Executive Orders

Executive Orders issued by previous Governors are located in the Executive Orders Archive.

Number Title Status
12-07 Washington's Response To Ocean Acidification Active
12-06 Achieving Energy Efficiency in State Buildings Active
12-05 Disbanding the Washington Council on Aerospace Active
12-04 Amending the Use of Community Protection Teams Active
12-03 Amending the Reporting Structure of the Division of Licensed Resources Within the Children’s Administration Active
12-02 Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Active
12-01 Regulatory Reform Active
11-04 Lean Transformation Active
11-03 Extending Executive Order 10-06
Learn more about Extending Executive Order 10-06, Suspending Non-Critical Rule Development and Adoption
11-02 Amending the Governor's Council on HIV/AIDS Active
11-01 Amending the Washington Council on Aerospace Superseded by 12-05
10-07 Performance-Based Contracting Active
10-06 Suspending Non-Critical Rule Development and Adoption
2012 Implementation of Executive Order 10-06
2011 Implementation of Executive Order 10-06
Active - Extended by 11-03
10-05 Improving the Way State Government Serves Small Business Active
10-04 Ordering Expenditure Reductions in Allotments of State General Fund Appropriations Active
10-03 Establishing the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice Active
10-02 Strengthening Washington's Food Systems Active
10-01 Implementing Health Reform the Washington Way Active
09-08 Elimination of Certain Boards and Commissions Active
09-07 Washington's Natural Resources Reform Initiatives Active
09-06 Tax Exempt Bond Volume Caps Active
09-05 Washington's Leadership on Climate Change Active
09-04 Establishing Washington Council on Aerospace Superseded by 11-01
09-03 Capital Stimulus Project Streamlining Active
09-02 Rescission of Executive Orders and Elimination of Certain Boards and Commissions Active
09-01 Waiver of Collection of Certain Fees Owed to the Department of Labor & Industries During the Current State of Emergency Terminated 02/28/09
08-04 Administration of Volume Cap Authorized under Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
Rescission of Executive Orders 86-06 and 86-07
08-03 Rescission of Executive Orders 04-06, 02-04, 02-02, 01-01, 00-01, and 98-01 Active
08-02 Extending the State Biodiversity Council Active
08-01 Establishing the Washington’s New Americans Policy Council Active
07-05 Amending Governor's P-20 Council Rescinded by 09-02
07-04 Voter Registration Assistance Active
07-03 Governor's P-20 Council Superseded by 07-05
07-02 Washington Climate Change Challenge Active
07-01 Healthcare Commitments - Quality, Accountability and Transparency Superseded by 10-01
06-03 Investigation of Health Professional Sexual Misconduct Active
06-02 Regulatory Improvement - Improve, Simplify and Assist Active
06-01 Superseding Executive Order 89-09 Reaffirming The Interagency Committee Of State Employed Women Active
05-05 Archeological and Cultural Resources Active
05-04 Washington State Commemorative Quarter Active
05-03 Plain Talk Active
05-02 Government Management, Accountability and Performance (GMAP) Active
05-01 Establishing Sustainability and Efficiency Goals for State Operations Active