2007 Bill Action

Updated November 30, 2007. All legislation has been acted upon.

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2007 1st Special Session

Bill Description Signed Date
HB 2416 Relating to reinstating the one percent property tax limit factor adopted by the voters under Initiative Measure No. 747. Signed 11/29/07
SB 6178 Relating to providing a fifty percent property tax deferral for households with income of fifty-seven thousand dollars or less. Signed 11/29/07

House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1000 Relating to adding porphyria to the list of disabilities for special parking privileges. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/17/07
1001 Relating to auto theft. Signed 04/27/07
1002 Relating to the sales and use taxation of vessels. Signed 04/10/07
1005 Relating to rates for the rental of county equipment. Signed 04/27/07
1008 Relating to the protection of vulnerable adults. Signed 05/03/07
1009 Relating to establishing work groups to periodically review and update the child support schedule. Signed 05/03/07
1024 Relating to phasing out the use of polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Signed 04/17/07
1025 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/12/07
1029 Relating to defining alternative motor fuels. Signed 05/03/07
1037 Relating to siting electrical transmission under the energy facility site evaluation council. Signed 05/04/07
1038 Relating to developing regional compacts for siting electric transmission lines. Signed 05/04/07
1039 Relating to allowing the department of ecology to issue written opinions for a portion of a facility under the model toxics control act. Signed 04/30/07
1041 Relating to plurality voting for directors. Signed 05/14/07
1042 Relating to business transactions. Signed 04/17/07
1047 Relating to alcohol content in food products and confections. Signed 04/30/07
1050 Relating to allowing certain students with disabilities to participate in graduation ceremonies. Signed 05/04/07
1051 Relating to high school completion programs. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
1052 Relating to modifying the legislative youth advisory council. Signed 05/02/07
1054 Relating to membership of the information services board. Signed 04/21/07
1064 Relating to veterans' benefits. Signed 05/14/07
1065 Relating to veterans' scoring criteria in examinations. Signed 05/14/07
1069 Relating to designating the Pacific chorus frog as the state amphibian. Signed 04/30/07
1073 Relating to emergency workers. Signed 05/02/07
1077 Relating to the public disclosure of sensitive fish and wildlife data. Signed 05/02/07
1079 Relating to hunting and fishing license fees. Signed 05/01/07
1082 Relating to the requirements for displaying the proper licenses while harvesting shellfish or seaweed. Signed 05/04/07
1084 Relating to designating the Lady Washington as the official ship of the state of Washington. Signed 05/08/07
1088 Relating to children's mental health services. Signed 05/08/07
1091 Relating to innovation partnership zones. Signed 04/30/07
1092 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
1094 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
1095 Relating to implementing the part D drug copayment program. Signed 02/02/07
1096 Relating to creating postsecondary opportunity programs. Signed 05/02/07
1097 Relating to protecting frail elders and vulnerable adults and persons with developmental disabilities from perpetrators who commit their crimes while providing transportation, within the course of their employment, to frail elders and vulnerable adults and persons with developmental disabilities. Signed 04/10/07
1098 Relating to the availability of vaccines during outbreaks. Signed 05/02/07
1099 Relating to dental professionals. Signed 05/02/07
1106 Relating to the reporting of infections acquired in health care facilities. Signed 05/02/07
1114 Relating to marketing of estate distribution documents. Signed 04/17/07
1124 Relating to the inclusion of the department of natural resources' law enforcement officers in the Washington public safety employees' retirement system by adding the department of natural resources to the definition of "employer" under chapter 41.37 RCW. Signed 05/02/07
1128 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
1131 Relating to helping former foster care youth gain postsecondary education and providing scholarships to former foster care youth for this purpose. Signed 05/04/07
1135 Relating to aquifer conservation zones in qualifying island cities without access to potable water sources outside their jurisdiction. Signed 04/21/07
1137 Relating to creating the water quality capital account. Signed 04/30/07
1138 Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed 05/15/07
1140 Relating to net meter aggregation of electricity. Signed 05/04/07
1144 Relating to jurisdictions over judgments. Signed 04/17/07
1145 Relating to the limitations period for an account receivable. Signed 04/19/07
1166 Relating to modifying county treasurer administrative provisions. Signed 05/02/07
1168 Relating to disorderly conduct. Signed 02/02/07
1179 Relating to allowing students attending a postsecondary institution on a less than half-time basis to qualify for a state need grant. Signed 05/09/07
1181 Relating to the powers and funding of the forensic investigations council. Signed 04/27/07
1185 Relating to extending the expiration date for reporting requirements on timber purchases. Signed 04/17/07
1201 Relating to extending medicaid coverage for foster care youth who reach age eighteen. Signed 05/04/07
1214 Relating to operating a motor vehicle while reading, writing, or sending electronic messages. Signed 05/11/07
1217 Relating to clubhouse rehabilitation services. Signed 05/11/07
1218 Relating to the temporary issuance, summary suspension, and renewal of licenses by the gambling commission. Signed 04/27/07
1220 Relating to the appointment of indeterminate sentence review board members. Signed 05/08/07
1224 Relating to cost savings on course materials for students at community and technical colleges. Signed 05/14/07
1231 Relating to pawnbrokers. Signed 04/19/07
1233 Relating to specified disease, hospital confinement, or other fixed payment insurance. Signed 05/02/07
1235 Relating to providing confidentiality to certain insurance commissioner examinations. Signed 04/19/07
1236 Relating to the capital and surplus requirements necessary to transact insurance. Signed 04/19/07
