Economic Recovery

Governor Chris Gregoire is committed to helping working families by creating opportunities for family-wage jobs, speeding up investment in Washington and promoting business growth. Her strategy is based on these steps:

Educate and invest in our work force

Education is a lifetime commitment. Providing a good education for all our citizens is the single greatest contribution we can make to the future of our economy. This is the focus of Governor Gregoire’s education reform efforts.

Invest in the right infrastructure

Lay the foundation for private sector success with strategic investments in our infrastructure— roads, water, telecommunications and energy. Gas tax and Recovery Act funds are addressing critical safety and congestion problems in the transportation system, helping to improve the movement of people to work and goods to market.

Put Washington to work

Small businesses are integral parts of our communities and economy. One-quarter of Washington’s 2.8 million workers share their workplace with fewer than 20 other employees, and two-thirds work in organizations with fewer than 250 employees. During her administration, the Governor has encouraged small business growth by creating tax incentives, reducing permit-processing time and insurance costs, and improving training opportunities.

Create a foundation for success

Reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses by moving back the monthly date for excise tax payments. This helps small businesses avoid cash flow problems by giving them time to collect payments from their customers before they pay sales tax. Governor Gregoire also eliminated reporting error penalties for businesses that make every effort to comply with tax laws, streamlined permitting processes and created the Office of Regulatory Assistance to help streamline permitting and licensing systems.

Compete in the global economy

Promote Washington products and recruit new companies to locate here. On trade missions to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Governor promoted Washington crops and products to emerging markets. She welcomed Chinese President Hu Jintao and Mexican President Vicente Fox to Washington and took advantage of those unique opportunities to fortify our economic future. Learn more about the Governor’s Trade Missions.

Strengthen our rural economies

Support agriculture by promoting our world-class foods to export partners overseas. Agriculture is the leading employer in our state. More than 160,000 Washingtonians work to provide safe, high-quality food for our dinner tables and for export around the world. Our growers market more than 300 products, including traditional favorites such as apples, potatoes and wheat. The Governor supports programs that help growers and shippers to be competitive.