Gov. Gregoire signed an executive order April 1, 2010, to create a Health Care Cabinet. Its charge is to provide leadership and accountability for how our state implements health care reform. It will offer advice and recommendations to the Governor for achieving reform ‘the Washington Way.’ This means working diligently, openly, collaboratively and inclusively to guarantee the best possible outcomes for Washington citizens. The Governor is committed to leveraging Washington’s leadership in such areas as the Basic Health Plan, coverage for children and use of the high risk pool to our greatest advantage.

Cabinet members will maintain open conversations and strategic partnerships with major health care stakeholders as we all work together to improve access, lower costs and get better results. They will consult with tribal, local and federal governments to obtain valuable perspectives and feedback.

The Health Care Cabinet is tasked to:

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the federal legislation;

  • Identify the steps necessary to construct an implementation plan; and

  • Design processes to maximize stakeholder and public input and to ensure transparency in implementing reform.

By Aug. 1, 2010, the Cabinet is required to submit a work plan that identifies a number of elements, including:

  • Short- and long-range opportunities, issues and gaps created by the enactment of national health care reform;

  • Structures and processes needed by state agencies to accomplish reform, including those that assist the private sector;

  • Work force capacity and training needs in the public and private sectors; and

  • Steps to achieve these goals.

Though the Cabinet’s report is due this summer, it will meet monthly through March 2011 to continue this vital work. Meeting materials are available below.

Health Care Cabinet

Permanent members

Kari Burrell, Chair
Director, Executive Policy Office

Susan Dreyfus
Secretary, Department of Social and Health Services

Marty Brown, vice chair
Director, Office of Financial Management

Doug Porter
Administrator, Health Care Authority

Mary Selecky
Secretary, Department of Health


Additional members
(serve on an as-needed basis)

Steve Hill
Director, Department of Retirement Systems

John Lee
Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs

Mike Kreidler
Commissioner, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Judy Schurke
Director, Department of Labor and Industries

Eldon Vail
Director, Department of Corrections



The Cabinet is staffed by the Executive Policy Office, Office of Financial Management and permanent member agencies.

Cabinet meeting materials

April 23, 2010

July 7, 2010

More information

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