1244 Relating to industrial insurance, but only with respect to defining wages to include the cost of health insurance. Signed 05/02/07
1247 Relating to eligibility for long-term care services. Signed 04/21/07
1249 Relating to hunter education. Signed 04/21/07
1255 Relating to municipal officers' beneficial interest in contracts. Signed 05/02/07
1256 Relating to preventing serious in jury and strangulation from window blind cords or other significant safety hazards in child care settings. Signed 05/02/07
1258 Relating to the disbursement of funds by air pollution control agencies. Signed 04/21/07
1259 Relating to park passes. Signed 05/11/07
1260 Relating to contribution rates in the Washington state patrol retirement system. Signed 05/02/07
1261 Relating to purchasing service credit for periods of temporary duty disability in the law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system plan 2, the teachers' retirement system, the school employees' retirement system, and the public safety employees' retirement system. Signed 04/17/07
1262 Relating to the public employment of retirees from the teachers' retirement system plan 1 and the public employees' retirement system plan 1. Signed 04/17/07
1264 Relating to the portability of public retirement benefits. Signed 04/27/07
1266 Relating to death benefits for public employees. Signed 05/15/07
1267 Relating to commercial driver's license requirements. Signed 05/11/07
1270 Relating to the duration period of loans made under the consumer loan act. Signed 04/27/07
1276 Relating to creating a public-private tourism partnership. Signed 04/30/07
1277 Relating to expanding competitive local infrastructure financing tools projects. Signed 04/30/07
1278 Relating to revising the industry average unemployment contribution rates. Signed 04/17/07
1279 Relating to the state poet laureate. Signed 04/19/07
1280 Relating to the use of the school district capital projects funds for technology. Signed 04/19/07
1287 Relating to compliance with the federal safe and timely interstate placement of foster children. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
1289 Relating to the issuance of enhanced drivers' licenses and identicards to facilitate crossing the Canadian border. Signed 03/23/07
1291 Relating to advance deposit wagering. Signed 04/27/07
1292 Relating to establishing the eastern Washington state veterans' cemetery. Signed 04/17/07
1293 Relating to insurance commissioner regulatory assessment fees. Signed 05/14/07
1298 Relating to dental hygiene. Signed 05/02/07
1303 Relating to providing for the means to encourage the use of cleaner energy thereby providing for healthier communities by reducing emissions. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/07/07
1304 Relating to commercial motor vehicle carriers. Signed 05/11/07
1305 Relating to the regulation of food lockers. Signed 04/17/07
1311 Relating to the small farm direct marketing assistance program. Signed 04/19/07
1312 Relating to the regulation of transportation providers. Signed 04/30/07
1319 Relating to the protection of employees, contract staff, and volunteers of a correctional agency from stalking. Signed 04/27/07
1328 Relating to small works roster contracting procedures. Signed 04/27/07
1331 Relating to veterinary technicians. Signed 04/30/07
1333 Relating to child welfare. Signed 05/11/07
1334 Relating to documentation in child welfare proceedings. Signed 05/11/07
1337 Relating to insurance coverage for colorectal cancer early detection. Signed 04/10/07
1338 Relating to the Washington beer commission. Signed 04/27/07
1341 Relating to limiting the regulation of the practice of massage by political subdivisions. Signed 04/21/07
1343 Relating to examination requirements for a certificate of ownership. Signed 05/11/07
1344 Relating to a window tint exemption for law enforcement vehicles. Signed 04/21/07
1349 Relating to sale by spirit, beer, and wine licensees of malt liquor in containers that are capable of holding four gallons or more and are registered in accordance with RCW 66.28.200. Signed 04/17/07
1359 Relating to providing affordable housing for all. Signed 05/11/07
1366 Relating to a privilege from compelled testimony for members of the news media. Signed 04/27/07
1368 Relating to special purpose district commissioner per diem compensation. Signed 05/14/07
1370 Relating to public workers excluded from prevailing wages on public works provisions. Signed 04/21/07
1371 Relating to traffic infractions involving rental vehicles. Signed 05/08/07
1377 Relating to the placement of children. Signed 05/11/07
1379 Relating to the qualifications of an applicant for licensure as a hearing instrument fitter/dispenser. Signed 05/02/07
1381 Relating to making changes of a technical nature to laws relating to taxes or tax programs, administered by the department of revenue. Signed 04/17/07
1396 Relating to a single ballot proposition for regional transportation investment districts and regional transit authorities at the 2007 general election. Signed 05/15/07
1397 Relating to the definition of massage therapy. Signed 05/02/07
1398 Relating to the University of Washington's and Washington State University's local borrowing authority. Signed 04/10/07
1401 Relating to land acquisition for affordable housing development. Signed 05/11/07
1407 Relating to funding the administration of Title 50 RCW, unemployment compensation. Signed 05/04/07
1409 Relating to the transfer of jurisdiction over conversion-related forest practices to local governments. Signed 04/30/07
1412 Relating to providing a one-year extension for shoreline master program updates in RCW 90.58.080. Signed 04/21/07
1413 Relating to changing the definition of floodway in the shoreline management act. Signed 05/04/07
1414 Relating to licensing ambulatory surgical facilities. Signed 05/02/07
1416 Relating to standards and grades for fruits and vegetables. Signed 04/30/07
1417 Relating to Washington state patrol survivor benefits. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
1418 Relating to the keeping of dangerous wild animals. Signed 04/30/07
1422 Relating to children and families of incarcerated parents. Signed 05/08/07
1430 Relating to financing community and economic development. Signed 04/30/07
1431 Relating to certificates of discharge. Signed 04/21/07
1432 Relating to educational staff associates. Signed 05/09/07
1437 Relating to sexual assault protection orders. Signed 04/17/07
