News Releases for Health Care

November 30, 2012
Gov. Gregoire, obstetricians seek to improve newborn health with full-term pregnancies

November 20, 2012
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on the implementation of Affordable Care Act provisions

October 25, 2012
Gov. Gregoire announces federal approval to integrate Washington’s Medicaid-Medicare programs

May 3, 2012
Gov. Gregoire announces emergency state action to slow the spread of whooping cough

November 30, 2011
Gov. Gregoire files petition to reclassify marijuana

October 24, 2011
Gov. Gregoire thanks Doctors for Generics First savings

July 11, 2011
Gregoire praises HHS assistance to establish Affordable Insurance Exchange

July 8, 2011
Gregoire, Sebelius announce Medicare-Medicaid savings

June 7, 2011
Gregoire signs legislation consolidating Health Care Authority, Medicaid

May 23, 2011
Washington state receives $23 million grant to develop and design new insurance exchange

May 11, 2011
Gov. Gregoire enacts health care reforms

April 21, 2011
Governor Gregoire’s statement about SB 5073

April 15, 2011
Washington receives $1 million grant to integrate Medicare-Medicaid patient care

March 23, 2011
Gregoire celebrates first anniversary of federal Affordable Care Act

March 2, 2011
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Judge Vinson’s stay of ACA ruling

September 1, 2010
Gregoire announces affordable health insurance for small businesses

July 15, 2010
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Pharmacy Board’s decision to start new rulemaking process for patient access to prescription medicines

March 22, 2010
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Attorney General’s lawsuit against health care reform

January 11, 2010
Gov. Gregoire proclaims Influenza Vaccination Week

November 5, 2009
Gov. Gregoire joins Elmo to promote flu prevention

September 30, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces funding for immunizations

September 8, 2009
Gov. Gregoire speaks at Pandemic Flu Summit

July 27, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces recovery funding for Metaline drinking water project

June 29, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces new medicines in pipeline

June 24, 2009
Gov. Gregoire meets with President Obama on health care reform

April 23, 2009
Water projects recommended — finalists for economic recovery funds listed

April 6, 2009
Gov. Gregoire co-hosts White House regional health forum

March 2, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on appointment of Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Secretary

February 2, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on SCHIP reauthorization

December 1, 2008
Gov. Gregoire’s statement recognizing 2008 World AIDS day

November 24, 2008
Gov. Gregoire celebrates 10th anniversary of landmark tobacco settlement

October 1, 2008
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on sale of Empire Health

February 26, 2008
Gov. Gregoire urges federal lawmakers to fund children's health care

February 4, 2008
Gov. Gregoire brings together groups on first-in-the-nation nurse staffing agreement

January 29, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Announces Agreement to Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs

January 25, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Declares Jan. 25 Sickle Cell Awareness Day

January 17, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Proposes Innovative Partnerships to Train More Registered Nurses

January 15, 2008
Gov. Chris Gregoire: Let’s Work Together for Progress

December 18, 2007
Building a Better Future for Washington Families: Gov. Gregoire Grows Savings, Increases Safety in 2008 Supplemental Budget

December 14, 2007
Gov. Gregoire keeps patients safe by building an effective, efficient health care system

December 14, 2007
Gov. Gregoire saddened by veto of children’s health care

November 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Eastern Washington Advisory Council

November 14, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Federal Judge Suspending Pharmacy Board Rule

October 25, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Washingtonians Have Saved Over $1 Million on Prescriptions

October 1, 2007
Governor Gregoire Will Sue Federal Government Over SCHIP

August 29, 2007
Governor Gregoire Directs DOH, Health Boards to Improve Patient Safety

August 27, 2007
Governor Gregoire: Bush Administration Changes Will Leave Washington Children Without Care

August 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Appointments to the Health Insurance Partnership Board

July 17, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Washington Reduces Health Care Costs

May 15, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Signs Budget to Invest in Education, Health Care and Jobs for Washington

May 8, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Improve Math and Science Education

May 2, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Provide Parents with Information on HPV and Vaccine

May 2, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Provide High Quality, Affordable Health Care to Washingtonians

April 24, 2007
Governor Gregoire Discusses Health Care Accomplishments of the 2007 Legislative Session

April 22, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On
Governor Gregoire and Legislature Focus on Education, Demand Accountability and Results

April 21, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Passage of Blue Ribbon Commission Bill

March 26, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Over 16,000 Enrollees in WA Prescription Drug Program

March 20, 2007
Governor Gregoire Responds to Federal Government Decision to Treat All Babies Equally

March 19, 2007
Governor Gregoire Introduces Free State Prescription Drug Discount Card

March 13, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Give More Children Access to Health Care

March 5, 2007
Governor Gregoire Sues Federal Government to Protect the Rights of Newborns

February 12, 2007
Governor Gregoire Seeks Protection for Children, Seniors Against Federal Budget Cuts

February 9, 2007
Governor Gregoire: Hanford Cleanup Should Be a National Priority for Full Funding

February 6, 2007
Governor Gregoire Introduces “Healthy Washington Initiative”

February 2, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Help Seniors, Others Afford Prescription Drugs

January 18, 2007
Governor Gregoire Discusses Her Strategic Plan for the Life Sciences in Washington

January 17, 2007
Governor Gregoire Unveils Next Washington Economic Strategy

January 11, 2007
Governor Gregoire Unveils Plan to Expand Children’s Health Coverage

January 11, 2007
Governor Gregoire, Former Senator Thibaudeau Release Final Report of Health Care Commission

December 19, 2006
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Makes Education Top Priority, Demands Accountability and Results

December 14, 2006
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Invests to Increase Rural Access to Qualified Medical Professionals

December 1, 2006
Governor Gregoire Statement on 19th Annual World AIDS Day

November 1, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces $1 Million Awarded for Health Technology Projects

September 5, 2006
Governor Gregoire Holds Media Availability; Addresses Wildfires, Pharmacy Board, Expert Review Panel

August 31, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Washington Board of Pharmacy Rules

August 30, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Washington Smoking Rate Drops to 5th Lowest in Nation

August 29, 2006
Governor Gregoire Proposes New Rule to Washington Pharmacy Board

August 16, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Call for Proposals to Improve Health Care in Washington

July 20, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire Regarding Presidential Stem Cell Veto

June 27, 2006
Governor Gregoire: Hanford Cleanup Vital to All Washingtonians

June 26, 2006
Governor Gregoire Holds Weekly Media Availability

June 1, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Pharmacy Board Rules

May 4, 2006
Governor Gregoire Requests Performance Audit of Health Care Licensing

May 4, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Launch of Commission to Improve Access to Affordable Quality Health Care

March 30, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Bill to Reduce Meth Use

March 22, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Patient Safety Bill

March 17, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Measure to Improve Technology in Health Care

March 9, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Help Families With Children’s Medical Coverage

March 6, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Breakthrough Medical Liability Legislation

February 20, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Agreement Reached on Medical Liability Bill; Breakthrough Agreement Brings Together Doctors, Lawyers and Insurance Companies

February 17, 2006
DSHS, Pharmacists Working on New Process to Pay Medicaid Clients’ New Federal Fees