relating to making a false or misleading material statement that results in an Amber alert. Signed 03/20/08
2778 Relating to real estate licensure law. Signed 03/14/08
2779 Relating to the sale of wild huckleberries. Signed 03/27/08
2781 Relating to enhancing Washington state history and government course requirements for high school graduation. Signed 03/27/08
2783 Relating to transfer and articulation between institutions of higher education. Vetoed 04/01/08
2786 Relating to including level I offenders who fail to maintain registration as required by RCW 9A.44.130 to the statewide notification web site. Signed 03/20/08
2788 Relating to the organization of definitions in Title 77 RCW. Signed 03/31/08
2791 Relating to distressed property conveyances. Signed 03/31/08
2792 Relating to computing breaks in the parimutuel system. Signed 03/14/08
2815 Relating to creating a framework for reducing greenhouse gases emissions in the Washington economy. Signed 03/13/08
2817 Relating to contaminated motor vehicles, vehicles, and vessels. Signed 03/27/08
2822 Relating to the family and juvenile court improvement program. Signed 03/31/08
2823 Relating to the Willapa harbor oyster reserve. Signed 03/27/08
2825 Relating to medical, hospital, mechanical, manufacturing, or scientific entities or persons obtaining nonbeverage alcohol directly from suppliers. Signed 03/18/08
2835 Relating to requiring federal name-based criminal history record checks when a child is placed in out-of-home care in an emergency situation. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/28/08
2844 Relating to preventing air and water pollution through urban forestry partnerships. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
2847 Relating to the sales and use tax exemption of materials and services used in the weatherization assistance program. Signed 03/20/08
2858 Relating to expanding metal property provisions. Signed 03/28/08
2859 Relating to the regulation of massage therapy. Signed 03/14/08
2870 Relating to professional development for instructional assistants. Signed 03/18/08
2878 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/25/08
2879 Relating to spyware. Signed 03/18/08
2881 Relating to the practice of dentistry. Signed 03/25/08
2885 Relating to industrial insurance for geoduck harvesters. Signed 03/18/08
2887 Relating to purchasing an increased benefit multiplier for past judicial service for judges in the public employees' retirement system. Signed 04/01/08
2893 Relating to the composition of the forest practices board. Signed 03/17/08
2902 Relating to the collection of the arbitration fee on sales or leases of new motor vehicles. Signed 03/20/08
2903 Relating to providing equal access to courts for persons with disabilities. Signed 03/25/08
2923 Relating to providing an alternative method for weight tickets for transporting hay or straw. Signed 03/14/08
2949 Relating to designating nonappropriated expenses of the liquor control board paid from the liquor revolving fund. Signed 03/18/08
2955 Relating to identifying specific programs that are able to have access to criminal history record information. Signed 03/19/08
2959 Relating to craft distilleries. Signed 03/20/08
2963 Relating to collective bargaining for Washington State University employees who are enrolled in academic programs. Signed 03/27/08
2996 Relating to placing averse agents in antifreeze. Signed 03/18/08
2999 Relating to the "chief for a day" program. Signed 03/18/08
3002 Relating to applying arbitration to bargaining by the state and the Washington state patrol. Signed 03/25/08
3011 Relating to safeguarding securities owned by insurers. Signed 03/28/08
3012 Relating to estate distribution documents Signed 03/26/08
3019 Relating to service credit for members working a partial year in plans 2 and 3 of the teachers' retirement system and the school employees' retirement system. Signed 03/27/08
3024 Relating to purchasing service credit in plan 2 and plan 3 of the teachers' retirement system for public education experience performed as a teacher in a public school in another state or with the federal government. Signed 03/20/08
3029 Relating to a secure internet-based system to generate temporary permits to operate vehicles. Signed 03/17/08
3071 Relating to harmonizing statutes dealing with the termination of condominiums. Signed 03/21/08
3088 Relating to dental assistant education and training programs. Signed 03/25/08
3096 Relating to financing the state route number 520 bridge replacement project. Signed 03/31/08
3097 Relating to the authority of the executive director of the state board of education Signed 03/14/08
3104 Relating to expanding rights and responsibilities of all couples recognized as domestic partners under chapter 26.60 RCW Signed 03/12/08
3120 Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for environmentally certified residential and commercial construction. Signed 03/28/08