1443 Relating to a state public utility tax deduction for certain transportation activities with respect to agricultural commodities. Signed 05/04/07
1445 Relating to making adjustments to the recodification of the public records act. Signed 04/27/07
1447 Relating to temporary management in boarding homes. Signed 04/21/07
1449 Relating to independent auditor reports and financial statements of licensees regulated by the gambling commission. Signed 05/14/07
1450 Relating to the exemption of housing for very low-income households from taxation. Signed 05/02/07
1456 Relating to home visits by mental health professionals. Signed 05/08/07
1457 Relating to youth soccer referees. Signed 05/14/07
1458 Relating to adequate notice to property owners regarding acquisition of property for public purposes through the exercise of eminent domain. Signed 04/17/07
1460 Relating to extending existing mental health parity requirements to individual and small group plans. Signed 03/30/07
1461 Relating to manufactured/mobile home community registrations and dispute resolution. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
1472 Relating to analyzing and remedying racial disproportionality and racial disparity in child welfare. Signed 05/14/07
1475 Relating to the state board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers. Signed 04/17/07
1476 Relating to charter licenses. Signed 05/11/07
1488 Relating to protecting all of Washington's waters by enhancing the state's oil spill program. Signed 05/07/07
1497 Relating to increasing the operating fee waiver authority for Central Washington University. Signed 04/19/07
1500 Relating to permanent partial disability claims. Signed 04/21/07
1501 Relating to adjustments to industrial insurance total disability compensation reductions. Signed 05/01/07
1505 Relating to allowing physician assistants to determine disability for special parking privileges. Signed 05/02/07
1506 Relating to alternative public works. Signed 05/15/07
1507 Relating to shared leave for state employees in the uniformed services. Signed 04/10/07
1508 Relating to an exemption from the business and occupation tax for the resale of natural or manufactured gas by consumers. Signed 04/17/07
1512 Relating to the linked deposit program. Signed 05/15/07
1513 Relating to the excise taxation of forest products businesses. Signed 04/17/07
1520 Relating to polygraph examinations of sexual assault victims. Signed 04/27/07
1525 Relating to regulatory fairness for small businesses. Signed 04/30/07
1526 Relating to presidential primary ballots. Signed 05/08/07
1528 Relating to electronic voter registration. Signed 04/21/07
1543 Relating to financing economic development offices. Signed 05/01/07
1549 Relating to exempting wholesale sales of unprocessed milk for processing from business and occupation tax. Signed 04/19/07
1555 Relating to sexual assault protection orders. Signed 04/27/07
1556 Relating to designating the Walla Walla sweet onion as the official Washington state vegetable. Signed 04/20/07
1565 Relating to public access to child in need of services and at-risk youth hearings. Signed 04/27/07
1566 Relating to modifying the rural county tax credit provided in chapter 82.62 RCW. Signed 05/15/07
1569 Relating to improving health insurance coverage by establishing a health insurance partnership for the purchase of small employer health insurance coverage, evaluating the inclusion of additional health insurance markets in the health insurance partnership, and studying the impact of health insurance mandates. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/02/07
1573 Relating to dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/07
1574 Relating to the uniform regulation of business and professions. Signed 05/01/07
1583 Relating to disclosure of the percentage of automatic service charges paid to servers. Signed 05/08/07
1592 Relating to the indeterminate sentenced offenders. Signed 05/08/07
1598 Relating to accountability in the funding of salmon recovery. Signed 05/01/07
1599 Relating to raffles conducted by state employees. Signed 05/14/07
1624 Relating to child welfare. Signed 05/11/07
1636 Relating to the creation of a regional transfer of development rights program. Signed 05/15/07
1642 Relating to criminal violations of no-contact orders, protection orders, and restraining orders. Signed 04/21/07
1644 Relating to health care eligibility for part-time academic employees of community and technical colleges. Signed 05/02/07
1645 Relating to providing the administrator with authority to administer grants on behalf of the health care authority. Signed 05/02/07
1646 Relating to sampling of fish, wildlife, and shellfish by department of fish and wildlife employees. Signed 05/04/07
1648 Relating to agricultural operations. Signed 05/04/07
1649 Relating to purchasing an increased benefit multiplier for past judicial service for judges in the public employees' retirement system and teachers' retirement system. Signed 04/19/07
1651 Relating to boating activities. Signed 05/03/07
1654 Relating to modifying provisions on the canvassing of ballots. Signed 05/08/07
1656 Relating to establishing a Puget Sound scientific research account. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/07/07
1666 Relating to extending the authority of nurse practitioners to examine, diagnose, and treat injured workers covered by industrial insurance. Signed 05/02/07
1669 Relating to district and municipal court preconviction and postconviction probation and supervision services for persons charged with or convicted of misdemeanor crimes. Signed 04/21/07
1670 Relating to the role of school counselors in public schools. Signed 04/21/07
1671 Relating to reclassifications, class studies, and salary adjustments. Signed 05/15/07
1674 Relating to authorizing the governor to enter into a cigarette tax contract with the Spokane Tribe. Signed 05/04/07
1676 Relating to allowing public utility districts to disburse low-income energy assistance contributions. Signed 04/19/07
1677 Relating to outdoor education and recreation. Signed 04/21/07
1679 Relating to membership on the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2 board. Signed 05/02/07
1680 Relating to transfers of service credit for emergency medical technicians under the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2. Signed 05/02/07
1688 Relating to the fair and orderly marketing of fruits and vegetables by the state of Washington. Signed 04/21/07
1693 Relating to time periods for collective bargaining by state ferry employees. Signed 04/21/07
