No other aerospace center matches what Washington state can offer.”

Office of Aerospace

Washington’s aerospace industry fuels jobs for thousands of Washington families and travel for billions of passengers each year. In addition to the world headquarters for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Washington is home to more than 700 aerospace-related companies that design and manufacture products ranging from tires to bolts to in-flight entertainment systems. Washington’s public research institutions and private firms are leading the world in the advancement of new aerospace technologies, as well, including advanced materials, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aviation biofuels and space exploration.

Under the leadership of Governor Gregoire, Washington has made enormous strides to keep state businesses thriving in a competitive global economy through investments in workforce training, education at the elementary through graduate levels, infrastructure and other areas.

In 2012, Governor Gregoire established the Governor’s Office of Aerospace and appointed Alex Pietsch as its director to coordinate the state’s efforts to support and grow our aerospace industry. Executive Order 12-05 established a “support chain” for Washington’s Aerospace Industry.

  • Office of Aerospace: develops, maintains and coordinates the execution of the Washington State Aerospace Strategy with the help of the following entities:

  • Washington Aerospace & Advanced Materials Manufacturing Workforce Pipeline Committee: ensures that workforce training programs around the state met the needs of the industry.

  • Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation: a partnership between the University of Washington and Washington State University, facilitates the development of new technologies to keep Washington at the forefront of aerospace innovation.

  • Washington Aerospace Partnership: a consortium of business, labor and governments working together to assist in the execution the Strategy and advocate on behalf of the industry.