3122 Relating to consolidating, aligning, and clarifying exception tests for determination of independent contractor status under unemployment compensation and workers' compensation laws. Signed 03/20/08
3123 Relating to establishing a process to promote evidence-based nurse staffing in hospitals. Signed 03/17/08
3126 Relating to the interaction of the streamlined sales and use tax legislation and the power of local governments to license and tax. Signed 03/25/08
3129 Relating to support for online learning for high school students to earn college credit. Signed 03/20/08
3139 Relating to industrial insurance benefits on appeal. Signed 03/31/08
3142 Relating to affordable housing loan programs. Signed 03/21/08
3144 Relating to improving outreach to consumers through creation of a consumer protection web site and information line. Signed 03/25/08
3145 Relating to implementing a program of tiered classification for foster parent licensing. Signed 03/31/08
3149 Relating to compensation of state investment board personnel. Signed 03/28/08
3151 Relating to an extension of the commencement-of-construction date for a sales and use tax for public facilities districts in national disaster area counties. Signed 03/17/08
3166 Relating to the design of the state assessment system and the Washington assessment of student learning. Signed 03/26/08
3168 Relating to the creation of the Washington head start program. Signed 03/26/08
3186 Relating to beach management districts. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
3188 Relating to exempting waste vegetable oil from excise tax. Signed 03/28/08
3200 Relating to establishing a cemetery district in a county. Signed 03/20/08
3205 Relating to promoting the long-term well-being of children. Signed 03/25/08
3206 Relating to the information required to be reported in the annual economic impact report on lodging tax revenues Signed 03/14/08
3212 Relating to monitoring and addressing achievement of groups of students. Signed 03/26/08
3224 Relating to a feasibility study on commuter rail services. Signed 03/25/08
3254 Relating to accountability for persons driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/31/08
3274 Relating to improving public contracting for public port districts. Signed 03/25/08
3275 Relating to the taxation of grocery distribution cooperatives. Signed 03/17/08
3283 Relating to relieving active duty military personnel of interest and penalties on delinquent excise taxes. Signed 03/27/08
3303 Relating to a business and occupation tax credit for qualified preproduction development expenditures for polysilicon manufacturers. Signed 03/31/08
3329 Relating to the prioritization of public four-year institution capital project requests. Signed 03/27/08
3360 Relating to the time certificate of deposit investment program. Signed 03/27/08
3362 Relating to tax incentives to encourage businesses to purchase highly energy efficient equipment. Signed 03/31/08
3374 Relating to state general obligation bonds for flood hazard mitigation projects and school facilities. Signed 03/27/08
3375 Relating to catastrophic flood relief. Signed 03/27/08
3381 Relating to fees to implement programs that protect and improve Washington's health, safety, education, employees, and consumers. Signed 03/31/08


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5010 Relating to creating a state park foster home pass. Signed 03/28/08
5100 Relating to information for students regarding health insurance. Signed 04/01/08
5104 Relating to the applied baccalaureate degree pilot program. Signed 03/26/08
5179 Relating to snowmobile registrations. Signed 03/18/08
5254 Relating to industry skill panels. Signed 03/20/08
5256 Relating to excluding veterans benefits from the income calculation for the retired person property tax relief program. Signed 03/27/08
5261 Relating to granting the insurance commissioner the authority to review individual health benefit plan rates. Signed 04/01/08
5278 Relating to use of public funds for political purposes. Signed 03/17/08
5378 Relating to deeds of trust. Signed 03/25/08
5524 Relating to the restriction of mobile home or manufactured home locations in mobile home parks or manufactured housing communities. Signed 03/21/08
5596 Relating to fair payment for chiropractic services. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
5642 Relating to reduced cigarette ignition propensity. Signed 03/28/08
5651 Relating to investigating and assessing performance in meeting community credit needs. Signed 03/28/08
5751 Relating to wine and beer tasting. Signed 04/01/08
5831 Relating to certification of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration contractors and mechanics. Signed 03/31/08
5868 Relating to defining civil disorder. Signed 03/27/08
5878 Relating to identity theft. Signed 03/27/08
5905 Relating to certificate of capital authorization. Signed 03/31/08
5927 Relating to exempting certain internal control documents from disclosure under the public records act. Signed 04/01/08