1694 Relating to the agency council on coordinated transportation. Signed 05/11/07
1705 Relating to the creation of health sciences and services authorities. Signed 05/01/07
1706 Relating to removing expiration dates for state consent to federal court jurisdiction in actions under the Indian gaming regulatory act. Signed 05/04/07
1722 Relating to physician assistants executing certain certificates and other forms for labor and industries. Signed 05/02/07
1747 Relating to the acquisition of insurance for regional transit authority projects over one hundred million dollars. Signed 04/21/07
1756 Relating to the department of fish and wildlife's hound hunting cougar season pilot project. Signed 04/21/07
1761 Relating to expediting the cleanup of hazardous waste and creating incentives for Puget Sound cleanups. Signed 05/11/07
1777 Relating to charitable organizations that solicit contributions from the public. Signed 05/14/07
1779 Relating to the GET ready for math and science scholarship program. Signed 04/27/07
1784 Relating to investment of funds derived from the sale of lands set apart for institutions of higher education. Signed 04/27/07
1789 Relating to minimizing the environmental threat caused by leaking home heating oil tanks. Signed 04/30/07
1793 Relating to removing the limit on the number of cities eligible for indigent defense grants through the office of public defense. Signed 04/17/07
1802 Relating to information about the human papillomavirus disease and vaccine. Signed 05/02/07
1805 Relating to increasing the homestead exemption amount. Signed 05/11/07
1811 Relating to the installation of automatic sprinkler systems in nightclubs. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
1813 Relating to changing the name of the interagency committee for outdoor recreation. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/30/07
1820 Relating to reducing air pollution through the licensing and use of medium-speed electric vehicles. Signed 05/15/07
1826 Relating to medical benefits. Signed 04/21/07
1831 Relating to the definition for election cycle. Signed 04/21/07
1832 Relating to limitation on actions. Signed 05/14/07
1833 Relating to occupational diseases affecting firefighters. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
1837 Relating to directing the department of health to develop guidelines for the safety of individuals who rely upon stretchers and personal mobility devices. Signed 05/02/07
1843 Relating to the regulation of construction contractors. Signed 05/11/07
1848 Relating to identification for health services applicants. Signed 04/17/07
1858 Relating to the imposition of fees by transportation benefit districts. Signed 05/04/07
1859 Relating to publications of the statute law committee. Signed 05/14/07
1870 Relating to a Washington state day of remembrance for Juneteenth. Signed 04/17/07
1883 Relating to modifications of the higher education coordinating board. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/14/07
1888 Relating to Brassica seed production. Signed 04/21/07
1891 Relating to business and occupation tax deductions for drugs dispensed pursuant to prescription. Signed 05/11/07
1892 Relating to the impoundment of vehicles by police officers. Signed 04/30/07
1896 Relating to creating a legislative gift center. Signed 05/14/07
1897 Relating to disclosure of attorney invoices. Signed 05/08/07
1898 Relating to apprenticeship utilization requirements on school district public works projects. Signed 05/11/07
1902 Relating to the sales and use taxation of repairs to farm machinery and equipment. Signed 05/04/07
1906 Relating to improving mathematics and science education. Signed 05/09/07
1909 Relating to specialized forest products. Signed 05/08/07
1910 Relating to tax incentives for certain multiple-unit dwellings in urban centers that provide affordable housing. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
1916 Relating to interest arbitration regarding certain care providers. Signed 05/02/07
1922 Relating to creating an independent youth housing program. Signed 05/04/07
1929 Relating to authorizing utilities to engage in environmental mitigation efforts. Signed 05/07/07
1939 Relating to privileged communications. Signed 05/14/07
1940 Relating to requiring state agencies to notify local governments of proposed land dispositions. Signed 04/17/07
1949 Relating to providing industrial insurance coverage for workers involved in harvesting goeduck clams. Signed 05/04/07
1953 Relating to premium reductions for older insureds completing an accident prevention course. Signed 05/01/07
1965 Relating to authorizing major industrial development within industrial land banks. Signed 05/11/07
1966 Relating to physician assistants signing and attesting to documents. Signed 05/02/07
1968 Relating to sprinkler fitters. Signed 05/11/07
1972 Relating to proceeds from irrigation district foreclosure sales. Signed 04/17/07
1980 Relating to the financial literacy public-private partnership. Signed 05/14/07
1981 Relating to excise taxation of electronically delivered financial information. Signed 04/21/07
1988 Relating to security guard training. Signed 05/02/07
1994 Relating to overpayments received by courts. Signed 04/21/07
2004 Relating to providing comprehensive membership of significant jurisdictions on the executive board of regional transportation planning organizations. Signed 05/15/07
2007 Relating to defining allowable fuel blends. Signed 05/03/07
2008 Relating to cooperative agreements concerning the timber harvest excise taxation of timber harvests on fee land within the boundaries of the Quinault Indian Reservation. Signed 04/17/07
2010 Relating to bidder responsibility. Signed 04/19/07
2032 Relating to the application process for the fruit and vegetable processing and storage tax deferral. Signed 04/30/07
2034 Relating to providing a civil cause of action for victims of motor vehicle theft. Signed 05/08/07
2049 Relating to Puget Sound marine resource committees. Signed 05/07/07
2055 Relating to traumatic brain injury. Signed 05/08/07
2056 Relating to recycling at official gatherings. Signed 04/30/07
2070 Relating to exceptional sentences. Signed 04/27/07
2079 Relating to use of agency shop fees. Signed 05/11/07
2087 Relating to certification and recertification of health care facilities. Signed 05/02/07
2103 Relating to competitive classification of telecommunications services. Signed 04/10/07
2105 Relating to payment of prescription drugs for industrial insurance medical aid claims. Signed 04/19/07
2111 Relating to making the governor the public employer of adult family home providers. Signed 04/21/07
2113 Relating to objections by cities, towns, and counties to the issuance of liquor licenses. Signed 05/14/07
2115 Relating to establishing the Washington state heritage barn preservation program. Signed 05/04/07
2118 Relating to transferring responsibilities related to mobile and manufactured home installation from the department of community, trade and economic development to the department of labor and industries. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
2129 Relating to geothermal resources. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/07
2130 Relating to providing a means to determine "prior offenses" to implement chapter 73, Laws of 2006, regarding driving under the influence. Signed 05/14/07
2135 Relating to expanding lemon law coverage to out-of-state consumers. Signed 05/11/07
2147 Relating to vocational rehabilitation services for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers. Signed 04/17/07
2152 Relating to election certification dates. Signed 05/08/07
2154 Relating to election dates for educational service district board members. Signed 05/14/07
2158 Relating to the sales of vehicles and associated services to nonresidents of Washington. Signed 04/19/07
2161 Relating to providing for consistency between code cities and noncode cities in the apportionment of investment funds. Signed 04/17/07
2163 Relating to the public employees' benefits board medical benefits administration account. Signed 05/15/07
2164 Relating to property tax exemptions for multiple-unit housing in urban centers within the boundaries of the campus facilities master plan of any state institution of higher education. Signed 04/21/07
2171 Relating to crane safety. Signed 04/10/07
2209 Relating to allowing advanced registered nurse practitioners to examine and obtain copies of autopsy reports and records. Signed 05/11/07
2220 Relating to shellfish. Signed 04/27/07
2236 Relating to the disposition of certain assets. Signed 05/14/07
2240 Relating to allowing certain activities between domestic wineries, domestic breweries, microbreweries, certificate of approval holders, and retail sellers of beer or wine. Signed 04/27/07
2261 Relating to an evaluation of the state wood smoke reduction program. Signed 05/04/07
2262 Relating to salary bonuses for individuals certified by the national board for professional teaching standards. Signed 05/09/07
2275 Relating to raising funds for state parks. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/04/07
2281 Relating to shared leave. Signed 05/14/07
2284 Relating to the training of and collective bargaining over the training of care providers. Signed 05/08/07
2286 Relating to interstate branching. Signed 04/21/07
2300 Relating to college textbooks. Signed 04/21/07
2304 Relating to criteria for the issuance of a certificate of need for certain cardiac care services. Signed 05/11/07
2319 Relating to supporting early learning and parenting education opportunities at community colleges. Signed 05/09/07
2335 Relating to exempting certain amateur radio repeaters from leasehold excise taxes. Signed 04/10/07
2352 Relating to the excise taxation of persons engaged in farming and farming services. Signed 05/04/07
2357 Relating to school districts' use of state forest revenues. Signed 05/15/07
2358 Relating to state ferries. Signed 05/15/07
2361 Relating to collective bargaining for certain employees of institutions of higher education and related boards. Signed 04/19/07
2366 Relating to accountability, efficiency, and oversight of state facility planning and management. Signed 05/15/07
2378 Relating to construction of new vessels for Washington state ferries. Signed 05/14/07
2388 Relating to financing regional centers with seating capacities less than ten thousand that are acquired, constructed, financed, or owned by a public facilities district. Signed 05/15/07
2391 Relating to retirement system gain sharing and alternate benefits. Signed 05/15/07
2394 Relating to requesting the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds for highway improvements. Signed 05/15/07
2395 Relating to leasing state lands and development rights on state lands to public agencies. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
2396 Relating to investment of moneys in the permanent common school fund. Signed 05/15/07


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5002 Relating to tuition waivers for veterans' families. Signed 05/14/07
5009 Relating to exempting biodiesel fuel used for farm use from sales and use taxation. Signed 05/11/07
5011 Relating to removing the expiration date on chapter 302, Laws of 2006. Signed 04/09/07
5014 Relating to the process for adopting contribution rates for the actuarial funding of the state retirement systems. Signed 05/02/07
5032 Relating to the Vancouver national historic reserve. Signed 04/20/07
5036 Relating to repealing the application of the sunset act to the intermediate driver's license program. Signed 04/13/07
5037 Relating to the use of a wireless communications device while operating a moving vehicle. Signed 05/11/07
5039 Relating to the investment of scholarship endowment funds. Signed 04/18/07
5042 Relating to insurance. Signed 04/18/07
5050 Relating to mileage tolling of nonconforming vehicles. Signed 05/11/07
5052 Relating to auto glass repair and third party administrators. Signed 04/18/07
5053 Relating to creating the office of the ombudsman for workers of industrial insurance self-insured employers. Signed 05/02/07
5063 Relating to removing gender references. Signed 04/27/07
5074 Relating to water resource inventory area 29. Signed 04/30/07
5078 Relating to approaching stationary emergency, roadside assistance, or police vehicles. Signed 04/18/07
5079 Relating to including supreme court and court of appeals commissioners to solemnize marriages. Signed 04/13/07
5084 Relating to rail transit safety plans. Signed 05/11/07
5085 Relating to increasing the proportionate share of earnings from surplus balance investments that are deposited in transportation-related accounts. Signed 05/15/07
5086 Relating to increasing the population threshold for state highway maintenance responsibility in cities and towns. Signed 04/18/07
5087 Relating to compliance with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005. Signed 04/18/07