5959 Relating to expanding availability of housing for individuals and families at risk of homelessness. Signed 03/31/08
6060 Relating to unlawful detainer actions based on nonpayment of rent. Signed 03/19/08
6111 Relating to generating electricity from tidal and wave energy. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6181 Relating to county canvassing board membership. Signed 04/01/08
6183 Relating to dissolution of school directors' districts in first-class school districts. Signed 03/13/08
6184 Relating to most serious offenses. Signed 03/13/08
6187 Relating to conditional scholarships for food animal veterinarians. Signed 03/27/08
6195 Relating to the definition of rural county for economic development purposes. Signed 03/25/08
6196 Relating to definitions applicable to local infrastructure financing tool program demonstration projects. Signed 03/27/08
6204 Relating to water resource inventory area 14. Signed 03/27/08
6206 Relating to agency reviews and reports regarding child abuse, neglect, and near fatalities. Signed 03/27/08
6215 Relating to reserve accounts and studies for condominium associations. Signed 03/21/08
6216 Relating to authorizing the governor to enter into a cigarette tax contract with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe. Signed 03/28/08
6224 Relating to modifying the interest accrual methodology for vendor overpayments. Signed 03/18/08
6227 Relating to strengthening Washington's outer coast marine resources committees. Signed 03/28/08
6231 Relating to improving the coordination of marine protected areas in Washington. Signed 03/28/08
6237 Relating to armed forces and veterans license plates. Signed 03/27/08
6244 Relating to facilities to house offenders violating community custody. Signed 03/17/08
6246 Relating to travel expenses for closed industrial insurance claims. Signed 03/18/08
6260 Relating to enhancing the department of fish and wildlife's ability to facilitate outdoor recreation opportunities for a terminally ill person. Signed 03/13/08
6261 Relating to adult youth programs. Signed 03/27/08
6267 Relating to the prescriptive authority of advanced registered nurse practitioners. Signed 03/25/08
6271 Relating to compensation of special purpose district commissioners. Signed 03/17/08
6272 Relating to expanding financial literacy through education and counseling to promote greater homeownership security. Signed 02/11/08
6273 Relating to the nondivisible gross weight limit of farm implements on public highways. Signed 03/19/08
6275 Relating to drainage district commissioners' authority. Signed 03/19/08
6277 Relating to accommodating certain private transit providers at park and ride lots. Signed 03/31/08
6283 Relating to membership on the apple commission. Signed 03/13/08
6284 Relating to the dairy products commission. Signed 03/13/08
6289 Relating to Puget Sound Dungeness crab catch record cards. Signed 03/28/08
6295 Relating to workplace-based electronically distributed learning. Signed 03/31/08
6297 Relating to elected prosecuting attorney salaries. Signed 04/01/08
6306 Relating to visitation rights for relatives of dependent children. Signed 03/31/08
6309 Relating to presale disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions from new passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium duty passenger vehicles. Signed 03/17/08
6310 Relating to correcting obsolete references concerning chapter 10.77 RCW. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/27/08
6313 Relating to disability history month. Signed 03/26/08
6317 Relating to the payment of interest upon failure to pay death benefits that are payable under the terms of a group life insurance policy. Signed 04/01/08
6322 Relating to revising the definition of a weapon. Signed 03/17/08
6324 Relating to liability immunity for aerial search and rescue activities managed by the department of transportation. Signed 03/17/08
6328 Relating to campus safety. Signed 03/26/08
6332 Relating to increasing the debt limit of the housing finance commission. Signed 03/21/08
6333 Relating to the creation of a citizens' work group on health care reform. Signed 04/01/08
6335 Relating to the homeless families services fund. Signed 02/06/08
6339 Relating to address confidentiality of victims of trafficking. Signed 04/01/08
6340 Relating to water system acquisition and rehabilitation. Signed 03/27/08
6343 Relating to establishing a pilot program to examine the impacts of small scale mineral prospecting on coastal areas. Signed 03/20/08
6357 Relating to service of process in domestic violence cases. Signed 04/01/08
6369 Relating to the Washington community learning center program. Signed 03/26/08
6371 Relating to tuition and fee waivers for veterans' families. Signed 03/27/08
6375 Relating to providing a sales tax exemption for trail grooming on private and state-owned land. Signed 03/31/08