5088 Relating to vehicles boarding ferries. Signed 05/11/07
5089 Relating to conforming Washington's tax structure to the streamlined sales and use tax agreement. Signed 03/22/07
5092 Relating to contracts with associate development organizations for economic development services. Signed 05/01/07
5093 Relating to health care services for children. Signed 03/13/07
5097 Relating to safe schools. Signed 05/09/07
5098 Relating to the Washington college bound scholarship program. Signed 05/09/07
5101 Relating to waiving tuition and fees for public and vocational school teachers and other certified instructional staff. Signed 05/14/07
5108 Relating to farmland preservation. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
5112 Relating to auctioning vessels. Signed 05/08/07
5113 Relating to barley straw for water clarification. Signed 04/13/07
5114 Relating to student transportation funding. Signed 04/20/07
5118 Relating to developing sexual harassment policies, procedures, and mandatory training for all state employees. Signed 04/18/07
5122 Relating to preserving the current regulatory assistance program with cost reimbursement changes. Signed 04/18/07
5123 Relating to protecting persons with veteran or military status from discrimination. Signed 04/21/07
5134 Relating to authorizing police officers to impound vehicles operated by drivers without specially endorsed licenses. Signed 04/18/07
5164 Relating to expanding the veterans conservation corps program. Signed 05/14/07
5166 Relating to the designation of the thirteenth day of January of each year as Korean-American day. Signed 04/09/07
5174 Relating to corrections in the public retirement systems. Signed 05/15/07
5175 Relating to public employees' retirement system, plan 1 and teachers' retirement system, plan 1 age and retirement requirements for receipt of the annual increase amount. Signed 04/18/07
5188 Relating to a wildlife rehabilitation program. Signed 04/30/07
5190 Relating to the collection of legal financial obligations. Signed 04/18/07
5191 Relating to missing persons. Signed 04/09/07
5193 Relating to donation of unclaimed personal property to nonprofit charitable organizations. Signed 04/27/07
5199 Relating to adding enforcement provisions regarding fraud, deception, and unlicensed internet lending to the chapter governing check cashers and sellers. Signed 04/18/07
5202 Relating to permissible weaponry for on-duty law enforcement officers. Signed 05/08/07
5204 Relating to the enforcement of animal health laws. Signed 04/18/07
5206 Relating to tires with retractable studs. Signed 04/20/07
5207 Relating to a study to evaluate the imposition of a fee on the processing of shipping containers, port-related user fees, and other funding mechanisms to improve freight corridors. Signed 05/15/07
5219 Relating to the Northwest weather and avalanche center. Signed 04/20/07
5224 Relating to the salmon recovery office. Signed 05/11/07
5225 Relating to regulation of gas and hazardous liquid pipelines. Signed 04/20/07
5227 Relating to animal abandonment. Signed 05/08/07
5228 Relating to actions under chapter 19.86 RCW, the consumer protection act. Signed 04/17/07
5231 Relating to water-sewer districts. Signed 04/13/07
5236 Relating to public lands management. Signed 04/30/07
5242 Relating to an internship program for wounded combat veterans. Signed 04/18/07
5243 Relating to increasing the length of confinement for a parole violation committed by certain juvenile sex offenders under the jurisdiction of the department of social and health services, juvenile rehabilitation administration. Signed 04/27/07
5244 Relating to implementation of the deficit reduction act. Signed 04/20/07
5247 Relating to superior court judicial positions. Signed 04/18/07
5248 Relating to preserving the viability of agricultural lands. Signed 05/08/07
5250 Relating to transferring motor vehicle ownership. Signed 04/18/07
5251 Relating to the term of existence of a collective bargaining agreement. Signed 04/18/07
5253 Relating to veteran-owned businesses. Signed 04/09/07
5258 Relating to the Washington council for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Signed 04/20/07
5259 Relating to disposal of unneeded park land. Signed 04/20/07
5263 Relating to medical malpractice closed claim reporting. Signed 04/13/07
5264 Relating to naming or renaming state transportation facilities. Signed 04/13/07
5269 Relating to establishing the first peoples' language and culture teacher certification program. Signed 05/04/07
5272 Relating to the administration of fuel taxes. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
5273 Relating to motorcycle driver's license endorsement and education. Signed 04/18/07
5288 Relating to including cyberbullying in school district harassment prevention policies. Signed 05/09/07
5290 Relating to industrial insurance medical and chiropractic advisory committees for the department of labor and industries. Signed 05/02/07
5292 Relating to physical therapist assistants. Signed 04/18/07
5297 Relating to providing medically and scientifically accurate sexual health education in schools. Signed 05/02/07
5311 Relating to a budget stabilization account. Signed 05/15/07
5312 Relating to protecting and recovering property owned by utilities, telecommunications companies, railroads, state agencies, political subdivisions of the state, construction firms, and other parties. Signed 05/08/07
5313 Relating to establishing the retirement age for members of the Washington state patrol retirement system. Signed/ Partial Veto 04/18/07
5315 Relating to property access during forest fires. Signed 05/01/07
5317 Relating to child care safety. Signed 05/11/07
5320 Relating to creating an office of public guardianship as an independent agency of the judiciary. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
5321 Relating to the sharing of child welfare information. Signed 04/27/07
5332 Relating to creating a statewide automated victim information and notification system. Signed 04/27/07
5336 Relating to protecting individuals in domestic partnerships by granting certain rights and benefits. Signed 04/21/07
5339 Relating to authorizing the acquisition and operation of tourism-related facilities by port districts. Signed 05/14/07
5340 Relating to the definition of disability in the Washington law against discrimination. Signed 05/04/07
5351 Relating to the court of appeals. Signed 04/13/07
5372 Relating to the Puget Sound partnership. Signed 05/07/07
5373 Relating to reporting, penalty, and corporate officer provisions of the unemployment insurance system. Signed 04/20/07
5382 Relating to record checks for employees and applicants for employment at bureau of Indian affairs-funded schools. Signed 04/13/07
5385 Relating to authorizing the Washington higher education facilities authority to originate and purchase educational loans and to issue student loan revenue bonds. Signed 04/13/07
5389 Relating to importing a simulcast race of regional or national interest on horse race days. Signed 04/18/07
5391 Relating to photo enforcement of traffic infractions. Signed 04/18/07
5398 Relating to licensing specialty hospitals. Signed 04/18/07
5401 Relating to Christmas tree grower licensure. Signed 05/04/07
5402 Relating to private vocational school programs. Signed 05/14/07
5403 Relating to certifying animal massage practitioners. Signed 04/18/07
5405 Relating to judicial orders concerning distraint of personal property. Signed 04/13/07
5408 Relating to primary election ballots. Signed 04/13/07
5412 Relating to clarifying goals, objectives, and responsibilities of certain transportation agencies. Signed 05/15/07
5421 Relating to environmental covenants. Signed 04/18/07
5429 Relating to deductions from moneys received by an inmate. Signed 05/08/07
5434 Relating to the excise taxation of sales of tangible personal property originating from or destined to foreign countries. Signed 05/14/07
5435 Relating to the public records exemptions accountability committee. Signed 04/27/07
5443 Relating to the suppression of workers' compensation claims. Signed 04/18/07
5445 Relating to cost-reimbursement agreements. Signed 04/21/07
5447 Relating to ensuring a sustainable coastal Dungeness crab fishery. Signed 05/14/07
5461 Relating to continuing the use of contract harvesting for improving forest health on Washington state trust lands. Signed 04/18/07
5463 Relating to forest fire protection assessments. Signed 04/18/07
5467 Relating to creating the individual and family services program for people with developmental disabilities. Signed 05/02/07
5468 Relating to the administration of tax programs administered by the department of revenue. Signed 04/18/07
5470 Relating to dissolution proceedings. Signed 05/15/07
5475 Relating to underground storage tanks. Signed 04/20/07
5481 Relating to conservation measures in performance-based contracting. Signed 04/13/07
5483 Relating to retaining the distribution of city hardship assistance program funds to cities and towns for street maintenance. Signed 04/20/07
5490 Relating to adult family home advisory committees. Signed 04/13/07
5498 Relating to revising voter-approved funding sources for local taxing districts. Signed 05/08/07
5503 Relating to athletic trainers. Signed 05/01/07
5508 Relating to economic development project permitting. Signed 04/30/07
5511 Relating to requiring state agencies to allow volunteer firefighters to respond when called to duty. Signed 04/18/07
5512 Relating to financing for hospital benefit zones. Signed 05/02/07
5513 Relating to establishing a state government efficiency hotline. Signed 04/13/07
5525 Relating to medical insurance for city officials. Signed 04/13/07
5533 Relating to procedures for individuals who are mentally ill and engaged in acts constituting criminal behavior. Signed 05/08/07
5534 Relating to an exemption from unemployment compensation for certain small performing arts industries. Signed 05/08/07
5551 Relating to enforcement of liquor and tobacco laws. Signed 04/27/07
5552 Relating to discharges of oil. Signed 05/07/07
5554 Relating to self-service storage facilities. Signed 04/18/07
5557 Relating to public facilities for economic development purposes. Signed 05/14/07
5568 Relating to extending the date when counties east of the crest of the Cascade mountains that pledge lodging tax revenue for payment of bonds prior to June 26, 1975, must allow a credit for city lodging taxes. Signed 04/21/07
5572 Relating to excise tax relief for certain limited purpose public corporations. Signed 05/08/07
5597 Relating to contracts with chiropractors. Signed 05/15/07
5607 Relating to exempting historical property owned by the United States government from leasehold excise taxation. Signed 04/18/07
5613 Relating to entrepreneurial training opportunities. Signed 04/20/07
5620 Relating to the civil service commissions for sheriffs' offices. Signed 04/09/07
5625 Relating to contracts for jail services with counties and cities in adjacent states. Signed 04/09/07
5627 Relating to basic education funding. Signed 05/09/07
5634 Relating to corrections personnel training. Signed 05/08/07
5635 Relating to requiring polygraph tests. Signed 04/09/07
5639 Relating to a caterer's endorsement for licensed microbreweries. Signed 04/27/07
5640 Relating to authorizing tribal governments to participate in public employees' benefits board programs. Signed 04/18/07
5647 Relating to clarifying the use of existing lodging tax revenues for tourism promotion. Signed 05/15/07
5652 Relating to microenterprise development. Signed 05/04/07
5653 Relating to the establishment of a self-employment assistance program. Signed 04/30/07
5659 Relating to family medical leave insurance. Signed 05/08/07
5669 Relating to implementing renewable fuel standards. Signed 05/03/07
5674 Relating to water district commissioner candidates. Signed 05/08/07
5675 Relating to increasing minimum industrial insurance benefits. Signed 05/02/07
5676 Relating to temporary total disability. Signed 04/21/07
5688 Relating to allowing industrial insurance claimants to designate a representative to receive the claimants' notices, orders, or warrants. Signed 04/18/07
5702 Relating to notice to certain employees of a claim of exemption from paying unemployment insurance taxes. Signed 05/08/07
5711 Relating to the offender score for offenses concerning the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug. Signed 04/18/07
5715 Relating to persons selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance. Signed 04/18/07
5717 Relating to the establishment of a program of market conduct oversight within the office of the insurance commissioner. Signed 04/18/07
5718 Relating to penalties for engaging in the commercial sexual abuse of minors. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
5720 Relating to broadcast of legal notices. Signed 04/18/07
5721 Relating to allowing for financial arrangements between the holders of a sports/entertainment facility and manufacturers, importers, and distributors. Signed 05/08/07