6377 Relating to secondary career and technical education. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/26/08
6381 Relating to fiduciary duties of mortgage brokers. Signed 03/21/08
6389 Relating to exempting certain military housing from property and leasehold excise taxes. Signed 03/20/08
6398 Relating to fines levied in truancy court actions. Signed 03/26/08
6400 Relating to moral guidance of incarcerated persons. Signed 03/20/08
6404 Relating to community-based behavioral health services. Signed 03/31/08
6421 Relating to providing medical coverage for smoking cessation programs. Signed 03/28/08
6423 Relating to strengthening the tax credit and modifying the governing board of a Washington motion picture competitiveness program. Signed 03/20/08
6426 Relating to an interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children. Signed 03/27/08
6437 Relating to bail bond agents and bail bond recovery agents. Signed 03/20/08
6438 Relating to a statewide high-speed internet deployment and adoption initiative. Signed 03/31/08
6439 Relating to radiologist assistants. Signed 03/28/08
6442 Relating to the office of public defense. Signed 04/01/08
6447 Relating to allowing unpaid leaves of absence for military personnel needs. Signed 03/19/08
6457 Relating to the adverse health events and incident reporting system Signed 03/25/08
6464 Relating to judicial district population estimates. Signed 03/13/08
6465 Relating to temporary fishing license fees. Signed 03/17/08
6468 Relating to the taxation of honey beekeepers. Signed 04/01/08
6471 Relating to protecting consumers by regulating loans under the consumer loan act and mortgage broker practices act. Signed 03/19/08
6483 Relating to local food production. Signed 03/27/08
6500 Relating to leave sharing for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Signed 03/17/08
6504 Relating to exempting certain minor new construction associated with construction storm water general permits from the state environmental policy act. Signed 03/17/08
6510 Relating to providing a source of funding to assist small manufacturers in obtaining innovation and modernization services. Signed 04/01/08
6527 Relating to the transfer of motor vehicle certificate of ownership and license registration. Signed 04/01/08
6532 Relating to the management of state-owned aquatic lands by cities for the purposes of operating a publicly owned marina. Signed 03/25/08
6534 Relating to the revision of the mathematics standards. Signed 03/26/08
6544 Relating to the seriousness level of criminal mistreatment. Signed 03/17/08
6556 Relating to school anaphylactic policy guidelines. Signed 03/26/08
6560 Relating to public utility district contracts. Signed 03/27/08
6570 Relating to private businesses in state-owned housing provided under Title 77 RCW or chapter 79A.05 RCW. Signed 03/28/08
6572 Relating to off-premises microbrewery warehouses. Signed 03/28/08
6573 Relating to providing additional revenues for public safety, including law enforcement officers and firefighters plan 2 pension plan benefits. Signed 03/20/08
6580 Relating to mitigating the impacts of climate change through the growth management act. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6583 Relating to eligibility for medical assistance. Signed 04/01/08
6588 Relating to transfers of accumulated leave of common school and higher education employees. Signed 03/26/08
6591 Relating to insurance producers Signed 03/27/08
6596 Relating to the creation of a sex offender policy board. Signed 03/28/08
6602 Relating to the pilotage act. Signed 03/25/08
6604 Relating to enhancing the mobility of certified public accountants Signed 03/14/08
6606 Relating to the licensing of home inspectors. Signed 03/21/08
6607 Relating to shellfish protection district wastewater discharge fees, rates, and charges. Signed 03/28/08
6626 Relating to creating a sales and use tax deferral program for eligible investment projects in community empowerment zones. Signed 03/14/08
6628 Relating to clarifying the state's ability to recover from defendants the cost of mental health treatment provided at state hospitals. Signed 04/01/08
6629 Relating to making clarifications to the nursing facility medicaid payment system in relation to the use of minimum occupancy in setting cost limits and application of statewide average payment rate specified in the biennial appropriations act. Signed 03/31/08
6638 Relating to reallocation of existing lodging taxes for support of heritage and arts programs in a county with a population of one million or more. Signed 03/31/08
6641 Relating to providing that voter-approved property tax increases do not permanently increase a taxing district's levy base, unless expressly stated in the ballot proposition. Signed 04/01/08
6657 Relating to salary bonuses for individuals certified by the national board for professional teaching standards. Signed 03/26/08
6663 Relating to improving the administration of department of revenue tax programs by correcting and clarifying statutes. Signed 03/20/08
6665 Relating to the intensive case management and integrated response pilot programs. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6673 Relating to learning opportunities to assist students to obtain a high school diploma. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6677 Relating to composition of the board of directors of the Washington materials management and financing authority. Signed 03/19/08
6678 Relating to special license plates for parents of United States armed forces members who have died while in service to his or her country or as a result of such service. Signed 03/19/08
6685 Relating to ethical restrictions on mailings by legislators. Signed 03/17/08
6710 Relating to standards for fire protection of hospitals. Signed 03/25/08
6711 Relating to preventing foreclosures by creating the smart homeownership choices program. Signed 04/01/08
6717 Relating to public utility district commissioner salaries. Signed 03/27/08
6722 Relating to the creation and use of the cleanup settlement account. Signed 03/20/08
6726 Relating to the professional educator standards board establishing a professional-level certification assessment. Signed 03/26/08
6732 Relating to implementing the recommendations of the joint legislative task force on the underground economy in the construction industry. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/21/08
6739 Relating to psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioners. Signed 03/25/08
6740 Relating to the provision of teacher certification services. Signed 03/20/08
6743 Relating to autism awareness instruction for teachers of students with autism. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/28/08
6751 Relating to allowing individuals who left work to enter certain apprenticeship programs to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Signed 04/01/08
6753 Relating to changes in calling burn bans on solid fuel burning devices. Signed 03/17/08
6760 Relating to the developmental disabilities community trust account. Signed 03/31/08
6761 Relating to service areas for wetlands mitigation banks. Signed 03/19/08
6770 Relating to alcoholic beverage regulation. Signed 03/17/08
6776 Relating to state employee whistleblower protection. Signed 03/31/08
6791 Relating to clarifying permitted uses of moneys currently collected under the county legislative authority sales and use tax for chemical dependency or mental health treatment programs and services or therapeutic courts. Signed 03/25/08
6792 Relating to dependency matters. Signed 03/31/08
6794 Relating to the procurement of new ferry vessels that carry no more than one hundred motor vehicles. Signed 02/14/08
6799 Relating to the sourcing, for sales and use tax purposes, of sales of tangible personal property by florists. Signed 04/01/08
6804 Relating to capital grants for integrated long-term care worker training labs in the community and technical college system. Vetoed 03/21/08
6805 Relating to promoting farm and forest land preservation and environmental restoration through conservation markets. Signed 03/25/08
6806 Relating to property and leasehold excise tax exemptions for anaerobic digester production. Signed 03/31/08
6807 Relating to discharge of long-term care residents. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/28/08
6809 Relating to providing a tax exemption for working families measured by the federal earned income tax credit. Signed 04/01/08
6818 Relating to transparency in state expenditures. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6821 Relating to fish and wildlife harvest management. Signed 03/28/08
6828 Relating to the excise taxation of the aerospace industry. Signed 03/20/08
6837 Relating to the prescription drug assistance foundation Signed 03/20/08
6839 Relating to workers' compensation coverage for work performed outside the state of Washington. Signed 03/20/08
6847 Relating to real estate settlement services. Signed 03/21/08
6851 Relating to the documentation required in order to obtain a real estate excise tax exemption at the time of inheritance. Signed 03/31/08
6855 Relating to dedicated funding for jobs, economic development, and local capital projects. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/01/08
6857 Relating to heavy haul industrial corridors. Signed 03/20/08
6874 Relating to Columbia river water delivery. Signed 03/20/08
6879 Relating to the joint task force on basic education finance. Signed 03/26/08
6885 Relating to abstracts of driving records. Signed 03/28/08
6932 Relating to ferry vessel and terminal planning. Signed 03/25/08
6933 Relating to admissibility of evidence in sex offense cases. Signed 03/20/08
6941 Relating to a waste reduction and recycling awards program in K-12 schools. Signed 03/26/08
6950 Relating to limited waiver or suspension of statutory obligations during officially declared emergencies. Signed 03/27/08