5726 Relating to creating the insurance fair conduct act. Signed 05/15/07
5731 Relating to educating students in high demand fields. Signed 05/09/07
5732 Relating to restrictions on the county treasurer regarding receipting current year taxes. Signed 04/18/07
5759 Relating to executive state officers. Signed 04/09/07
5770 Relating to work performed by institutions of higher education. Signed 05/15/07
5773 Relating to treatment records. Signed 04/21/07
5774 Relating to revising background check processes Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
5775 Relating to special education. Signed 04/18/07
5778 Relating to implementation of shellfish protection programs. Signed 04/20/07
5788 Relating to the licensing of home inspectors. Signed 05/08/07
5790 Relating to skill centers. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/14/07
5798 Relating to design-build construction for transportation projects. Signed 04/20/07
5806 Relating to higher education costs. Signed 04/20/07
5826 Relating to consumer credit reports. Signed 05/15/07
5827 Relating to consumer privacy. Signed 04/18/07
5828 Relating to early child development and learning. Signed 05/09/07
5830 Relating to home visitation services for families. Signed 05/14/07
5836 Relating to the determination of boundaries for taxing districts. Signed 05/02/07
5839 Relating to nonmandatory reports of child abuse or neglect. Signed 04/18/07
5841 Relating to enhancing student learning opportunities and student achievement. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/07
5843 Relating to educational data and data systems. Signed 05/09/07
5859 Relating to retail liquor licenses. Signed 05/08/07
5862 Relating to passenger-only ferry service. Signed 04/27/07
5879 Relating to payroll deductions for retiree organization dues. Signed 04/18/07
5881 Relating to water power license fees. Signed 05/02/07
5882 Relating to creating the Washington state heritage center account and establishing fees to be used for financing the Washington state heritage center. Signed 05/15/07
5883 Relating to the conversion of forest land to nonforestry uses. Signed 04/18/07
5894 Relating to clarifying regulatory authority for large on-site sewage systems. Signed 05/07/07
5895 Relating to seller disclosure of information concerning residential real property. Signed 04/18/07
5898 Relating to the use of a common carrier for the shipment of wine. Signed 04/09/07
5910 Relating to prefiling notice of intent to commence a medical malpractice action. Signed 04/18/07
5915 Relating to unemployment and industrial insurance notices required to be posted by employers. Signed 05/02/07
5918 Relating to retirement benefits for judges. Signed 04/18/07
5919 Relating to retaliatory tax relief on insurance premium taxes. Signed 04/20/07
5920 Relating to a pilot program for vocational rehabilitation services. Signed 04/18/07
5923 Relating to aquatic invasive species enforcement and control. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/07/07
5926 Relating to creating a joint legislative task force to review the underground economy in the construction industry. Signed 05/02/07
5930 Relating to providing high quality, affordable health care to Washingtonians based on the recommendations of the blue ribbon commission on health care costs and access. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/02/07
5937 Relating to the creation and distribution of funds for additional patrols along high-accident corridors. Signed 05/11/07
5952 Relating to correcting provisions for the department of early learning. Signed 04/09/07
5953 Relating to penalties for acts of violence by strangulation. Signed 04/18/07
5955 Relating to educator preparation, professional development, and compensation. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/09/07
5957 Relating to administrative practices concerning the information processing and communications systems of the legislature overseen by the joint legislative systems committee. Signed 04/09/07
5958 Relating to innovative primary health care delivery. Signed 05/02/07
5972 Relating to the surface mining reclamation act. Signed 04/21/07
5984 Relating to performing engineering services on significant structures. Signed 04/21/07
5987 Relating to gang-related offenses. Signed 05/08/07
5995 Relating to the economic development commission. Signed 04/30/07
6001 Relating to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/03/07
6014 Relating to industrial development on reclaimed surface coal mine sites. Signed 04/21/07
6016 Relating to good cause reasons for failure to participate in WorkFirst program components. Signed 05/02/07
6018 Relating to detention of persons with a mental disorder or a chemical dependency. Signed 04/18/07
6023 Relating to the Washington assessment of student learning. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/08/07
6032 Relating to medical use of marijuana. Signed 05/08/07
6044 Relating to derelict vessels. Signed 05/07/07
6059 Relating to allowing attorneys to recover actual costs for service of process. Signed 04/18/07
6075 Relating to increasing competitive bid limits for the purchase of materials, equipment, or supplies. Signed 04/18/07
6090 Relating to persons who perform crowd management or guest services. Signed 04/20/07
6099 Relating to the state route number 520 bridge replacement and HOV project. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
6100 Relating to charitable donations. Signed 05/08/07
6117 Relating to reclaimed water. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/11/07
6119 Relating to changing the distribution to and allocation of the fire service training account. Signed 05/02/07
6128 Relating to persons authorized to make expenditures on behalf of a candidate or committee. Signed 05/08/07
6129 Relating to funding for the state patrol highway account. Signed 04/20/07
6141 Relating to forest health. Signed 05/14/07
6156 Relating to state government. Signed/ Partial Veto 05/15/07
6157 Relating to reducing offender recidivism by increasing access and coordination of offender services in communities through inventories of services and community transition coordination network pilot programs. Signed 05/15/07
6158 Relating to biennial rebasing of nursing facility medicaid payment rates. Signed 05/15/07
6167 Relating to clarifying the director's authority to determine interest in certain public retirement systems. Signed 05/15/07